Young Farmers Overwintered Cattle

Annual YFC Calf Wintering Competition

The company were once again delighted to host the culmination of the current 2023/2024 YFC Calf Competition which was again sponsored by Mainline Sponsors I’Anson Quality Feeds, Show sponsors David Carr, Highwood, Profit Margin sponsors JS Hubbuck Ltd, Hexham and student class sponsors Myerscough College.

A total of forty calves were purchased during the special October sales and prior to the sale the show classes were held with great anticipation on Thursday evening. Presiding as joint judges were noted livestock producers and Father & Daughter team Steven & Rachael Graham, Miller Hill Farm, Gilsland, Cumbria.

The length to which the young people go in the rearing and preparation of their calves for the show classes improves exponentially to the degree that this year was the greatest standard of quality the competition has ever witnessed.  Whilst the numbers presented in each class were a mere fraction of those taking part in the competition the standard therein was tremendous.

From the preliminary breed classes the judges were faced with a tremendous line up of seven first prize winners all presented in fine form and worthy of rosettes in any show of commercial cattle.  

The Grahams stepped forward and tapped out the fantastic Charolais cross steer from Charlotte Longlands, a Bellingham Young Farmer as their Overall Champion which was by far and away the biggest beast in the show and correct in every way.  A shining example of the breed it had been purchased from Messrs Walton, Flotterton and looked every inch a champion as it behaved impeccably on the halter.

Put forward as their Reserve Champion was the first prize Limousin cross heifer from Orlena Henderson, a Butsfield YFC member who had previously purchased the calf from Messrs Walton, Penpeugh.  This one too was a delight on the halter and a real credit to both the breeders and exhibitor on the night and was awarded the trophy for the best calf of opposite sex to the champion.

The trophy for the best turned out calf went to Emily Robson of Shaftoe YFC for her sparkling British Blue cross heifer which caught both the judge’s eye’s early in the evening and was a deserved winner of the silverware.

The company are extremely grateful to Davey & Kate Dickinson, Chattlehope, Byrness who very kindly presented a new trophy for the event to promote the ever increasing ‘native’ breed sector of the industry which was awarded to the best native breed calf in show.  This was won on this inaugural occasion by Alice Walton of Bellingham YFC for her Aberdeen Angus cross heifer calf affectionately named ‘Katie Cow’ which Alice had also purchased from Messrs Walton, Flotterton.

As the original focus of the competition the sale and profit element of the event relies heavily on the cattle trade taking an upturn at the turn of each year but also on the support of our steadfast ringside of buyers who attend Hexham each week to compete for the top quality cattle and no more so than on this day. 

With many competitors having previous experience in the competition and a number competing for the first time there was a great spread of financial reward across the catalogue and this year the winner of the Hubbuck trophy once again was Harry Willey, Whitley Chapel YFC with a smart Blue cross heifer that had been purchased as one of a pair with his sister. 

Now a seasoned expert at picking a good animal Harry had purchased the calf from Messrs Lee, Hackford for the keen price of £930 and sold it on the day for a lucrative £1680 leaving a handsome margin of £750 for the young man to enjoy. 

The winners of the club competition for the highest average for three or more competitors was indeed Harrys club; Whitley Chapel and the nine members who took part secured an average margin of £463.33 meaning that the club benefits from a cash prize provided by Hexham & Northern Marts.

Full YFC Prize List:

Myerscough College Class

1st – Harry Willey

Native Cross Bred Heifer

1st – Alice Walton

Charolais Cross Steers

1st – Charlotte Longlands

Charolais Cross Heifers

1st – Aaron Oliver

2nd – Ella Housby

British Blue Cross Steers

1st – Emily Robson

British Blue Cross Heifers

1st – Harry Willey

2nd – Sarah Willey

Limousin Cross Steers

1st – Molly Robson

2nd – Harry Bertram

3rd – Zak Housby

Limousin Cross Heifers

1st – Orlena Henderson

2nd– Thomas Watson

3rd – Jack Weatherley

Overall Champion – Charlotte Longlands

Reserve Champion – Orlena Henderson

Best Turned Out – Emily Robson

Best Calf Opposite Sex to the Champion – Orlena Henderson

Best Native Breed Calf – Alice Walton

Profit – Harry Willey

Club Profit – Whitley Chapel

YFC Sale Price & Profit in Sale Order:

Aaron Younger of Cambo YFC, Lim x heifer from Morley Hill sold for £1380 (+£160) Harry Bertram, Shaftoe, Lim x steer, West Biggens, £1730 (+£410)

Sarah Findlay, Haltwhistle, Lim x heifer, Spittalshield, £1450 (+£430)

Johnnie Redden, Haltwhistle, BRB x steer, Penpeugh, £1360 (+£220)

Tilly Foley, Cambo, Lim x heifer, Halton Red House, £2100 (+£480)

Aaron Oliver, Haltwhistle, Char x heifer, Paradise, £1560 (+£430)

Maisie Milburn, Haltwhistle, BRB x heifer, Morley Hill, £1100 (+£30)

Zak Housby, Whitley Chapel, Lim x steer, Edges Green, £1750 (+£510)

Harry Willey, Whitley Chapel, BRB x heifer, Hackford, £1680 (+£750)

William Soulsby, Whitley Chapel, Lim x steer, Intake, £1860 (+£570)

Joe Conley, Bellingham, Lim x steer, Stone Stile, £1200 (+£220)

Alice Walton, Bellingham, AA x heifer, Flotterton, £1920 (+£560)

Morven Illingworth, Haltwhistle, Lim x heifer, Nilston Rigg, £1700 (+£310)

John Will Bell, Haltwhistle, Lim x heifer, West Biggens, £1120 (+£140)

Alex Cousin, Haltwhistle, Lim x heifer, Nilston Rigg, £2020 (+£630)

Ryan Fletcher, Bellingham, Lim x heifer, Morley Hill, £1420 (+£160)

Joe Crozier, Whitley Chapel, Lim x heifer, The Laws, £1120 (+£370)

Thomas Hammond, Coquetdale, Lim x steer, Shilmoor, £1540 (+£540)

Katie Bell, Haltwhistle, Lim x heifer, Haggate, £1060 (+£0)

Emily Robson, Shaftoe, BRB x steer, Peepy, £1880 (+£600)

Orlena Henderson, Butsfield, Lim x heifer, Penpeugh, £1800 (+£380)

Jack Weatherley, Whitley Chapel, Lim x heifer, Whiteside, £1700 (+£220)

Joe Bell, Haltwhistle, Lim x heifer, Haggate, £1170 (+£190)

Victoria Simpson, Butsfield, Lim x heifer, Toft House, £950 (+£210)

Sarah Willey, Whitley Chapel, BRB x heifer, Hackford, £1390 (+£460)

Thomas Watson, Coquetdale, Lim x heifer, The Hole, £1500 (+£220)

Katie Dixon, Coquetdale, Lim x heifer, The Hole, £1520 (+£240)

Molly Robson, Whitley Chapel, Lim x steer, Lee Hall, £1910 (+£590)

Charlotte Longlands, Bellingham, Char x steer, Flotterton, £2200 (+£530)

Nathaniel Bell, Shaftoe, Char x steer, Harewalls, £1200 (+£90)

Kaitlyn Wigham, Haltwhistle, Lim x heifer, Whiteside, £1750 (+£390)

Lilly Milburn, Haltwhistle, Lim x heifer, Dene House, £1160 (+£20)

Abi Crozier, Stamfordham, Lim x heifer, The Laws, £1120 (+£370)

Grace Walton, Cambo, Lim x heifer, Round Meadows, £1760 (+£530)

Jodie Wigham, Haltwhistle, Lim x heifer, Lands Farm, £1810 (+£240)

Jess Scott, Alnwick, Lim x steer, Penpeugh, £1550 (+£400)

Rob Soulsby, Whitley Chapel, Lim x steer, Intake, £1800 (+£510)

Matthew Walton, Coquetdale, Lim x heifer, Little Harle, £1760 (+£320)

Ella Housby, Whitley Chapel, Char x heifer, West Wharmley, £1650 (+£190)

Thanks to the unwavering support of our steadfast buyers, the entire sale of young farmers calves returned an average of £1555 per head and an average profit figure of £349.23 representing the effort and attainment of the dedicated members throughout the winter.

The auctioneers would sincerely like the congratulate all prize winners and thank all those who took part in this special event once again and we look forward to the next chapter of this renowned spectacle in the mart calendar which will kick off again with the sales in October.