Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

A handful of clean heifers met a firm trade with Charolais cross heifers from Mr F T Walton, Flotteron selling to 301.5ppk and £1886.65.

Leading prices;

Charolais x Heifers – £1886.63 & £1751.48 Flotterton

301.52p & 292.5p Flotterton

Cast Cows & OTM

More numbers forward which met the same extreme trade as last weeks rates of return.

The sale consisted predominantly of leaner, feeding sorts that sold very well with Blue cows from Mr R E Williamson, Littleburn reaching 251.5ppk and 244.5ppk.

Angus cross cows from Mr D G Clemitson, Byreside peaked at 207.5ppk whilst once calved heifers from Messrs W H Smith & Sons, West Shields sold to 247.5ppk.

Entries to Drew 07854 361697

Leading prices;

Limousin – £1518.58 Lee Hall, £1486.28 Baal Hill, £1474.31 Cornhills, £1461.50 Round Meadows, £1445.07 Hard Riding, £1418.05 Kirkley Dam House

26.5p Hard Riding, 225.5p Littleburn, 223.5p Baal Hill, 218.5p Lee Hall, 205.5p Edges Green & Tarset Hall

Angus – £1429.68 Byreside

207.5p Byreside

Angus x – £1449.32 Kirkley Dam House, £1435.50 West Shields, £1299.68 Linshiels

247.5p West Shields, 201.5p Linshiels

British Blue – £1637.28 Lee Hall, £1535.46 Littleburn, £1495.73 Edges Green, £1483.85 Littleburn, £1406.48 Hard Riding

251.5p & 244.5p Littleburn, 239.5p Low Staples, 208.5p The Fawns, 207.5p Stotsfold, 203.5p Edges Green

Simmental x – £1541.25 & £1508.90 Heatheridge

197.5p Stotsfold & Heatheridge

British Shorthorn – £1589.45 Gallaw Hill

191.5po Gallaw Hill

Hereford x – £1279.95 West Shields

185.5p West Shields

Saler x – £1143.00 Baal Hill

190.5p Baal Hill

Luing – £1081.41 & £872.19 Whitchester

169.5p & 165.5p Whitchester

Cast Bull

Angus – £1717.65 Byreside

173.5p Byreside

Galloway – £956.80 Linshiels

149.5p Linshiels

Young Bulls

A moderate offering of young bulls that lacked flesh sold to 229.5ppk for a Blue bull from G A & D E Thompson, Howburn.

Leading prices;

British Blue – £1675.35 Howburn

229.5p Howburn

South Devon – £1490.75 The Deans

167.5p The Deans

Prime Sheep

Hexham & Northern Marts sold 379 Prime Hoggs to another tremendous trade with plenty of weight about. Overall average £190.52, with returning vendors reaping the benefits of straight weights and straight prices.

Topping the sale at £249 was a thumping Texel x hogg from Mr J J & J M Sanders, Bavington Hill Head.

Texel hoggs sold to 468.1ppk from Mr D Dixon, Middle Heads.

Please continue to enter your hoggs.

Jack 07739 440457

Harrison 07895 761102

Neil 07955 268459

Leading prices;

Prime Hoggs

Texel x – £249 Bavington Hill Head, £226 Woodcroft, £224 & £220 Middle Heads, £216.50 Rare Dean, £216 Tedcastle, £215 Mickley Moor, £214 Claywalls & Rare Dean, £213 Comb Hills

468.1p & 430.8p Middle Heads, 423.2p Bavington Hill Head, 418.6p Middle Heads, 416.7p Bavington Hill Head, 416.3p Middle Heads, 413.5p Mickley Moor, 411.6p South Farm, 411.5p & 411.1p Hill Head

Suffolk x – £241 Steel Hall, £238 & £217 Rare Dean, £214 Steel Hall

396.9p South Farm, 382.1p Steel Hall & Rare Dean, 379.p & 377.4p Middle Heads

Beltex x – £240 Bavington Hill Head

Cheviot Mule – £213 & £210.50 Claywalls

401.9p Claywalls

Mule – £151 Low Carriteth

359.0p Low Carriteth

Swaledale – £193 & £185 Woodcroft

308.3p Woodcroft

Leicester – 405.6p Bavington Hill Head

Vendeen – £214 Hill Head

419.6p Hill Head

Prime Ewes

Another nice entry of 42 Prime Ewes sold slowly to a complete flyer, selling well beyond vendors expectations.

Topping at £218 on three occasions were Texels from Mr R W Birbeck & Son, Moss Barns.

Leading prices;

Texel – £218 Moss Barns (x3)

Texel x – £211 Tedcastle, £206 Middle Heads & Low Carriteth, £197 Middle Heads, £195 Moss Barns

Suffolk x – £179 Tedcastle

Mule – £159 South Byre


Leicester – £176 Chatterley