Hexham and Northern Rural

Hexham and Northern Rural (HNR) forms the professional chartered surveying and land agency division of Hexham and Northern Marts. From offices in the Auction Mart, HNR covers a vast area of Northumberland, Durham and the Borders. Why not get in touch to find out more about our competitively priced assistance and advice for your business?


Delinked payment deadline approaching

All Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) recipients should now have received their delinked payment statement from the Rural Payments Agency (RPA). These show the reference data and amount which will be…

Sheep and goat Keepers – Complete your Annual Inventory 2023

You must complete and return your inventory by 31 December. You will need your CPH number and the totals of all breeding sheep & lambs put to the tup, along…

Delinked payments – Cross Compliance – Dates for this month’s diary – SFI 2023

Delinked Payments RPA plan to introduce delinked payments in 2024. The last payments under the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) in England will be made for the 2023 scheme year. Delinked…

Sustainable Farming Incentive

The SFI scheme application window is open with 23 Actions covering soil management, moorland, hedgerows, pest management, nutrient management, wildlife enhancement, and low input grassland. You can choose options to…

Key Dates

Some key dates to be aware of31 August This is the deadline for making certain changes to a Countryside Stewardship (CS) revenue claim declaration that was submitted before midnight on…

Key Dates

18 August The deadline for applying for Countryside Stewardship Mid Tier and Wildlife Offers (GOV.UK) 31 August The deadline for making certain changes to a Countryside Stewardship revenue claim declaration…

Calf Housing for Health and Welfare

The Animal Health and Welfare Infrastructure grant will launch shortly with the Calf Housing for Health and Welfare grant. Initially, the grant will be available for cattle keepers to co-fund new…

Sustainable Farming Incentive 2023

Other things to note… Applications are expected to open in August 2023, with a closing date announced soon after. SFI will not immediately include any payments for capital items to…

FETF 2023 details announced!

Take a look and get in touch for help to apply for grants towards equipment from pens to seed drills, nutrient management and much much more… https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/farming-equipment-and-technology-fund-fetf-2023/about-the-farming-equipment-and-technology-fund-fetf-2023

Woodland creation and Tree planting opportunities – North East.

Richard Wilson Woodland Creation, Business Development Advisor for the Forestry Commission, spent some time with us at the Mart last week helping us to navigate the complex world of woodland…

Countryside Stewardship (CS) payment rates have been updated

What this means for revenue payment rates If you have a revenue agreement and/or an application for a revenue agreement starting on or before 1 January 2023, then: where the…

December notice board

The HNR office will be closed from noon on Thursday 22nd December until Wednesday 4th December. We wish you all a very happy and peaceful Christmas and a prosperous New…

Farming Advice Newsletter December 2022

The farming Advice service has published their December Newsletter – click here to read the articles. They include details about the key dates this month along with detailed articles concerning…

Slurry Infrastructure grant: guidance now available

Applications for the new Slurry Infrastructure grant will open on 6 December 2022. To prepare read the full grant guidance available on GOV.UK. The grant will help livestock farmers in England…

Key dates

CROSS COMPLIANCE  A reminder has been sent by the Farming Advice Service (FAS) to help you stay compliant with the cross compliance requirements. 1 NovemberYou can burn heather, rough grass, bracken,…

Air and water quality advice now available to all farmers in England

Catchment Sensitive Farming advice is now available to farmers, land managers and growers across England. Farmers across England are now able to benefit from the advice of Catchment Sensitive Farming…

Key Dates

FINAL REMINDER – FETF Round 2 – Claims and supporting evidence must be in by 31 October Key dates to be aware of (Source FAS 2022) Some key dates to…

HLS agreement extensions

From 1 January 2023, all ES agreements will run under domestic terms and conditions. This means that the rules on extending your HLS agreement are changing and you may be eligible to extend your HLS agreement…

URGENT RPA Update: Farming Equipment & Technology Fund Scheme Claims

The RPA Grants Services – Farming Equipment & Technology Fund scheme, have received only 25% of the claims  expected to date. The claim window closes on 31 October.  If the…

Some News…Give HNR a call to discuss…

Higher Level Stewardship agreement extensions Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) is part of the Environmental Stewardship scheme. It is the predecessor to Countryside Stewardship. At the moment, there are approximately 8,500…

Some Things you may have missed…FETF, BPS & SFI

Three Things you might have missed…For help with any of these matters please contact Carol Johnson HNR 01434 607 023 0775369311 cjohnson@hexhammart.co.uk Sustainable Farming Incentive SFI applications opened for BPS eligible farmers from…

Farming Investment Fund – a new grant announced

Adding Value grant This £30 million fund will offer grants focused on supporting farmers and growers to process, diversify and add-value to their products.  It will offer grants of between…

Animal Health and Welfare Grants: your chance to suggest items

A new post, “Animal Health and Welfare Grants: your chance to suggest items” has just been published on DEFRA’s Future Farming blog. Farmers will be able to apply for grants…

Funding for Farmers

RPA have published a summary of the differing ways you can apply for money to improve the environment while producing high quality food and other products if you’re a farmer,…

Slurry Grants – Update

DEFRA and RPA have published more information on the Slurry Grants mentioned in the Agricultural Transitional Plan. This will be of great interest to many. Nothing has been finalised but…

An update on the Lump Sum Exit Scheme and delinked payments

Lump Sums RPA plan to offer farmers in England who wish to exit the industry the option of applying in 2022 for a lump sum payment.  They expect farmers will be…

Rolling application window for Farming in Protected Landscapes

DEFRA have announced that they are moving to a rolling application window for the rest of the Farming in Protected Landscapes programme. The Farming in Protected Landscapes programme encourages farmers and…

Cross Compliance – Farm Advisory Service updates

 Cross Compliance upcoming Key dates and events FAS Have up-dated the website to give farmers more information about what they should be considering this month….          …

FC Announce new woodland payment rates

Changes to Countryside Stewardship woodland offers Information on improvements to Countryside Stewardship woodland incentives. As a result of the Countryside Stewardship revenue payment rate change, Woodland Creation Maintenance (WD1) option…

Hexham & Northern Rural offer a comprehensive range of professional rural services and expertise throughout the North of England.

We have a practical approach that delivers bespoke advice to each client. based upon years of experience working within the agriculture sector.

Agriculture is a way of life and we are here to help you in this most testing of times.


Specialists in:

Basic Payment Scheme

Cross Compliance & Farm Records

Countryside Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship

Agricultural Transition - ELMs

Grant advice and applications


Livestock Identification issues

General farm management advice

Basic Payment Scheme

BPS 2021 Payment window opened 1 December 2021

Rates 2021

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Agricultural Transition (BPS Deductions) – source Defra

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You must meet the rules throughout the year if you claim for the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS), a stewardship scheme or the Farm Woodland Premium element of the English Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS) in 2022.

There are no changes to the rules but DEFRA have made some changes to the way we run cross compliance that may benefit you Such as:

  • improvements in the way we communicate with farmers following some cross compliance visits by RPA field officers
  • when assessing how severe a non-compliance is, where appropriate, we’ll take into account how you’ve engaged with the rules, any possible harm to the environment, or level of risk to public or animal health.

Details on what to expect at inspection can be viewed here.


Basic Payment Scheme

Hexham and Northern Rural (HNR) provide farmers and land owners with advice on all matters relating to the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) including cross compliance, land and mapping and other Rural Payments Agency issues as well as being happy to complete BPS applications and help with record keeping requirements. Please contact us to discuss to discuss your requirements.


Countryside Stewardship & Rural Grants

Following the announcement of the new Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) and the subsequent changes to schemes available, it is important for farmers and landowners to know exactly what funding is available to their business to maximise incomes. Please contact us to discuss the Countryside Stewardship, Countryside Productivity Grants, Catchment Sensitive Farming, Rural Growth Programme and LEADER.

We also provide advice on existing Environmental Schemes, such as negotiating changes to agreements, prescription management and submitting annual and capital works claims. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

compulsary purchase-icon

Compulsory Purchase & Compensation

If your farm (owner-occupied or tenanted) is likely to be effected by a road widening, pipeline, electric poles or pylons Hexham and Northern Rural (HNR) will be able to look after your interests to ensure you suffer the least inconvenience and are suitably compensated as well as ensuring your land is left in the best possible condition following the completion of works. HNR can also help you negotiate the best positioning and rent for a Telecommunications site, should you be approached by a network provider. In all of these circumstances HNR fees are met by the Utility or Telecom Company. This is therefore a professional service with no cost to the farmer or landowner.



Countryside Stewardship and Environmental Stewardship claims and payments are currently being checked and made. Check against your agreements that the amounts received are for the annual value you are expecting.

Many Stewardship Capital Works plans end on the 31 December 2021. Ensure all works that needs to be done / can be done are finished, invoices paid (where necessary), and that supporting documents and evidence (e.g., bank statement and photographs) are available so that claims can be made. Double check dates so that no deadlines are missed.

Future Farming Resilience Fund

Sign up now with providers.

Farming Equipment and Technology Fund

grants from £2000 - £50000 for equipment. Closes 7th January 2021.

Farming Transformation Fund

Grants for Water Management, projects over £87,500. Expressions of interest in by 12th January 2021.

Farming in Protected Landscapes

Offers funding to farmers and land managers in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). It is not an Agri-Environmental scheme. First round applications close 31st January 2022.

English Woodland Creation Grant

Landowners, land managers and public bodies can apply to the England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO) for support to create new woodland. Applications can be made at any time of year.

Countryside Facilitation Fund

Funding for a person or organisation (Facilitator) to help a groups of farmer and other land managers work together to improve the natural environment at a landscape scale. Applications close 19th January 2022

Farm Dispersal Sales

In addition to the sale of rural properties Hexham and Northern Rural (HNR) are able to provide the complete package by conducting the on farm dispersal sale of both live and deadstock.

Please contact us to confidentially discuss our competitive commission rates should you be considering a farm sale.

FUTURE SCHEMES 2022 – 2024

Between now and 2024 as BPS rates decline further, other schemes will be introduced by DEFRA to aid agricultural businesses through the transition period. So far we know of the following:

  • Future Farming Resilience Fund
  • Farming and Technology Fund
  • Farming Transformation Fund
  • Farming in Protected Landscapes
  • Countryside Stewardship
  • Woodland creation
  • Future Farming Resilience Fund
  • Farming and Technology Fund
  • Farming Transformation Fund
  • Farming in Protected Landscapes
  • Countryside Stewardship
  • Woodland creation

Contact Details

Please contact Carol Johnson BA(Hons) MBIAC
Office: 01434 607028 Mobile: 0775 369 3111 Email: cjohnson@hexhammart.co.uk

Mart Offices, Tyne Green, Hexham, Northumberland NE46 3SG

  • Environmental Stewardship Schemes
  • Grant advice and applications
  • Environmental Land Management Scheme
  • Nitrate Vulnerable Zones
  • Cross Compliance
  • General Farm Management Advice

Please get in touch if any of this is of interest.