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FETF – Animal and Health and Welfare £1000 – £25000 grants towards a diverse range of kit. Pens, crushes, EID to name but a few. ACT NOW. Closing date 15th June 2023

FiPL – Farming in Protected landscapes – funding to farmers and land managers in AONBs, National Parks and the Broads. It is not an agri-environment scheme.

The programme will fund projects that:

  • support nature recovery
  • mitigate the impacts of climate change
  • provide opportunities for people to discover, enjoy and understand the landscape and its cultural heritage
  • protect or improve the quality and character of the landscape or place

 CS – Mid Tier & CS – Wildlife Offers

The aim of Mid Tier is to protect and enhance the natural environment through multi-year management and capital grants. They aim to improve the diversity of wildlife, water quality, air quality and natural flood management.

Wildlife Offers are part of Mid Tier and provide a simpler set of options to help improve wildlife in 4 different farming types.

The application window for CS Mid Tier and Wildlife Offer agreements closes 18 August 2023.

CS – Capital Grant Stand Alone Scheme

Capital Grants are 3-year agreements offering capital items to achieve specific environmental benefits. We’ve introduced Higher Tier Capital Grants which offer capital items to achieve additional environmental benefits alongside existing Higher Tier agreements.

Applications for capital grants are open all year round. 

Woodland Creation and Management

A variety of schemes to get payments towards planning, planting and management of woodlands

What you want not on the list? This is your chance to influence the next slurry grant!! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR SAY – The survey Closes 3 July 2023

Share your opinion and shape future rounds

Through a survey, you can suggest productivity or slurry management equipment and tell DEFRA which specifications you’d like us to update.

Through the survey tell DEFRA (either click on the links or go to GOV.UK):