Hexham Primestock


Clean cattle slightly easier this week but sold to 296.5ppk for a handy weight Limousin cross heifer from Mr C Anderson, Broomhill.

Prime Cattle

Limousin Steers – £1884.30 Blackburn

285.5p Blackburn

Luing Steers – £1686.75 High Keenley Fell

259.5p High Keenley Fell

Limousin Heifers – £1905.98 & £1660.40 Broomhill

396.5p & 295.5p Broomhill

Simmental x Heifers – £1655.90 Broomhill

285.5p Broomhill

Cast Cows & OTM

A much-improved show of cast cattle met a firm trade which was very similar to last week’s great rates.

Leading the cow trade was a pure Charolais cow from Messrs Curry, Low Burradon selling to 234.5ppk.

Once calved heifers sold to 237.5ppk for Angus crosses from Mr R M Johnson, High Fotherley.

Scores of better, well fed continental cows breaking the 210ppk barrier and easily sold.

Well fleshed Angus cows again selling very well at Hexham, topping at 207.5ppk and £1646.90 from Mr J Sisterson, Newlands Haugh.

Emtries to Drew on 07854 361967.

Leading prices;

Limousin – £1843.60 Shitlington Hall, £1562.38 £1534.36 Lunns House

215.5p Lunns House (x2), 213.5p Black Callerton, 209.5p Shitlington Hall

Charolais – £2006.90, £1641.50 & £1424.50 Low Burradon

234.5p, 213.5p & 203.5p Low Burradon

Angus – £1371.14 Alnham

191.5p Alnham

Angus x – £1646.90 Newlands Haugh, £1615.00 High Fotherley

237.5p High Fotherley, 207.5p Newlands Haugh

Simmental x – £1413.00 Chatton Park, £1263.90 Alnham

235.5p Chatton Park, 191.5p Alnham & Hedley West

Murray Grey – £1407.00 West Hepple

177.5p West Hepple

Hereford x – £1329.40 Chatton Park

195.5p Chatton Park

Shorthorn – £1481.25 Newlands Haugh

187.5p Newlands Haugh

British Shorthorn – £1163.35 Chatton Park

219.5p Chatton Park

Luing – £1129.43 Alnham

203.5p Alnham

Ayrshire x – £836.63 Low Burradon

145.5p Low Burradon

Cast Bull

The sole entry this week was a well-used British Blue Bull from Messrs J Lee & Sons, Morley Hill which cashed at 185.5ppk and £2226.00 to M Helliwell.

British Blue – £2226.00 Morley Hill

185.5p Morley Hill

Young Bulls

The sole entry in the young bull section met an outstanding trade, a pure Limousin from Messrs J Lee & Sons, Morley Hill selling to 283.5ppk and £2537.33.

More young bulls urgently wanted weekly.

Limousin – £2537.33 Morley Hill

283.5p Morley Hill

Prime Sheep

Hexham & Northern Marts sold 433 Prime Hoggs to a flying trade for a very mixed entry with plenty lacking flesh and weight.

Topping at £232 was 4 Texels from Messrs S K Richardson & Son, Prospect Grange.

G A Ogle, Blackburn sold Texel hoggs to 444.1ppk.

Please continue to enter your hoggs with 5 buyers weekly ringside.

Jack 07739 440457

Harrison 07895 761102

Leading prices;

Prime Hoggs

Texel x – £232 Prospect Grange, £229 Rusheylaw (x2), £226.50 Blackburn, £225 & £213 Prospect Grange, £211.50 Claywalls, £210 Hill Head, £209.50 Bavington Hill Head, £207 & £206.50 Claywalls, £202.50 Bavington Hill Head, £202 Blackburn, £201 & £200 Claywalls

444.1p Blackburn, 430.9p Bavington Hill Head, 430.4p Prospect Grange, 424.4p & 418.3p Blackburn, 418.0p Nettlesworth, 416.7p The Hope, 414.3p Prospect Grange, 414.1p Blackburn, 413.2p Broomhall, 412.2p Blackburn, 410.8p Bavington Hill Head, 409.6 & 409.1p Prospect Grange, 408.9p Hill Head, 408.2p Claywalls

Suffolk x – £227 Whitchester, £207 Saugh House

413.9p Nettlesworth, 400.0p Morley Hill

Abberfield – £211 Whitchester

399.0p & 398.1pWhitchester

Cheviot Mule – £203 & £202 Claywalls

389.8p Claywalls

Vendeen – £188 Hill Head

400.0p Hill Head

Mule – £220 & £217 Rusheylaw

389.6p Morley Hill

Cheviot x – £182 The Hope

413.6p The Hope

Blackface – £190 Rusheylaw

393.0p The Hope

Swaledale – £195 Morley Hill

367.9p Morley Hill

Prime Ewes

Prime Ewes sold to a compete flyer of a trade with a small selection forward.

Hexham remain top of the tree with an overall average of £211.80.

Leading prices;

Texel x – £244, £230, £228 & £224 (x2) The Hope

Mule – £166 Rusheylaw