Countryside Stewardship (CS) payment rates have been updated

What this means for revenue payment rates

If you have a revenue agreement and/or an application for a revenue agreement starting on or before 1 January 2023, then:

where the new rate has increased, the new (higher) rate will be paid for 2023 onwards.
where the new rate has not changed, the existing rate shown on the signed agreement will be paid.

What this means for capital payment rates

Capital items in agreements starting from 1 January 2023 onwards will be increased where the rates have increased. This includes capital items in CS revenue agreements, SFI pilot agreements, and standalone CS capital grants. Where rates have decreased this will not be applied to existing agreements.
Applications received from January 2023 onwards will be subject to the new capital payment rates whether they have increased or decreased.

DEFRA / RPA won’t send updated agreement documents.

Contact Carol Johnson at HNR for further information

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