Show & Sale of Store Cattle & Store Sheep

Store Cattle

Hexham & Northern Marts held their Special March Prize Show and Sale over two days with the prize show held on the Thursday evening and kindly sponsored once again by Armstoring & Watson Accountants and The Capontree Veterinary Centre.

The prize show was this year very ably judged by Anglesey showman, Mr Aled Roberts. Mr Roberts had a small offering forward but one that was packed with quality throughout. Taking the Overall Championship and The John Davison Milennium Cup was Messrs Rochester & Murray, Glebe Farm with a very sweet black Limousin cross Heifer. Standing reserve was the British Blue cross heifer from P & EB Robson, Middle Horsleyhope.

Messrs Rochester & Murray also went on to take the steer championship with a square red Limousin cross bullock. Taking the reserve steer championship was the travelling Lyon team from Lincolnshire with a British Blue cross steer.

Prize List:

Limousin or Limousin Cross Steer (Unhaltered)

1st – Messrs G Sedgewick, Ricknall Grange

Halter Trained Limousin or Limousin Cross Steer

1st – Messrs Rochester & Murray, Glebe Farm

2nd – Messrs G Sedgewick, Ricknall Grange

3rd – Messrs T A & L C Lyon, Lintre House

Halter Trained British Blue or British Blue Cross Steer

1st – Messrs T A & L C Lyon, Lintre House

Male Champion – Messrs Rochester & Murray, Glebe Farm

Reserve Male Champion – Messrs T A & L C Lyon, Lintre House

Limousin or Limousin Cross Heifer (Unhaltered)

1st – Messrs G W & C Athey & Son, High Lovelady Shield

2nd – Messrs G W & C Athey & Son, High Lovelady Shield

3rd – Messrs T Common & Son, Low Ardley

Halter Trained Limousin or Limousin Cross Heifer

1st – Messrs Rochester & Murray, Glebe Farm

2nd – Messrs G W & C Athey & Son, High Lovelady Shield

3rd – Messrs G W & C Athey & Son, High Lovelady Shield

Halter Trained British Blue or British Blue Cross Heifer

1st – Messrs P & E B Robson, Middle Horsleyhope

Female Champion – Messrs Rochester & Murray, Glebe Farm

Reserve Female Champion – Messrs P & E B Robson, Middle Horsleyhope

Overall Champion – Messrs Rochester & Murray, Glebe Farm

Reserve Overall Champion – Messrs P & E B Robson, Middle Horsleyhope

After the previous evenings’ ceremonies, back to business on the Friday morning, March the 1st, an increased catalogue on the year of 658 store cattle and suckled calves along with 39 over wintered young farmers calves.

As usual procedure, older cattle started the day and what a trade observed for older beasts, especially given the recent blip in prime sales recently. Plenty ringside purchasers ensured a fast paced trade from the offset and would possibly be slightly sharper again on previous weeks.

Taking the show beasts out of the equation, topping this section was a truly outstanding run of black ¾ bred Limousin heifers from Frank & Reg Simpson, Square House which cashed away to £2280 twice leaving a very healthy average of £2200 for nine sold for the Co. Durham producers.

Another very notable run of heifers this week came from Messrs W Walton & Sons, Ogle Castle whose run of Limousin cross heifers peaked at £2080.00 and levelled at £1893.75 for the Ogle based family.

Taking the top spot in the forward steers was Messrs P & PM Walker, Houselope Grange with a thumping Limousin cross steer selling to £2100.00 and a Blonde cross steer to £2060.00.

Messrs G Sordy & Son, Alnham made a triumphant return to the Hexham ring and reaped the benefits of ringside competition selling a pair of Simmental cross steers to £1990.00 and a pen of three to £1970.00, leaving the Coquet Valley producers highly delighted with their days trading.

The main highlights of the day though were those from the younger cattle and show cattle forward for the previous nights show and sale. Leading the sale on the day was an outstanding black Limousin cross heifer, impeccably turned out by Thomas Athey of Messrs GW & C Athey & Son, High Lovelady Shield which went on to ring the bell at £2700.00. Appropriately on St Davids Day, it heads down to the land of the Red Dragon, to a home in West Wales for further showing with purchaser Mr Davies.

Messrs J Lee & Sons, Agars Hill brought their usual stamp of quality and sold an outstanding black Limousin cross heifer to £2220.00.

The champion from Messrs Rochester & Murray, Glebe Farm went on to realise £2200.00 selling over the telephone to W. F Cruikshank, Clury Farm, Grantown on Spey.

Leading the steers in this section was a very thick red steer from Messrs TA & LC Lyon, Lintre House, Bourne, Lincolnshire, which had stood reserve the previous evening and realised £2200.00.

Regular and annual supporters of this Show & Sale, Messrs G Sedgewick, Ricknall Grange sold a hefty, well set black Limousin cross steer for £2100.00.

A special mention must go to John Coxon Jnr, Hepscott Manor, for onating a Charolais cross heifer in memory of his father John Coxon Snr who recently passed away, with all proceeds going to the very worthy cause My Name’5 Doddie. The bidding finished at £1500, selling to Mr Chris Siswick, Barrasford. A great cause that is close to everybodies hearts. Thankyou to all involved.

Away from the show cattle, another great show of cattle was seen at this sale that was a credit to all vendors. Another straight trade was seen throughout with trade just as firm as previous weeks for younger cattle with the best continental yearling cattle easily sold. 

Messrs Charlton, Whiteside enjoyed another great days trading selling ten month old Limousin cross steers to £1750.00 and others to £1650.00 and £1600.00 at the same age.

Not far behind with a pair of thumping Limousin cross steers at 9 & 10 months was Messrs H Huddleston, round Meadows which cashed at £1700.00.

Eleven month old heifers from Messrs W D & B Thompson, East Unthank were highly sought after and went on to realise £1850.00.

Many more could be mentioned but figures speak for themselves, steers throughout the sale went on average £1465.71 and heifers levelled at £1382.52. Weanling cattle throughout went on to average a very handsome £1362.75.

If you have any enquires, please call auctioneers over the weekend with entries or the office by 10:30 on Monday morning for cataloguing for next Fridays sale.

Chris Armstrong 07808721957

Drew Patrick 07854361967

Office 01434 605444

Young Farmers Sale

The company were once again delighted to host the culmination of the current 2023/2024 YFC Calf Competition which was again sponsored by Mainline Sponsors I’Anson Quality Feeds, Show sponsors David Carr, Highwood, Profit Margin sponsors JS Hubbuck Ltd, Hexham and student class sponsors Myerscough College.

A total of forty calves were purchased during the special October sales and prior to the sale the show classes were held with great anticipation on Thursday evening. Presiding as joint judges were noted livestock producers and Father & Daughter team Steven & Rachael Graham, Miller Hill Farm, Gilsland, Cumbria.

The length to which the young people go in the rearing and preparation of their calves for the show classes improves exponentially to the degree that this year was the greatest standard of quality the competition has ever witnessed.  Whilst the numbers presented in each class were a mere fraction of those taking part in the competition the standard therein was tremendous.

From the preliminary breed classes the judges were faced with a tremendous line up of seven first prize winners all presented in fine form and worthy of rosettes in any show of commercial cattle.   

Prize List:

Myerscough College Class

1st – Harry Willey

Native Cross Bred Heifer

1st – Alice Walton

Charolais Cross Steers

1st – Charlotte Longlands

Charolais Cross Heifers

1st – Aaron Oliver

2nd – Ella Housby

British Blue Cross Steers

1st – Emily Robson

British Blue Cross Heifers

1st – Harry Willey

2nd – Sarah Willey

Limousin Cross Steers

1st – Molly Robson

2nd – Harry Bertram

3rd – Zak Housby

Limousin Cross Heifers

1st – Orlena Henderson

2nd– Thomas Watson

3rd – Jack Weatherley

Overall Champion – Charlotte Longlands

Reserve Champion – Orlena Henderson

Best Turned Out – Emily Robson

Best Calf Opposite Sex to the Champion – Orlena Henderson

Profit – Harry Willey

Club Profit – Whitley Chapel

The Grahams stepped forward and tapped out the fantastic Charolais cross steer from Charlotte Longlands, a Bellingham Young Farmer as their Overall Champion which was by far and away the biggest beast in the show and correct in every way.  A shining example of the breed it had been purchased from Messrs Walton, Flotterton and looked every inch a champion as it behaved impeccably on the halter.

Put forward as their Reserve Champion was the first prize Limousin cross heifer from Orlena Henderson, a Butsfield YFC member who had previously purchased the calf from Messrs Walton, Penpeugh.  This one too was a delight on the halter and a real credit to both the breeders and exhibitor on the night and was awarded the trophy for the best calf of opposite sex to the champion.

The trophy for the best turned out calf went to Emily Robson of Shaftoe YFC for her sparkling British Blue cross heifer which caught both the judges eye’s early in the evening and was a deserved winner of the silverware.

The company are extremely grateful to Davey & Kate Dickinson, Chattlehope, Byrness who very kindly presented a new trophy for the event to promote the ever increasing ‘native’ breed sector of the industry which was awarded to the best native breed calf in show.  This was won on this inaugural occasion by Alice Walton of Bellingham YFC for her Aberdeen Angus cross heifer calf affectionately named ‘Katie Cow’ which Alice had also purchased from Messrs Walton, Flotterton.

As the original focus of the competition the sale and profit element of the event relies heavily on the cattle trade taking an upturn at the turn of each year, but also on the support of our steadfast ringside of buyers who attend Hexham each week to compete for the top quality cattle and no more so than on this day. 

With many competitors having previous experience in the competition and a number competing for the first time there was a great spread of financial reward across the catalogue and this year the winner of the Hubbuck trophy once again was Harry Willey, Whitley Chapel YFC with a smart Blue cross heifer that had been purchased as one of a pair with his sister. 

Now a seasoned expert at picking a good animal Harry had purchased the calf from Messrs Lee, Hackford for the keen price of £930 and sold it on the day for a lucrative £1680 leaving a handsome margin of £750 for the young man to enjoy. 

The winners of the club competition for the highest average for three or more competitors was indeed Harrys club; Whitley Chapel and the nine members who took part secured an average margin of £463.33 meaning that the club benefits from a cash prize provided by Hexham & Northern Marts.

The auctioneers whole heartedly congratulate all the prize winners and thank all those who took part in this special event once again and we look forward to the next chapter of this renowned spectacle in the mart calendar which will kick off again with the sales in October.

Store Cattle Leading prices;

Leading prices;

Cattle 23 – 30 Months

Limousin x steers – £1890 & £1850 Lunns House

Charolais x steers – £1890 & £1770 Rare Dene

Blonde x steers – £2060 Houselope Grange

Angus x steers – £1890 Sunniside, £1720 Rare Dene, £1670 Alnham

Limousin x heifers – £2280 (x2), £2220, £2160 & £2100 (x2) Square House, £1980 Errington Red House

Charolais x heifers – £1440 Rare Dene

Angus x heifers – £1500 Greencarts

Cattle 17 – 22 Months

Limousin x steers – £2100 & £2040 Houselope Grange

Charolais x steers – £1880 Alnham, £1610 & £1590 Hepscott Manor

British Blue x steers – £1580 & £1570 Hepscott Manor

Angus steers – £1800 Alnham

Angus x steers – £1640 Partridge Nest, £1580 Greencarts, £1570 Brackenthwaite

Simmental x steers – £1970, £1880 & £1840 Alnham

Blonde x steers – £1800 Houselope Grange

Limousin x heifers – £2220 Square House (x3), £2080, £2040, £2030, £1980, £2890 & £1810 Ogle Castle, £1800 Low Middleton

Charolais heifers – £1500 & £1100 Hepscott Manor

Charolais x heifers – £1420 Alnham & Hepscott Manor

British Blue x heifers – £1390 Hepscott Manor

Angus x heifers – £1580 Sunniside (x2), £1490 East Uppertown, £1480 Greencarts & Partridge Nest

Hereford x heifers – £1730 & £1700 Thornham Hill

Simmental x heifers – £1520 Errington Red House

 Cattle 11 – 16 Months

Limousin x steers – £2100 Ricknall Grange, £1900 Glebe Farm, £1730 & £1720 Warksfield Head, £1700 High Lovelady Shield

Angus x steers – £1230 Shaftoe Moor

British Blue steers – £1680 Low Horton, £1500 Woodhead & Morley Hill

Limousin x heifers – £2700 High Lovelady Shield, £2200 Glebe Farm, £1850 East Unthank & High Lovelady Shield, £1800 High Lovelady Shield, £1780 East Unthank, £1660 Ogle Castle, £1600 Longlea & Sanders Close

British Blue heifers – £1440 Warksfield Head, £1400 Morley Hill, £1360 Kingside

Cattle 10 months and under

Limousin x steers – £1750 Whiteside, £1700 Round Meadows, £1670 & £1640 High Lovelady Shield, £1620 Farnburn, £1580 High Lovelady Shield, £1570 Whiteside, £1560 West Moorhouses, £1540 High Lovelady Shield & Farnbury, £1530 Woodhead

British Blue x steers – £2200 Lintre House, £1680 Longlea, £1400 Morley Hill, £1380 Wallend, £1370 West Moorhouses

Simmental x steers – £1540, £1530 (x3) & £1500 Kingside

Limousin x heifers – £2220 Agars Hill, £1800 High Lovelady Shield, £1740 Low Ardley, £1520 Kingside, £1460 West Moorhouses, £1440 Morley Hill, £1420 Whiteside, £1400 Wallend

British Blue x heifers – £1500 Middle Horsleyhope, £1320 Wallend, £1300 Wallend & Morley Hill

Simmental x heifers – £1300 Kingside

Cast Ewes

Hexham & Northern Marts sold 1329 Cast Ewes & Rams to a dearer trade with hill ewes dearer by £10-£15.

Cast Ewes sold to £220 from Mr R Carr, Little Bavington.

Mr G A Oliver, Elsdon Burn sold Texel ewes to £208.

Suffolk ewes sold to £195 from Messrs Dodd & Wise, Sillywrea.

Bluefaced Leicester ewes sold to £173 for a pair from Mr M J Dixon, The Stobbs.

Mule ewes sold to £139 for 4 from J & D Longlands Ltd, Tone Hall.

Blackface ewes sold to £128 for a trio from Hedgeley Farms, Powburn. Mr F T Walton, Flotterton sold 38 Blackface ewes at £118.

Swaledale ewes sold to £108 for 19 from Messrs K Smith & Sons, East Greenridge.

Please continue to enter your ewes.

Jack 07739 440457.

Leading prices;

Texel – £220 Little Bavington, £208 Elsdon Burn

Texel x – £192 Miller Hill, £188 Rouchester, £184 Woodcroft, £175 Short Thorns, £174 Colepike, £170 Litle Bavington, Elsdon Burn & Prospect Grange, £168 East Greenridge, Thornton Tower & Prospect Grange, £166 Little Bavington, £160 Whiteside, £157 & £155 Colepike, £152 Prospect Grange, £150 Tone Hall & High Castle Dene

Beltex x – £180 Wallhouses, £158 Wallhouses

Suffolk – £195 Sillywrea

Suffolk x – £158 Saugh House, £148 Marwood Grange

Charollais x – £135 Jolly Body

Cheviot – £111 South Farm, £109 Quickeningcote, £105 Cheviot

Cheviot Mule – £157 High Lane House, £148 & £144 Woodcroft

Mule – £139 Tone Hall, £138 Kingswood, £136 Temon, £133 Hornby Green, £130 Rouchester, £129 Rouchester, Hedgeley, Hornby Green & Wolsingham Park, £128 Midbank, £127 Hornby Green, £126 Miller Hill, £124 Marwood Grange & Camphill

Blackface – £128 Hedgeley, £118 Flotterton, £117 Nilston Rigg, £115 Hotbank, £113 Hedgeley, £109 Saugh House, The Stobbs, Thornton Tower & Quarry House, £108 Sewingshields & Prospect Grange, £106 Woodside & Whiteside, £105 Rouchester, £104 Burn House, £103 Nilston Rigg

Swaledale – £108, £104, £97, £96 & £94 East Greenridge, £93 Burn House, £90 Wolsingham Park

Leicester – £173 The Stobbs, £158 The Stobbs & Thornley

Zwartbles – £158 Woodlands Hall

Cross – £148 Craigshield

Shropshire – £124 Broom House

Wensleydale – £118 Turpins Hill

Jacob – £96 Marwood Grange

Cast Tups

Cast Tups once again another good trade, topping at £238 from Mr R Carr, Little Bavington.

Leading prices;

Texel – £238 Little Bavington, £200 Temon, £190 Falstone, £180 Middle Heugh

Beltex – £145 Thornton Tower

Leicester – £140 Hotbank

Blackface – £124 The Stobbs

Zwartble – £148 Wallhouses

Cross – £142 Redesmouth, £140 Colepike

Billy Goat – £82 Alma

Blackface Weather – £130 Camphill

Store Hoggs

Hexham & Northern Marts sold a catalogued entry of 1240 Store Hoggs to another flying trade averaging £144.17 for all breeds, shapes and sizes.

Topping the sale was a duo of Texels at £160 from Messrs D Fletcher & D Coates, Short Thorns.

Not far behind at £159 was Texel x hoggs from Msrs W A & M Robson & Son, High Baulk.

Pen of 4 Dutch Spotted hoggs sold for £157 from Wallhouses Farming Ltd.

Pen of 20 Texel x hoggs sold for £156 from Mr Douglas Green, Longlea Farm, whose run of 49 hoggs averaged £152.37.

A Zwartble hogg sold to £154 from Messrs W Thompson & Son, Angerton Broom House.

Mule hoggs sold to £150 for a trio from Lord Max Percy Farming, Blueburn.

Blackfaced hoggs sold with ease but vendors must be credited for a tremendous run of hoggs, topping at £117 twice for a pen of 63 from Lord Max Percy Farming, Blueburn and also a pen from Messrs A & T Dixon, Chirdon.

Please continue to enter your hoggs. Entries close 11am Monday for cataloguing.

Office 01434 605444

Jack 07739 440457

Harrison 07895 761102

Leading prices;

Texel x – £160 Short Thorns, £159 High Baulk, £156 Longlea & Moorlaws, £154 Bankfoot & Longlea, £152 & £150 High Castle Dene, £149 Longlea (x2) & Moorlaws, £142 Hedgeley, £138 Short Thorns, Allgood, Prospect Grange, Kingswood & High Baulk, £136 Bensons Fell & Fairley, £134 The Riding & Longlea, £132 Bankfoot, Hudspeth, Salmonswell & Fairley

Beltex x – £136, £132 & £128 (x2) Hownsgill

Blue Texel – £130 High Castle Dene

Dutch Spotted – £157 Wallhouses

Suffolk x – £136 South Farm, £126 & £125 Cheviot, £124 Sillywrea, £122 Moorlaws & High Alderheads

Mule – £150 Blueburn, £149 Chirdon, £128 Ogle Dene, £125 Moorlaws, £124 Chirdon, £121 Edlingham Demesne, £120 Blueburn

Cheviot – £132 & £124 Linbrig, £123 Sillywrea, £121 Bankfoot

Blackface – £117 Chirdon & Blueburn, £115 & £110 Hedgeley, £108 Edlingham Demesne, £107 Hudspeth & Birtleyshield

Swaledale – £87 Todhillwood

Leicester – £139 & £130 Blueburn

Blue De Maine – £118 Sillywrea

Zwartbles – £154 Angerton Broom House

Kerry Hill – £111 Craigshield