Hexham Primestock


A small show of clean with a lack of quality forward sold to 281.5ppk for a heavy Charolais x heifer from Mr F T Walton, Flotterton.

Leading prices;

Prime Cattle

Charolais x Heifers – £1773.45 & £1732.90 Flotterton

281.5p & 279.5p Flotterton

Stabiliser Heifers – £1457.63 Buildings

253.5p Buildings

Cast Cows & OTM

More numbers forward this week that sees a trade that actually does buck the trend and would be sharper on the week. All classes eagerly bid for and sold to very competitive rates. Stock Bulls especially easily cashed this week.

Leading the sale at 249.5ppk was an outstanding black Limousin cross cow from Messrs W & J A Longlands, Rusheylaw. Not far behind was a tank of a cow from Messrs J Hunter & Sons, The Steel that cashed at 247.5ppk and £2165.63.

Taking full advantage of the live ring with non-assured cows was Messrs W & S W Mews, Glendue Farm with Blue cross cows selling to 235.5ppk.

Plenty leaner feeding sorts selling in excess of 180ppk.

Leading prices;

Limousin – £2165.63 The Steel, £1689.90 Rusheylaw, £1428.35 Lunns House, £1346.72 Settlingstones, £1343.00 Lunns House

247.5p The Steel, 221.5p Settlingstones (x2), 206.5p Woodhall

Angus x – £1560.73 Rawfoot

191.5p Rawfoot

British Blue – £1858,78 Rusheylaw, £1683.83 Glendue, £1595.03 & £1548.29 Glebe

249.52p Rusheylaw, 235.5p Glendue, 221.5p & 208.5p Glebe

Stock Bulls

A small but mighty entry of Stock Bulls this week that sold very well with a Limousin from Messrs J Hunter & Son, The Steel selling to 235.5ppk whilst a British Blue x Stock Bull found his final destination at 227.5ppk and £2320.50 from Messrs J & A Moralee, Hard Riding proving all classes of cattle can achieve competitive rates here at Hexham.

Limousin – £2166.60 The Steel

235.5p The Steel

British Blue – £2320.50 Hard Riding

227.5p Hard Riding

Angus – £1766.19 Linacres

169.5p Linacres


Highland steers – £1088.10 Buildings

175.5p Buildings

Prime Sheep

A very small number of hoggs forward to a full ringside of buyers provided an overall average of £183.36, up £2.24 on the week.

Topping the sale at £227 was tremendous hoggs from Messrs Teasdale, Kellah.

Top ppk was 426.2ppk for 8 Texels from Messrs S K Richardson & Son, Prospect Grange.

Leading averages;

Mr D Collingwood, Intake – £212

Messrs G Carins & Ptrs, Broomhall – £211.57

Messrs Teasdale, Kellah – £209.33

F T Walton, Shilmoor – £208

J C Rutherford, Old Town – £203

More numbers needed to meet demand.

Entries for next week to Jack 07739 440457 or Harrison 07895 761102.

Leading prices;

Prime Hoggs

Texel x – £227, £226 & £221 Kellah, £220 Kellah & Broomhall, £219 Old Town, £217 & £216 Kellah, £214 Broomhall, £212 Intake, £207 (x2) & £205 Kellah, £204 Newbiggin (x2)

462.2p Prospect Grange, 414.0p, 410.0p & 407.6p Kellah, 407.0p Hill Head, 406.5p, 398.1p, 396.5p & 389.1p Kellah, 388.9p Hill Head, 387.8p Baal Hill, 387.5p & 384.6p Kellah, 383.7p Colepike, 382.7p & 381.0p Kellah, 380.9p Prospect Grange

Suffolk x – £209 Old Town & Baal Hill, £207 Brixter Hill, £206 Lunns House

380.9p Broomhall, 380.0p Lunns House, 374.5p & 366.7p Newbiggin, 365.4p Baal Hill

Mule – £195 Spittalshield, £187 Baal Hill, £182 Colepike

365.0p & 352.8p Baal Hill

Cheviot – £207 Flotterton

287.5p Flotterton

Cheviot x – £168 Baal Hill

381.8p Baal Hill

Swaledale – £130 Baal Hill

309.5p Baal Hill

Leicester – £185 Spittalshield

362.8p Spittalshield

Cross – £199 Hill Head

400.0p, 395.2p & 390.5p Hill Head

Prime Ewes

A small entry of prime ewes sold to a top of £186 from E R & L Dawson. Red Hemmels Farm.

Leading prices;

Texel x – £186 & £178 Red Hemmels

Mule – £106 Red Hemmels