Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

A varied show of clean this week with a nice, well finished Limousin cross heifer from Mr F T Walton, Flotterton selling to 301.5ppk. The same home sold Charolais cross heifers to £1721.88.

Limousin Heifers –301.5p Flotterton

Charolais Heifers –£1721.88 Flotterton

275.5p & 273.5p Flotterton

Cast Cows & OTM

A much leaner and poorer show if Cast Cows & Bulls this week sold to the same trade previous weeks. Better Continental cross cows selling in excess of 230ppk, lean feeding sorts selling between 195-210ppk. Once again Angus cross cows in real demand.

Leading the sale was a non-assured Limousin cross cow from Messrs P & EB Robson, Middle Horsleyhope Farm that realised 259.5ppk.

Making a very successful first trip to Hexham was Messrs T M Lough & Son, Whittle, Shilbottle who sold Angus cross cows to £1843.80 and Simmental cross cows to £1825.13. The same home sold a Simmental Stock Bull to £1730.58.

With lambing just around the corner numbers are expected to tighten, if you have any cast cattle or prime cattle to sell please do not hesitate to call Drew on 07854 361967

Limousin –£1810.77 Colepike, £1759.10 Middle Horsleyhope, £1669.70 Thornton Tower, £1635.65 Flotterton, £1595.44 Great Bavington, £1554.36 Thornton Tower, £1548.21 Springwell Farm

259.5p Middle Horsleyhope, 239.5p, 237.5p & 235.5p Thornton Tower, 233.5p Chesters, 227.5p Great Bavington, 225.5p Colepike & Thornton Tower

Angus –£1843.80 Whittle

219.5p Whittle

Angus x-£1834.02 Codlaw Hill, £1589.09 Whittle, £1584.10 Springwell Farm

255.5p Springwell Farm, 223.5p Whittle, 221.5p Codlaw Hill

British Blue –£1597.14 Quarry House, £1552.71 Hedley Park

233.5p Quarry House, 222.5p The Fawns

Charolais x-£1494.50 Springwell Farm

213.5p Springwell Farm

White Park x-£1428.23 Whittle

205.5p Whittle

Hereford x-£1402.88 Low Carriteth

193.5p Low Carriteth

Simmental –£1825.13 Whittle

235.5p Whittle

Belted Galloway-£988.25 Closehead

167.5p Closehead

Cast Bull

Simmental-£1730.58 Whittle

159.5p Whittle

British Blue-£1677.19 Quarry House

183.5p Quarry House

Limousin-£1617.03 Chesters

177.5p Chesters

Prime Sheep

Prime Hoggs

Hexham and Northern Marts held their weekly sale of Primestock; with a total of 603 Prime Sheep forward. Hogg numbers are on the decline as this year’s lambing time draws closer.

Trade a touch dearer on the week with a lot of useful weights and good quality sheep forward, although not as good show on the week, with a sale average of 227ppk and a SQQ of 233ppk.

Taking top spot was a solid Texel cross hogg from Baal Hill at £134 at whopping 61kg, with another at £132 from Colepike.

Top ppk was taken by Fell Lane Farm at 264.1ppk for two heavy Texels.

Horned sheep tipped over the £100 barrier from Messrs J E Woodman, Great Chesters for a penful at £109 and 222ppk.

Please enter your Prime Sheep with Jack on 07739 440457 or to Harrison on 07895 761102 by Monday night.

Texel x –£134 Baal Hill, £132 Colepike, £130.50 Palm Strothers, £130 (x2) South Acton Farm, £129 Barker House, £127 South Acton Farm, £126 South Acton Farm & Hope House, £125 South Acton Farm & Palm Strothers, £124 Blackburn, £123.50 South Acton & Lunns House, £120.50 South Acton, £120 Barker House & Rare Dene

264.1p Fell Lane, 259.5p Barker House, 258.7p Low Hall, 256.4p South Acton Farm, 256.1p Linacres, 255.7p Low Hall, 252.3p Low Eshells, 247.7p Palm Strothers, 246.8p South Acton Farm, 246.7p & 246.6p Blackburn

Suffolk x –£127 Baal Hill, £123.50 Lunns House, £121.50 Great Bavington, £119 Baal Hill, £117.50 Great Bavington, £117 Rare Dean

239.6p & 219.6p Baal Hill, 218.3p Lunns House, 218.0p Hope House, 216.4p Baal Hill

Mule –£109 Baal Hill, £107 & £106.50 Great Chesters

227.1p Baal Hill, 226.6p Great Chesters

Cheviot-£104 & £100 Flotterton

246.3p Flotterton

Blackface –£109 & £106 Great Chesters

222.5p Great Chesters