Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

A mixed show of clean cattle with some leaner sorts forward. Trade similar to previous weeks. Limousin cross hiefers from Messrs R Rutherford & Son, Kingswood sold to 285.5ppk and another from the some home grossed to £2088.63

Limousin Heifers –£2088.63 & £1764.39 Kingswood

285.5p & 269.5p Kingswood

Charolais Heifers –£1665.32 & £1600.66 Flotterton

275.5p & 269.5p Flotterton

Limousin Steers-£1591.77 Lowes Fell

273.5p Lowes Fell

Cast Cows & OTM

Another outstanding trade was observed in the Hexham Cast Cattle ring with a nice show of 52 Cows and Bulls averaging 216.70ppk and an eye watering £1524.00 right through, leaving vendors ecstatic with their days trade.

Sale highlight was a terrific run of pure Charolais cows from Messrs J G Milburn & Son, Loadman Farm which grosses to £2302.79.

Charolais cows from Mr F T Walton, Flotterton took the highest ppk spot this week selling to 271.5ppk and 263.5ppk.

An outstanding run of fed Hereford cross cows came down from the North of the county from Duncan J Ord, Chatton Park that sold to 249.5ppk and went on to average an impressive 221.8ppk.

Angus and Angus cross cows sold like hot cakes and realised £1964.63 from Mr R A Armstrong, East Fourstones

Charolais-£2302.79, £2107.60 & £1969.70 Loadman Farm

245.5p, 240.5p & 239.5p Loadman Farm

Charolais x-£1648.01 & £1488.78 Flotterton

271.5p & 263.5p Flotterton

Limousin –£1950.03 East Fourstones, £1826.25 Glebe Farm, £1752.30 Kingswood, £1745.22 Flotterton, £1702.26 The Old Farmhouse

247.5p Kingswood, 246.5p Flotterton, 243.5p Glebe Farm, 237.5p Gilside Farm, 233.5p High Town Farm, 230.5p Glendue Farm

Angus-£1964.63 East Fourstones

201.5p East Fourstones

Angus x-£1831.41 Barker House, £1805.25 The Old Farmhouse, £1716.08 Kingswood

245.5p West Shields, 229.5p & 219.5p Barker House

British Blue-£2003.28 High Town Farm, £1844.64 St Oswalds, £1543.09 Barker House

245.5p High Town Farm, 221.5p St Oswalds, 219.5p Barker House

British Blue x–£1168.65 Glendue

185.5p Glendue

Beef Shorthorn-£1922.10 West Shields

223.5p West Shields

Stabiliser-£1396.44 West Wharmley

215.5p West Wharmley

Stabiliser x–£1520.81 & £1507.31 West Wharmley

236.5p & 214.5P West Wharmley

Hereford-£1354.15 Linacres

185.5p Linacres

Hereford x-£1656.81, £1613.39, £1602.50 & £1539.83 Chatton Park

249.5p, 229.5p, 224.5p & 223.5p Chatton Park

Cast Bull

Beef Shorthorn-£1179.56 Gilside Farm

149.5p Gilside Farm

Blue Grey-£1297.79 Viewley

179.5p Viewley

Galloway-£1121.10 Donkin Rigg

151.1p Donkin Rigg

Prime Sheep

Prime Hoggs

Hexham & Northern Marts sold 848 Prime Hoggs, selling to a two-tier trade. Well fed hoggs easy to sell however leaner types very hard to place.

Topping the trade was a superb Texel cross hogg at £159 from Mr B Watson, Baal Hill.

Top ppk went to Messrs Teasdale, Kellah Farm, with a Beltex at 292.7ppk.

Entries to Jack on 07739 440457, Brian on 07801 862792 or Harrison on 07895 761102.

Texel x –£159 Baal Hill, £150 South Acton Farm, £149 Nilston Rigg, £145 South Acton Farm, £139 Harambee Cottage & South Acton Farm, £138, £135, £132 & £131 (x2) South Acton Farm, £130 Blackburn, £129.50 South Acton Farm, £128 St Oswalds & South Acton Farm

269.6p (x2) Kellah Farm, 267.1p High West House, 261.4p Hedley Park, 261.2p & 261.0p St Oswalds, 257.8p Kellah Farm, 255.7p Nilston Rigg, 253.1p Great Chesters, 252.1p Harambee Cottage

Suffolk x –£140 High Dalton, £121 Nilston Rigg, £120.50 Baal Hill

236.4p Low Eshells, 225.0p Hedley Park, 222.1p Baal Hill

Beltex x –£120 St Oswalds & Kellah Farm

292.7p Kellah Farm, 285.7p, 270.7p & 268.3p St Oswalds

Charollais x-£109.50 High West House

237.5p High West House

Mule –£115 Great Tosson (Mr N Dunn), £107 Nilston Rigg, £105.50 Great Chesters & Baal Hill

218.1p Baal Hill, 215.3p Great Chesters, 211.0p Baal Hill

Cheviot Mule-£102 Bingfield Combe

242.9p Bingfield Combe

Zwartbles-£122 & £120 West Shields

Cheviot-£98 Quickeningcote, £97.50 Flotterton

233.3p Quickeningcote, 232.1p Flotterton

Blackface –£105 Great Chesters

210.0p Great Chesters

Swaledale-£94.50 Baal Hill

205.4p Baal Hill