Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

Small entry of clean which sold to 306.5ppk for a thick Charolais heifer from Mr F T Walton, Flotterton.

Leading prices;

Charolais x Heifers – £1814.48, £1768.13 & £1670.42 Flotterton

306.5p, 289.5p & 287.5p Flotterton

Cast Cows & OTM

The numbers keep on coming with another tremendous entry of cows sold to another solid trade, with a sale average of 192.5ppk achieved throughout.

Topping the sale at 247.5ppk was a shapey black Limousin cross cow from H & T V Walton, Settlingstones.

A pure Limousin cow from the Swarland bull producers, A & D Proctor sold to 239.5ppk, selling to Owain Llyr, Ruthin.

Charolais cows dominated the grossing charts with a well fleshed run from Mr J Sisterson, Newland Haugh selling to £1975.50 and £1938.00.

Feeding cow trade just as strong as previous weeks with the vast majority surpassing the 180ppk mark.

Entries to Drew on 07854 361967

Leading prices;

Limousin – £1892.80 & £1759.91 Hard Riding, £1753.14 Swarland Old Hall, £1534.50 Settlingstones, £1528.80 Glebe Farm, £1518.15 Linacres, £1494.23 & £1452.70 Settlingstones, £1438.88 West Nubbock

247.5p Settlingstones, 239.5p Swarland Old Hall, 227.5p Hard Riding & Glebe Farm, 226.5p Hard Riding, 217.5p Settlingstones & Linacres, 211.5p& 209.5p Settlingstones

Charolais – £1975.50, £1938.00, £1885.75, £1837.83 & £1833.65 Newlands Haugh

237.5p (x2), 227.5p & 225.5p (x2) Newlands Haugh

Angus – £1366.06 Wolsingham Park

204.5p Wolsingham Park

Angus x – £1327.41 Settlingstones, £1258.48 Rusheylaw

180.5p Wolsingham Park, 177.5p Rusheylaw

British Blue – £1637.55 Brownsleazes, £1573.13 Newlands haugh, £1486.08 Littleburn, £1468.60 Hard Riding

213.5p Brownsleazes, 209.5p & 199.5p Hard Riding, 193.5p Littleburn

British Blue x – £1462.28 West Wharmley, £1415.51 Glebe Farm

213.5p Glebe Farm

Stabiliser – £1581.26 Nunwick, £1571.22 West Wharmley, £1479.45 & £1420.28 Nunwick

229.5p, 217.5p & 203.5p Nunwick

Simmental – £1192.75 East Wharmley

183.5p East Wharmley

Simmental x – £1405.89 East Wharmley

190.5p East Wharmley

Saler x – £1377.80 West Wharmley

207.5p West Wharmley

Blonde x – £1227.17 Littleburn

186.5p Littleburn

British Shorthorn – £1108.67 Catcherside

173.5p Catcherside

Hereford – £1322.10 & £1183.35 Chattlehope

171.5p & 169.5p Chattlehope

Northern Dairy Shorthorn – £747.40 Rushy Lea

171.5p Rushy Lea

Dairy Shorthorn – £611.10 Rushy Lea

145.5p Rushy Lea

Stock Bull

Angus – £1765.80 Catcherside

163.5p Catcherside

Limousin – £1519.40 Kingswood

177.5p Kingswood

Young Bulls

Limousin – £1757.61 & £1751.75 Mount Huley

269.5p & 265.5p Mount Huley

Prime Sheep

Hexham & Northern Marts sold 862 Prime Hoggs to an extreme trade, with vendors all ecstatic about trade reaching new heights not previously known. With trade up 120ppk or £50 on the year, today’s overall sale average was 45kg, 343.1ppk and £155.78.

Topping the sale was a Texel Hogg at £240 which was donated to charity in aid of the Rob Burrows MND campaign. This Hogg was very kindly donated by Anne & Alan Lawson, South Farm in memory of close friend Louise Jordan who sadly died in December 2023. It was first bought at £300 by Andrew Atkinson on behalf of Blacklidge Brothers, Preston; then for £270 to Shan Group; then for £230 to Andrew Atkinson himself and finally selling for £240 to Morgan Helliwell, with a total of £1040 raised.

14 pens of sheep sold over £200 with a pair at £219 from Mr A Peart & Son, Woodcroft, then from Mr R F S Newall, Low Barns.

Top ppk was a Beltex hogg from Messrs A & D Proctor, Swarland Old Hall at 425ppk.

More hoggs urgently required to meet extreme current demand. An active ringside of buyers all keen for sheep. Why not give us a try?

Jack 07739 440457

Harrison 07895 761102

Leading prices;

Prime Hoggs

Texel x – £240 South Farm, £219 Woodcroft, £218 Baal Hill, £217 Black Heddon, £215 Lunns House, £210 & £205 Black Heddon, £204.50 Holly Hill West, £203 Swarland Old Hall & Black Heddon, £201 Black Heddon, £198 Palm Strothers, £196 Holly Hill West, £195 Swarland Old Hall, £194 Highwood, £192 Woodcroft, £190 Swarland Old Hall, £188 South Farm & Holly Hill West, £186 Baal Hill & Palm Strothers, £185.50 Thornton Tower, £184 Swarland Old Hall, £183 Blackburn

383.7p South Farm, 381.4p Thornton Tower, 379.2p & 375.5p Swarland Old Hall, 375.0p South Acton & Wall Fell, 374.3p West Shields, 372.0p Palm Strothers, 371.4p Highwood, 371.0p Thornton Tower, 370.5p High West House, 370.0p Woodcroft, 368.2p Holly Hill West, 366.1p Black Heddon, 365.2p Highwood, 364.6p Holly Hill West, 363.6p Palm Strothers, 362.0p Blackburn, 361.4p Wall Fell, 361.1p Swarland Old Hall, 361.0p West Shields

Suffolk x – £210, £205, £194 & £191 Black Heddon, £189 Lunns House, £186 Black Heddon & Baal Hill, £181 West Shields

356.3p West Shields, 352.2p Thornton Tower, 351.1p Lunns House, 348.8p Bingfield, 347.5p & 347.3p Black Heddon, 344.7p Palm Strothers, 344.4p Baal Hill & Black Heddon, 342.7p Lunns House, 340.2 Bingfield, 339.6p West Shields, 339.4p Lunns House

Beltex x – £187 Swarland Old Hall

425.0p Swarland Old Hall

Charolais x – £219 Low Barns

341.7p Black Heddon, 337.3p Woodcroft

Cheviot Mule – £175 Flotterton

350.0p Flotterton

Cheviot x – £150 Baal Hill, £144.50 Quickeningcote, £143 Baal Hill & Flotterton

352.6p Flotterton (x2), 348.8p Baal Hill & Flotterton, 344.1p & 343.2p Quickeningcote

North Country Cheviot – £159 Flotterton

361.4p Flotterton

Mule – £170 Flotterton, £166 Woodcroft, £163.50 Holly Hill West, £158 Thornton Tower & Quarry House, £156 West Shields, £154 Black Heddon

350.0p Black Heddon, 343.5p Thornton Tower, 342.9p Woodcroft, 340.0p Flotterton, 337.5p & 336.2p Quarry House

Blackface – £162 The Stobbs, £152.50 Thornton Tower

346.6p Thornton Tower, 331.6p The Stobbs

Swaledale – £181 & £155 Low Stokoe, £150 Woodcroft

315.9p Woodcroft, 310.0p, 306.8p & 305.7p Low Stokoe

Leicester – £195 Woodcroft

334.1p Woodcroft

Jacob – £147 (x2) Low Barns

295.7p Low Barns