Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

A larger entry of clean forward this week with new customers from further afield utilizing the centre and achieving very competitive returns and with solid trade right through observed.

Taking the spoils today was renowned Mid-Northumberland finisher Mr I Hamilton who sold British Blue x heifers to 333.5ppk, bought by “The beef specialists” R Pearson Wholesale Butchers, Bradford. The same home sold Limousin x steers to 323.5ppk, again to R Pearson Wholesale Butchers.

Leading prices;

Limousin Steers – £2296.85, £2163.15, £2020.05 & £1926.65 Claywalls

323.5p, 313.5p & 301.5p Claywalls, 299.5p Eslington Park

Blonde x Steers – £2186.35 & £2157.23 Colepike

299.5p & 293.5p Colepike

British Blue Steers – £2132.46 Claywalls

309.5p Claywalls

Luing Steers – £1696.94 High Keenley Fell

263.5p High Keenley Fell

Limousin Heifers – £1641.47 & £1575.02 Broomhill, £1541.05 Eslington Park

314.5p Eslington Park, 295.5p & 289.5p Broomhill

Charolais x Heifers – £1854.41 & £1811.98 Flotterton

304.5p & 299.5p Flotterton

Blonde x Heifers – £2118.43 Colepike

303.5p Colepike

British Blue Heifers – £2001.00 Claywalls

333.5p Claywalls

Angus x Heifers – £1522.08 & £1509.38 Heckley High House

267.5p Heckley High House

Cast Cows & OTM

More Cast Cows forward this week, which once again met a firm trade and very similar to the last few weeks.

Better continental cows cashed away past 210ppk, and heavy well-fleshed sorts sought after and regularly exceeding 190ppk.

Leading the sale with a young, shapey Simmental x cow was Messrs H & D M Forster, East Wharmley which realised 238.5ppk.

G A & D E Thompson, Howburn returned with a Limousin x cow which sold to 235.5ppk.

Native bred cows once again easily sold here at Hexham and jumping on the Hexham express down the A1 was a squad of cows from Messrs T M Lough & Son, Whittle, Felton and sold to 213.5ppk and £1996.23 for Angus crosses.

Another from the same parish that took advantage of the Hexham ring was Mr R Green, Heckley High House, who sold Angus cross cows to 208.5ppk.

Entries to Drew on 07854 361967.

Leading prices;

Limousin – £1740.59 & £1673.06 Brownsleazes, £1620.24 Howburn, £1602.90 Round Meadows, £1572.08 Nilston Rigg

235.5p Howburn, 229.5p Nilston Rigg & Brownsleazes, 215.5p The Fawns, 205.5p Brownsleazes & Round Meadows

Angus – £1130.85 West Shields

179.5p West Shields

Angus x – £1996.23 Whittle, £1841.68 & £1522.05 Heckley High House, £1470.15 Whittle, £1440.48 Heckley High House

227.5p & 226.5p West Shields, 213.5p Whittle, 208.5p & 203.5p Heckley High House

British Blue – £1717.03 Rosehill, £1555.88 & £1523.58 Newlands Haugh, £1497.05 Whittle

200.5p Newlands Haugh, 198.5p Rosehill, 189.5p Newlands Haugh & Whittle

Simmental – £1483.47 East Wharmley

238.5p East Wharmley

Simmental x – £1628.00 Eland Hall, £1578.85 & £1492.10 Heckley High House

203.5p Eland Hall, 189.5p Whittle, 182.5p The Fawns

British Shorthorn – £1406.25 Woodlands Hall

187.5p Woodlands Hall

Longhorn x – £1201.76 Newlands Haugh

169.5p Newlands Haugh

Hereford x – £1191.93 Newlands Haugh

171.5p Newlands Haugh

Holstein Friesian – £876.15 Whitehouse

147.5p Whitehouse

Stock Bull

A small entry of stock bulls, but those forward met a flyer with a Limousin from Messrs W Walton & Sons, Dunns Houses selling to 209.5ppk.

A titanic Charolais bull from Mr F T Walton, Flotterton went on to realise £2250.12.

Leading prices;

Limousin – £2283.55 Dunns Houses, £1847.06 Kellah

209.5p Dunns Houses, 171.5p Kellah

Charolais – £2250.12 Flotterton

185.5p Flotterton

British Shorthorn – £1318.38 High Warden

132.5p High Warden


Overaged heifers sold well for the quality forward, selling to 227.5 and 226.5ppk for Angus crosses from Messrs W H Smith & Sons, West Shields.

Leading prices;

Angus x – £1312.68 & £1236.69 West Shields

227.5p & 226.5p West Shields

Prime Sheep

Hexham & Northern Marts sold 962 Prime Hoggs to another flying trade, with less weight around although average up on the week at 318.2ppk and £141.68.

Topping the sale at £190 was a Suffolk x hogg from Mr B Watson, Baal Hill.

At £182 was a Blue Texel hogg from Izzy & Charlotte Patrick, Longsteads.

Top ppk went to High Warden Farm at 380.6ppk for Texels.

Please continue to enter your hoggs with a competitive ring of buyers all keen for hoggs.

Jack 07739 440457

Harrison 07895 761102

Leading prices;

Prime Hoggs

Texel x – £177 Nilston Rigg, £174 South Farm, £173 Nilston Rigg, £171 Blackburn, £170 Nilston Rigg, £169 East Matfen, Tenter House, Blackburn & Haggate, £167 Palm Strothers, £166 Delight & Lilswood, £165 South Farm, £164 Blackburn (x2) & South Acton, £163 West Shields & Baal Hill, £161.50 Highwood, £161 Bingfield & Delight, £160.50 Aydonshields

380.6p High Warden, 348.7p West Shields, 343.6p & 343.2p Highwood, 341.7p South Acton, 341.0p & 336.1p Haggate, 335.4p Delight, 335.3p Longshaws, 334.8p South Acton, 334.2p Low Eshells, 333.7p Palm Strothers, 333.3p Aydonshields, 333.0p Lilswood, 332.7p Baal Hill, 332.6p Highwood, 331.9p Longshaws, 331.6p High Warden, 331.5p Palm Strothers, 331.4p Tenter House, 331.0p St Oswalds, 330.6p Longshaws, 330.3p West Shields, 330.2p High Warden

Blue Texel – £182 Longsteads

330.9p Longsteads

Suffolk x – £190 Baal Hill, £175 Nilston Rigg, £170.50 Bingfield & Lunns House, £169 Baal Hill & Lunns House, £167.50 Baal Hill

323.9p Lunns House, 316.0p Baal Hill, 315.7p Bingfield, 311.8p Lunns House, 311.1p West Shields, 310.8p Aydonshields, 310.0p Bingfield & Lunns House

Beltex x – £145 St Oswalds

365.7p South Acton

Cheviot x – £136.50 & £132.50 Claywalls

332.9p, 331.3p & 330.3p Claywalls

Cheviot Mule – £155 Highwood, £152 Claywalls

337.0p Highwood, 316.7p & 315.9p Claywalls

Mule – £162.50 Quarry House, £160.50 Delight, £152.50 Haggate, £149.50 Quarry House, £148 Blackburn & Harwood Shield, £147.50 Tenter House & Quarry House, £147 Highwood, £145 Baal Hill

319.8p Highwood, 317.4p The Bungalow, 313.8p Quarry House & Tenter House, 312.8p Highwood, 311.2p Haggate, 308.5p Baal Hill, 305.3p Great Chesters, 302.3p Tenter House, 301.1p Great Chesters

Blackface – £163 Nilston Rigg, £152.50 Quarry House

310.0p Quarry House, 300.0p Great Chesters

Swaledale – £133 Baal Hill

302.3p Baal Hill

Leicester – £170, £168 & £163 Harwood Shield

286.0p Harwood Shield

Kerry Hill – £136 Delight

316.3p Delight