Hexham Primestock

Hexham Auction Mart


Prime Cattle

Handful of clean heifers this week that sold to extreme rates for what was forward. This weeks beneficiaries were Hallbankgate Farms, who’s three heifers sold to 313.5pp/kg, 307.5pp/kg & 286.5pp/kg, leaving Mr Bell, for once speechless.

Charolais Heifers –£1739.93 & £1675.88 Hallbankgate Farms

313.5p, 307.5p & 286.5pp/kg Hallbankgate  

Cast Cows & OTM

A mixed show of cast cattle this week and a firm trade observed. No movement from last weeks trade with better continental cows cashing in at 210pp/kg or more.

Topping the sale with a well fleshed Blue cross cow was Messrs A & CL Bell, Woodhall Farm selling to 245.5pp/kg.

Leading gross cow came from Messrs K Smith & Sons, East Greenridge Farm who sold a Simmental cross to £1901.87

Entries to Drew on 07854 361967

Limousin –£1653.90 Baal Hill, £1546.60 High Lovelady Shield, £1479.28 Black Callerton, £1403.65 Harwood Shield

223.5p Baal Hill, 209.5p Harwood Shield, 203.5p High Lovelady Shield, 199.5p Baal Hill

Angus –£1346.73 East White Hill, £1324.35 Aydonshields

181.5p East White Hill

British Blue –£1777.42 Woodhall, £1692.00 Harwood Shield, £1621.35 Woodhall, £1542.53 Lunns House, £1455.83 Lee Hall, £1445.83 Harwood Shield

245.5p & 225.5p Woodhall, 211.5p & 191.5p Harwood Shield, 190.5p Demesne Farm

Piedmontese-£1887.13 Woodhall

243.5p Woodhall

Simmental –£1901.87 & £1873.31 East Greenridge, £1740.00 Baal Hill

217.5p Baal Hill, 206.5p & 203.5p East Greenridge

Hereford x-£1361.10 Whiskershiel

174.5p Whiskershiel

Stock Bull

Stock Bulls good to sell with Messrs G & EA Herdman, Lunns House selling a Limousin Bull to 207.4pp/kg and £1981.63

Limousin-£1981.63 Lunns House, £1926.75 Black Callerton

207.5p Lunns House

Angus-£1663.94 Wolsingham Park Farm

149.5p Wolsingham Park Farm

Prime Sheep

Prime Hoggs

Hexham & Northern Marts sold 1128 Prime Hoggs to a very good trade with a ringside of buyers all keen for stock, with a mixed show forward including a lot of hill hoggs and under 38kg.

Overall market average 312ppk or £140.07 which is 85pp/kg or £35.40 respectively up on the year for 355 more sold.

 Topping the sale at £186 was the first hogg in the ring from Mr B A Swallow, Dukesfield Hall.

Not far behind twice at £185 was a trio of Suffolks from J C Rutherford, Old Town then Texels from Messrs E Kellett & Son, East Matfen.

Topping the pp/kg section at 357.5pp/kg was Beltex x hoggs from RRE & JR Reay, St Oswalds.

A tremendous pen of 10 from Mr A Peart & Son, Woodcroft sold to 351.0pp/kg.

More wanted each week at Hexham to meet buyers demand. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Jack on 07739 440457 or Harrison on 07895 761102.

Texel x –£186 Dukesfield Hall, £185 East Matfen, £180 Dukesfield Hall, £179 Quickeningcote & Lunns House, £177.50 Old Town, £176 Nilston Rigg, £174.50 Old Town, £174 Holywell, West Grange & Kellah

342.5p Quickenigcote, 341.7p Palm Strothers, 341.0p Longshaws, 337.8p East Greenridge, 337.5p Low Eshells, 337.0p High Eshells & Quickeningcote, 335.9p St Oswalds, 335.6p Haggate, 335.4p Cheeseburn

Suffolk x –£185 Old Town, £179 Quickeningcote, £177.50 Lunns House, £174 Wall Fell, £172.50 Baal Hill, £171 & £170 Sunniside, £166 East Newham, £163.50 Sunniside, £162 Rare Dene, £161 Old Town

327.7p Palm Strothers, 322.2p Wall Fell, 317.4p Sunniside, 314.9p Lunns House, 313.6p Baal, 313.0p Flotterton, 311.4p Middle Heads

Beltex x –£178 Haggate, £159 & £152 Holywell

357.5p St Oswalds, 351.3p Woodcroft

Charollais-£183 Sunniside, £170 Holywell, £162.50, £159.50, £151 & £150 Sunniside

325.5p & 325.0p Sunniside, 319.2p Flotterton

Dutch Texel-£158 & £145 Willimoteswick

337.5p, 329.6p & 322.5p Willimoteswick

Cheviot-£151 Quickeningcote, £145 Dudlees, £143.50 Flotterton

Cheviot x-£147 & £145 Bankfoot

322.2p Bankfoot & Low Bishopton (x2)

Cheviot Mule-£147 Flotterton

304.6p Flotterton

Mule –£159 & £151.50 Quarry House, £146 Baal Hill & Quarry House

305.3p Low Bishopton, 304.2p Quarry House, 301.2p Low Bishopton

Blackface –£155 Dudlees, £149 Sewingshields

280.0p Quickeningcote

Swaledale-£131 & £125 Woodcroft

290.7p Woodcroft  

Prime Ewes

Texel x –£156 & £148 West Grange

Suffolk x-£140 West Grange

Mule-£114 Temon