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Prime Lambs

Scots Gap Auction Mart sold 312 Prime Lmabs to a strong tade topping at £150 for a Suffolk cross from Messrs J F Johnson & Son, Tuthill.

Top ppk on the day was a Texel cross from Mr J J & J M Sanders, Bavington Hill Head at 293.2ppk.

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Texel x –£148 Pitland Hills, £147 Chesters, £146 Rugley Walls, £144 High Baulk, £142 Tuthill, £141 Old Deanham & Pitland Hills, £140 Chesters, £139 Old Deanham, Chesters & High Baulk, £138 Holling Hill & Chesters, £137 Tuthill, High Baulk & Cornhills, £136 Black Callerton, Cornhills & Old Deanham

293.2p Bavington Hill Head, 289.4p Cornhills, 288.0p High Baulk, 286.7p Black Callerton, 285.7p East Newham, 285.4p Tuthill & Chesters, 284.4p Chesters, 284.1p Black Callerton, 283.8p Bavington Hill Head, 283.7p Old Deanham & High Baulk

Suffolk x –£150 & £140 Tuthill

269.2p Tuthill, 269.0p Holling Hill

Hampshire–£132 Troughend (Josh White)

264.0p Troughend (Josh White)

Mule –£128 Pitland Hills, £125 Holling Hill

272.3p Pitland Hills

Blackface –£95 Bolam Lake House

Prime Ewes

Blackface-£88 Bolam Lake House