Hexham Primestock

Hexham Auction Mart


Prime Cattle

Two very useful, heavy heifers from Mr F T Walton, Flotterton selling to 273.5p/kg for a Charolais cross, selling to Thompsons Wholesale Butchers, Witton-Le-Wear

Charolais Heifers –£1826.98 Flotterton

273.5p & 261.5p Flotterton  

Cast Cows & OTM

The national slump in the Cast Cow trade has caught up with us today with cows being easier on the week.

The sale was topped by Messrs J & A Moralee, Hard Riding with a well fleshed Limousin cross cow realising 213.5ppk.

Highest grossing animal this week was a very impressive Galloway Stock Bull frm J R F Pattinson & Son, Hotbank, selling to £1714.63.

Next week for one week following the sale of Prime Lambs, Cast Cows & Prime Cattle will be sold at 11.00am. Please note this change is only for Tuesday 1st August.  

British Blue –£1658.90 Hard Riding

213.5p Hard Riding  

Limousin –£1457.75 West Wharmley, £1450.43 Westburnhope, £1344.63 & £1338.38 Burntongues, £1332.48 Dunns House, £1323.25 Bankfoot

207.5p Westburnhope & Burntongues, 199.5p & 197.5p Bankfoot

Blonde-£1298.37 Well House Farm

176.5p Well House Farm  

Angus x-£1047.25 Aydonshields, £1038.50 Bankfoot Farm

167.5p Bankfoot Farm

South Devon-£1263.96 The Deans

171.5p The Deans

Beef Shorthorn-£1262.66 Aydonshields

155.5p Aydonshields  

Simmental –£1556.90 High Keenley Fell

191.5p High Keenley Fell

Simmental x-£1251.20 Dunns Houses

195.5p Dunns Houses

Hereford x-£1056.08 Risehead

153.5p Risehead

Cast Bull

Galloway-£1714.63 Hotbank

159.5p Hotbank

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

Hexham and Northern Marts held their Summer Show of Prime Lambs, a fantastic show of 44 pens were ably judged by Mr Morgan Helliwell, Rochdale, in there Pens of 3. The Prize Show also consisted of a impressive show of our next generation Young Handlers and Young Farmers Classes.

Overall Champion pen went to a real trio from R R E & J R Reay, St Oswalds Farm with 3 Millennium Bleu cross lambs, selling to £139 to the judge.

Reserve Champion again went to St Oswalds with their trio of Texel cross Lambs, selling to £125 to the same home.

Out with the show, Prime Lambs sold well and went on to realize £150 for a heavy Texel cross lamb from Mr Thomas Wilson, Millfield.

Overall Lambs continue to sell well with flesh becoming the most important factor.

Next week for one week only lambs will be sold at 9.00am followed by the sale of Cattle at 11.00am. Only for one week.

Pens of 3 Prize List

Beltex x

1st Prize-Messrs E & I Hall & Son, New Houses

2nd Prize-Messrs E & I Hall & Son, New Houses

3rd Prize-Matfen Estate, Matfen Home Farm

Texel x

1st Prize-R R E & J R Reay, St Oswalds

2nd Prize-R H Walton, Linacres

3rd Prize-R R E & J R Reay, St Oswalds

Suffolk x

1st Prize-G H Walton & Sons, Greyside

2nd Prize-R H & D Thirwell, Hetherington

3rd Prize-M C & M D Sparke, Salmonfield

Other Continental x

1st Prize- R R E & J R Reay, St Oswalds

2nd Prize-R H Walton, Linacres

3rd Prize- R R E & J R Reay, St Oswalds


1st Prize-R English & Son, Brownsleazes

2nd Prize-R English & Son, Brownsleazes

3rd Prize-R English & Son, Brownsleazes

Champion-R R E & J R Reay, St Oswalds with Pen of 3 Other Continental Lambs

Reserve Champion-R R E & J R Reay, St Oswalds with Pen of 3 Texel x Lambs

Young Handlers

In the Young Handlers class, the Championship went to Isla Reay, St Oswalds cementing a tremendous day for the St Oswalds Team. The Rouge Show Lamb went on to sell for £154 or 350p/kg.

Texel x Lamb

1st Prize-Alice Walton, Linacres

2nd Prize-Ava Walby, East House

3rd Prize-Jack Cannon,Crescent

Suffolk x Lamb

1st Prize-Jessica Sparke, Salmonfield

2nd Prize-Isabelle Thirwell, Hetherington

3rd Prize-Jake English, Brownsleazes

Beltex x Lamb

1st Prize-Frankie Sparke, Salmonfield

2nd Prize-Leo Telfer, Linacres

3rd Prize-Clara Storrow, Linacres

Other Continental x Lamb

1st Prize-Isla Reay, St Oswalds

2nd Prize-Izzy Patrick- Cartshed

Champion Lamb-Other Continetal x Lamb, Isla Reay

Reserve Champion Lamb-Texel x Lamb, Alice Walton

Young Farmers Club Members

Best Pair of Lambs (Any Breed)

1st Prize-Jack Cannon,Crescent

2nd Prize-Lucy Walby, East House

3rd Prize-Alice Walton, Linacres

Texel x –£150 Millfield, £147 Greyside, £145 (x2) Crescent Farm, £142 Linacres, £140 Low Eshells, £139 Willimoteswick, £136.50 Linacres, £136 East House, East Newham & Nilston Rigg, £134 Watch Currock, £133.50 South East Farm, £132 East Newham & Linacres

323.8p East House Farm, 322.7p Linacres, 297.3p Crescent Farm, 296.3p East House, 295.9p (x2) Crescent Farm, 295.0p East House Farm, 288.2p Greyside, 286.9p East House, 286.4p Matfen Home Farm, 285.5p Linacres, 284.5p Greyside

Rouge-£154 & £135.50 St Oswalds

350.0p & 288.3p St Oswalds

Suffolk x –£137.50 & £136 Greyside, £134 Walltown Farm, £132.50 Greyside, £131 & £128.50 Brownsleazes, £127 Riding Farm, £125 High Keenley Fell, £123 Brownsleazes & West Shields, £122 Hetherington, £121 Salmonfield, £120.50 Salmonfield & High Keenley Fell, £120 Salmonfield

283.7p & 277.9p Hetherington, 272.9p Brownsleazes, 270.9p Hetherington, 268.3p, 266.7p & 266.3p Salmonfield, 265.0p Greyside, 263.4p St Oswalds, 263.0p Salmonfield, 261.9p East Newham, 261.6p Walltown

Beltex x –£134 Salmonfield, £125 New Houses, £124.50 Matfen Home Farm, £124 Tedcastle

319.1p Salmonfield, 302.4p Tedcastle, 296.4p Matfen Home Farm, 292.1p Linacres

Millennium Bleu-£139 St Oswalds

331.0p St Oswalds

Dutch Texel x-£133.50 Willimoteswick, £131 The Cartshed

296.7p & 273.8p Willimoteswick, 272.9p The Cartshed

Bleu de Maine-£123 New Houses

Charollais x-£138 Grange House Farm

287.5p Grange House Farm

Continental x-£135 Linacres

281.3p Linacres

Mule –£126 & £124 Brownsleazes

258.3p & 254.3p Brownsleazes