Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

A Prime sale that was predominantly made up of feeding beasts. Taking top honour was Messrs J E Woodman & Son, Great Chesters with a Limousin cross heifer selling to 301.5ppk.

Limousin Heifers –£1739.67 Great Chesters

301.5p Great Chesters  

Charolais Heifers –£1692.18 Great Chesters

299.5p Great Chesters

Angus Heifers –265.5p West Shields

Cast Cows & OTM

Long Live the King-Long Live the Ring

Quite simply the dearest trade seen to date. All classes dearer but the better Continental cows have gone up a few gears!

Taking the crown and glory today was Chris & Andrew Johnson (C H Clark & Sons) Paxton Dene, who sold Blue cross cows to 288.5ppk. The same home took the top two grossing prices on the day selling to £2296.46 & £2287.13.

Three further cows broke the 280ppk barrier. All by the British Blue sire from Mr R E Williamson, Littleburn at 287.5ppk. Messrs P & E B Robson, Middle Horlseyhope to 285.5ppk and finally Mr J E Woodman & Son, Great Chesters to 282.5p.

An overall average of 226ppk was seen for the 67 forward, even with plenty leaner, hill types present.

Dairy cows topped at 209.5ppk for Ayshires.

Charolais Stock Bulls sold to £2134.26 from Messrs R L Riddle & Son, Blakelaw.

British Blue –£2296.46 & £2287.13 Paxton Dene, £2231.75 Great Chesters, £2198.35 Middle Horsleyhope, £1989.98 Paxton Dene, £1863.35 Great Chesters, £1775.73 Middle Horsleyhope, £1748.00 Littleburn Farm

288.5p Paxton Dene, 287.5p Littleburn Farm, 285.5p Middle Horsleyhope, 282.5p Great Chesters, 279.5p Littleburn Farm, 267.5p Paxton Dene, 255.5p Middle Horsleyhope  

Limousin –£2244.68 Middle Horsleyhope, £1956.00 Great Chesters, £1922.27 Brownchesters, £1831.50 & £1714.65 Great Chesters

265.5p Dukesfield Hall, 261.5p Settlingstones, 259.5p Middle Horsleyhope, 254.5p Broomhope, 253.5p Settlingstones

Simmental –£2168.08 Bavington Hill Head

246.5p Bavington Hill Head

Stabiliser-£1491.64 West Wharmley

209.5p West Wharmely

Stabiliser x-£1746.75 West Wharmley

205.5p West Wharmley

Angus –£1526.60 Buildings Farm

224.5p Buildings Farm

Angus x-£1770.72 Great Chesters, £1619.02 East Knitsley

263.5p Great Chesters, 239.5p East Knitsley

Blonde x-£1722.70 The Brigg

267.5p The Brigg

Beef Shorthorn-£1541.25 West Shields

205.5p West Shields

Shorthorn-£1385.70 The Brigg

223.5p The Brigg

Blue Grey-£1276.80 Middle Horsleyhope

199.5p Middle Horsleyhope

Hereford x-£1432.43 West End Farm

213.5p Great Bavington

Luing-£1284.08 Broomhope

219.5p Broomhope

Luing x-£1482.20 Aydon North Farm

214.5p Aydon North Farm

Ayshire-£1294.71, £1256.25 & £1209.01 Marley Cote Walls

209.5p & 189.5p Marley Cote Walls

Stock Bull

Charolais-£2134.26 Blakelaw

179.5p Blakelaw

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

First Sale of Spring Lambs sold to a flying trade. Topping at £186 for a Texel from J A & I Burn, Grange House Farm who also had lambs to 409.1ppk.

Texel x –£186 & £185 Grange House Farm

387.5p & 385.4p Grange House Farm, 385.0p West Shaftoe

Suffolk x-£180 Grange House Farm

409.1p Grange House Farm

Prime Hoggs

Prime Hoggs sold to another great trade topping at £181 for a trio from J C Rutherford, Old Town.

A pair sold to £180 from Messrs J K & F Charlton, Middle Farm.

Swales sold to £155 from Messrs K & H A Ridley, Allenshields.

Top ppk went to a trio at 312.2ppk from Mr J W Metcalf, Palm Strothers.

Texel x –£181 Old Town, £180 Middle Farm Cottage, £174 Old Town, £173 Claywalls, £171 Claywalls, Middle Farm Cottage & Palm Strothers, £170 Old Town, £169.50 Palm Strothers & Claywalls, £169 Middle Farm Cottage & Claywalls, £168 Claywalls

312.2p Palm Strothers, 309.6p Claywalls, 307.8p & 305.4p Colepike, 302.4p Palm Strothers, 298.1p, 296.4p, 294.6p & 294.3p Claywalls, 292.7p Claywalls & Palm Strothers

Swaledale-£155, £150 & £146 Allenshields  

Prime Ewes

A small but superb show of Prime Ewes sold to great rates, topping at £172 for a pen of four massive Ewes from J C Rutherford, Old Town.

Texel x –£172, £168 & £161 Old Town

Suffolk x-£169 Grange House Farm

Mule-£132 Old Town