Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

Prime Cattle sold to a top of £1537.35 from Mr F T Walton Flotterton.

Dairy Heifers sold to 207.5ppk from Peepy Farms.

Limousin Heifers –£1470.75 Flotterton

277.5p Flotterton

Charolais Heifers –£1537.35 Flotterton

277.5p Flotterton

Holstein Friesian Heifers-£933.75 Peepy Farms

207.5p Peepy Farms

Cast Cows & OTM

Cast Cattle sold to a soaring trade averaging 201.7ppk for all breeds, shapes, and sizes with returning faces around the ring.

Angus cows were the top 3 prices of the day. Realizing £2067.03 was Messrs J E Baty & Son, North Acomb.

Blue cows sold to £2014.52 from Messrs Rochester & Murray, Glebe Farm who also went on to top the ppk sector of todays sale at 251.5ppk.

Angus –£2067.30 North Acomb, £2023.77 Colepike, £2020.08 Old Town

231.5p North Acomb, 221.5p & 213.5p Old Town, 209.5p Pottsdurtrees & Colepike, 207.5p Pottsdurtrees

Angus x-1895.00 North Acomb

199.5p Shillafield

British Blue-£2014.52 Glebe Farm

251.5p Glebe Farm

British Blue x–£1886.22 Glebe Farm, £1718.56 Colepike

249.5p Glebe Farm, 233.5p Colepike

Limousin –£1910.93 West Farm, £1769.45 Chirdon, £1712.01 Close House

229.5p Chirdon & Haggate Farm, 223.5p West Farm & 217.5p High Alderheads

Hereford-£1642.97 & £1543.49 The Old Potato House

239.5p The Old Potato House

Hereford x-£1452.47 Risehead

185.5p Risehead

Simmental x-£1666.05 West Farm

217.5p West Farm

Stabiliser x-£1548.60 Flotterton

217.5p Flotterton

Beef Shorthorn-£1543.49 West Shields

201.5p West Shields

Luing–£1196.33 Rookland

204.5p Rookland

British Friesian-£992.45 Hedley West Riding

163.5p Hedley West Riding

Cast Bull

Cast Bulls sold £1694.95 from Mr T Hall, The Raw.

Angus-£1694.95 The Raw

155.5p The Raw

Prime Sheep

Prime Hoggs

Hexham and Northern Marts sold 328 Prime Hoggs to a flying trade, with todays overall trade averaging £153.03.

Taking top spot today was a Texel cross hoggs at £172 from Messrs R H Thomson & Son, Fitches Grange who’s run 148 averaged £162.34.

Top ppk went to a pair of Texels at 317.4ppk from Messrs JB & N Harrison, Colepike.

Texel x –£172 Fitches Grange, £169 Kellah Farm, £168 Hill Head Farm & Fitches Grange, £165.50 Fitches Grange, £165 Hill Head Farm, £164 Fitches Grange, £162 Kellah Farm & Hill Head Farm, £160 Blackburn, Kellah Farm & Hill Head Farm, £159 Colepike & Kellah Farm, £158 (x2) & £155 Kellah Farm, £154 Colepike

317.4p Colepike, 311.6p Hill Head Farm, 306.4p Aydonshields, 304.2p Hill Head Farm, 302.0p Colepike, 300.0p Blackburn, Aydonshields, & West Shields, 298.0p Colepike, 296.0p West Shields, 295.7p Blackburn, 295.5p Fitches Grange

Charollais x–£171.50 (x2), £171, £170, £168.50 (x2), £167 (x2), £165, £164, £163, £162, £161.50, £160

303.7p, 299.1p, 299.0p, 297.1p, 296.3p, 296.0p, 294.6p, 294.2p, 291.1p Fitches Grange

Continental x –£166, £165 & £164 Hill Head Farm

284.5p & 278.0p Hill Head Farm

Mule –£155 Kellah Farm