Farming Equipment and Technology Fund 2024

You’ll soon be able to apply for FETF 2024 through the Farming Investment Fund service. The service will open for applications shortly, followed by a further two rounds later in the year.

The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) 2024 includes 3 separate grants to help you buy equipment or technology to:  

  • improve productivity
  • manage slurry
  • improve animal health and welfare

DEFRA has increased the maximum grant amounts for productivity and slurry, so you can now apply for up to £50,000 for each of these themes.

The maximum grant amount for animal health and welfare remains at £25,000.

This means you could receive up to £125,000 in total, towards the purchase of new equipment and technology. 

You can apply for one grant under each of the themes for items that suit your business, but please note FETF 2024 is competitive. You may not receive any, or all the funding you apply for. 

For details see the FETF 2024 Guide

SFI 2023 – still open for applications. WHY PUT IT OFF?

  • 23 options covering soils, hedges, arable land, grassland, moorland, nutrient management and crop protection
  • Increased payment rates for new agreements
  • Chose options specific to your farm and situation
  • Potential to overlap with existing schemes
  • Ability to “stack” separate capital works agreement alongside
  • Currently no minimum or maximum area in order to qualify

The message is simple – The time is now! Start generating regular income for actions that you already carry out, start maximising income on unproductive areas, improve soil health, increase biodiversity, and begin to bridge the gap left by BPS. You could have your first payment within 3 months.

Don’t delay, apply today… for details see the SFI pages on GOV.UK SFI 2023 guidance

For further information, help and guidance on any of the above or other Agricultural Transition questions please contact:

Carol Johnson at HNR: 07753693111, 01434 607 028,