Easter Primestock Show & Sale

Hexham Auction Mart



Prime Cattle

Hexham & Northern Marts held its Easter Primestock show and sale with a marvellous show of cattle forward, with predominantly well finished steers forward for our judge Mr G Chapman.

After much deliberation Mr Chapman chose the Limousin cross heifer from Chris & Andrew Johnson, Paxton Dene as champion. This just pipped a marvellous red Limousin cross steer into reserve from Messrs I & A Hamilton, Claywalls.

Full Prize List:

Best Prime Heifer

1stMessrs H Clark & Sons, Paxton Dene

2ndMessrs H Clark & Sons, Paxton Dene

3rdMessrs H Clark & Sons, Paxton Dene

Best Prime Steer

1st – Messrs I & A Hamilton, Claywalls

2ndMessrs H Clark & Sons, Paxton Dene

3rdMessrs H Clark & Sons, Paxton Dene

Champion Prime BeastMessrs H Clark & Sons, Paxton Dene

Reserve Champion Prime BeastMessrs I & A Hamilton, Claywalls

A nice trade was observed right through with the Champion heifer selling to 329.5ppk and the reserve steer selling to 325.5ppk.

The Johnson’s sold the highest grossing beast on the day with a homebred British Blue cross steer selling to £2241.81.

Charolais x heifers sold to 303.5ppk from Mr F T Walton, Flotterton.

Leading prices;

Limousin Heifers – £2158.23 & £2044.80 Paxton Dene

329.5p & 319.5p Paxton Dene

British Blue Heifer – £2128.63 Paxton Dene

323.5p Paxton Dene

Charolais x Heifers – £1851.35 & £1799.88 Flotterton

303.5p & 297.5p Flotterton

Angus x Heifers – £1745.70 West Hepple

264.5p West Hepple

Hereford x Heifer – £1461.00 Thornham Hill

243.5p Thornham Hill

Limousin Steers – £2180.85 & £2182.01 Claywalls, £2060.25, £2059.02 & £2042.59 Paxon Dene

325.5p & 313.5p Claywalls, 311.5p & 307.5p Paxton Dene, 303.5p Claywalls

British Blue Steers – £2241.81 Paxton Dene, £2150.41 Claywalls

310.5p Paxton Dene, 299.5p Claywalls

Luing Steers – £1712.70 High Keenley Fell

259.5p High Keenley Fell

Cast Cows & OTM

Hexham & Northern Marts held its Easter Prime show for cast cows, which was once again sponsored by Dugdale Nutrition and ably judged by Mr G Chapman, Westknowe.

The pre-sale show was won by an outstanding pure Blue cow from Mr R Carr, Little Bavington. The cow went on to top the sale at 281.5ppk and £2387.12.

Second to the winner was a monster Limousin cross cow from Frank & Reg Simpson, Square House which went on to realise £2065.00.

Best Geld Beef Bred Cow

1stMr R Carr, Little Bavington

2ndF & R Simpson, Square House

3rdMessrs W Walton & Sons, Troughend

Best Geld Dairy Cow

1stMr R W Dixon, Hedley East

Champion Cow Mr R Carr, Little Bavington

Leading the native challenge was a huge Pure Hereford cow from the Moralee herd of T & D Harrison, The Old Potato House which cashed away at £1786.40.

The first prize Dairy cow went to Mr R W Dixon, Hedley East with a fleshy Holstein which sold to 171.5ppk.

A mention must go to a fabulous run of well fleshed cows from L I Tulip & Son, Bilton Farm, who again took advantage of a competitive ring of purchasers and sold cows to 225.5ppk and 219.5ppk, averaging 210.2ppk for nine.

Trade again firm this week with a better show of flesh on offer to previous weeks. These better fleshed cows would be slightly sharper on the week. Slightly leaner cows would possibly be a few pence cheaper compared to the previous weeks extremes rates.

The overall cow average returns at £1328.28 and 189.8ppk.

We ask for cows to be entered as early as possible so we can tell potential purchasers’ numbers forward for the sale.

Please call Drew on 07854 361967

Leading prices;

Limousin – £2065.00 Square House, £1754.91 Cawfields, £1721.25 & £1699.16 Lunns House, £1635.60, £1632.41 & £1580.40 Bilton

263.5p Cawfields, 229.5p Lunns House, 225.5p, 219.5p, 217.5p & 216.5p Bilton, 215.5p Bilton & Little Harle, 207.5p Bilton, 206.5p Square House, 203.5p Hudspeth

Angus – £1027.50 Middle May Lamb

187.5p Middle May Lamb

Angus x – £1489.95, £1319.70 & £1155.00 West Shields

207.5p, 193.5p & 192.5p West Shields

British Blue – £2387.12 Little Bavington, £1635.73 Square House

281.5p Little Bavington, 227.5p Square House

British Blue x – £1255.50 Bilton

202.5p Bilton

Simmental x – £1485.55 Troughend, £1459.23 West Shields, £1303.99 Chatton Park

203.5p Troughend, 199.5p Chatton Park (x2)

Hereford – £1786.40 The Old Potato House

1595p The Old Potato House

Hereford – £1558.45 Thornham Hill, £1534.95 Chatton Park

219.5p Thornham Hill, 194.5p & 189.5p Chatton Park

Bazadaise – £1362.75 Bilton

197.5p Bilton

Murray Grey – £1291.08 West Hepple

185.5p West Hepple

British Shorthorn – £1097.60 West Shields

171.5p West Shields

Holstein Friesian – £1269.10 Hedley East

171.5p Hedley East

Holstein Friesian x – £637.50 Peepy Farm

127.5p Peepy Farm


Angus x – £1435.50 Peepy Farm

247.5p Peepy Farm

Stock Bulls

Angus – £1754.30 Buckshot

167.5p Flotterton

Stabiliser – £1336.61 East Whygate

159.5p East Whygate

Prime Sheep

At the weekly sale for prime sheep, Hexham & Northern Marts sold a total of 805 head.

One of the most varied shows of hoggs forward with most breeds represented. Weights from 30kg to 99kg sold on the dearest trade ever seen at Hexham.

The sale averaged 365.5p to a top of £252 for a Texel from Whiteside with an enormous Leicester from Shitlington Hall at £250. In excess of 25 lots sold for £200+

John Reay, St Oswalds topped the ppk with his last lamb of the season at 413.2ppk.

Leading prices;

Prime Hoggs

Texel x – £252 Whiteside, £236 Low Hall, £226 Prospect Grange & Kellah, £222 Woodcroft, £220 Broomhall, £218 Riding & Baal Hill, £217 Lords Lot & Kellah, £210 Low Hall, £208 Kellah, £205 Spenside & Kellah, £201 Chesters & Quickeningcote, £200 Low Hall, Cornhills & Prospect Grange, £199 Spenside (x2)

413.2p St Oswalds,410.5p Prospect Grange, 410.0p Spenside & Kellah, 408.2p Prospect Grange, 406.8p Low Hall, 406.3p Wall Fell, 406.1p Spenside, 403.9p Low Hall, 403.6p Woodcroft, 402.2p Wall Fell, 402.0p Chesters, 401.9p Kellah, 400.0p & 398.8p Low Hall, 398.0p Woodcroft, 397.9p Broomhall

Suffolk x – £208 Baal Hill, £196 Palm Strothers, £188 Wall Fell, £184 Thornton Tower, £179 Middle Heads, £176 New Dotland & Palm Strothers, £174 West Shields

391.5p Thornton Tower, 384.1p & 383.7p Wall Fell, 378.2p Baal Hill, 377.8 Flotterton, 376.9p & 374.5p Palm Strothers, 374.4p Wall Fell

Cheviot Mule – £179 Flotterton

365.3p Flotterton

Mule – £208 West Deanraw, £200 & £199 Kellah, £188 Middle Heads & Flotterton, £179 Baal Hill, £177 Flotterton, £165 New Dotland, £163 Thornton Tower, £161 West Deanraw

376.6p Flotterton, 365.9p West Deanraw, 365.3p Baal Hill, 362.2p Thornton Tower, 361.0p Flotterton, 359.1p Baal Hill, 353.5p Woodcroft, 352.4p Quarry House

Cheviot – £163 & £158 Flotterton, £153 Quickeningcote

385.4p Flotterton, 382.5p Quickeningcote, 379.1p Flotterton

Blackface – £180 West Deanraw, £169 & £157 Thornton Tower, £150 New Dotland, £147 Great Chesters

375.6p & 373.8p Thornton Tower, 350.0p Great Chesters, 340.9p New Dotland, 340.5p Quarry House

Swaledale – £160 New Dotland, £158 Woodcroft & Baal Hill

355.6p New Dotland, 351.1p Baal Hill

Leicester – £250 Shitlington Hall, £218 Woodcroft, £193 West Deanraw

340.9p Great Chesters, 327.5p West Deanraw

Hampshire – £216 Troughend

342.9p Troughend

Cross – £197 & £177 Hill Head

402.0p & 395.1p Hill Head

Prime Ewes

Texel x – £150 High House, £142 Middle Heads, £138 High House

Mule – £138 High House

Easycare – £106, £93 & £90 Chatton Park

Swaledale – £96 Baal Hill