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Prime Sheep

Scots Gap Mart at their weekly Prime Sheep Sale sold lambs to £132 and Cast Sheep to £170. David Milburn, Manager at Blueburn Farm on the Rothbury Estate presented some fantastic Texel cross lambs at 55 kilos which sold for £132 to Mr Ben Gray for Farmers Fresh Wales Ltd.

John Baty of Catreen, Wark sold a cracking lamb, bred the same way at 280p/kg.

The sale total was in line with other Centres to average 253.5p/kg, 45.2kg and £114.46.

Prime Ewes sold well to a top of £170 for a shapely Texel ewe from David Varty, Rothley Crag.

Entries to Chris Armstrong on 07808 721957 by Tuesday Afternoon.

Prime Lambs

Texel x –£132 Blueburn, £130 Broomhope, £129 Cornhills, The Fawns & Rugley Walls, £128 Tuthill, £127 The Fawns, £126 Cornhills & Blueburn, £124 Broomhope, £123 Black Callerton, Broomhope & Coldwell

280.0p Catreen, 271.1p Longshaws, 268.3p The Fawns, 267.5p & 267.4p Black Callerton, 264.6p The Fawns, 263.4p Catreen & High Baulk, 260.5p Tuthill & Black Callerton  

Suffolk x –£122.50 Black Callerton

255.2p Black Callerton

Prime Ewes

Texel x –£170 & £150 Rothley Crag, £145 Forestburngate