Scots Gap Primestock

Prime Sheep

At their weekly sale, Scots Gap Mart sold Prime Lambs to a top of £131 and 261.7ppk.

The sale peaked at £131 for a pen of super Texel Crosses from David & Allan Johnson, Tuthill, and also at 261.7ppk for a similar well-bred pen from Dave Brodie, The Chesters.

More lambs could have easily been sold.

Leading prices;

Prime Lambs

Texel x – £131 Tuthill, £130 Chesters & Pitland Hills (x2), £128 Chesters (x2), £126 Pitland Hills & Tuthill (x2), £125 Pitland Hills, £124 Holling Hill, £123 Chesters (x2)

261.7p Chesters, 260.5p Black Callerton, 259.5p Chesters, 257.1p Tuthill, 257.0p Black Callerton, 254.9p Pitland Hills, 253.5p Forestburngate, 252.0p Tuthill, 250.0p Forestburngate, 247.2p Tuthill, 247.1p Pitland Hills

Suffolk x – £130 & £124 Tuthill, £123 & £122 Holling Hill

252.5p Black Callerton, 248.0p Tuthill, 244.0p Holling Hill, 242.6p Tuthill

Mule – £126.50 & £125 Pitland Hills, £120 Holling Hill

243.3p Pitland Hills, 240.0p Holling Hill, 231.5p Piland Hills