Scots Gap Primestock

Prime Sheep

Scots Gap Auction Mart sold 398 prime & cast sheep at their weekly sale.

Lambs topped at £135 (twice) and £134 for fantastic Texel crosses from John Clark, Brinkburn New Houses, then at £133 from Jonta Walton, Grangemoor.

Philip Dickinson, Rugley Walls cashed a pen of smart shapey sorts at 259.2ppk, and all classes, as with most centres this week, were back on the week to average £114.233 at 47.4ppk.

Leading prices;

Prime Lambs

Texel x – £135 (x2) & £134 Brinkburn Newhouses, £133 Grangemoor, £131 Little Harle, £128 Black Callerton, £127.50 Grangemoor, £127 Rugley Walls, £125 Rugley Walls & Little Harle, £123 Rugley Walls, East Shaftoe & Little Harle, £122.50 Little Harle, £120 East White Hill, £119.50 Black Callerton, £118 East Shaftoe & Little Harle, £117 East White Hill, Dene House & East Shaftoe

259.2p Rugley Walls, 252.4p East White Hill, 251.3p Runnymede, 251.2p East Newham, 251.1p Little Harle, 250.0p Grangemoor & Forestburngate, 248.9p East White Hill & Black Callerton, 248.8p Saugh House, 247.6p Runnymede, 246.8p Black Callerton, 246.5p East Newham, 246.3p Forestburngate, 246.2p Black Callerton, 246.0p Little Harle

Suffolk x – £120 East White Hill, £119.50 Black Callerton, £113 Holling Hill, £112 Dene House, £111 East Newham

248.8p Saugh House, 240.4p Holling Hill, 239.0p Black Callerton, 238.6p Saugh House

Charolais x – £112.50 & £110 Holling Hill

Mule – £116.50 Little Harle, £110 Holling Hill