Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

Smaller show of clean heifers this week, selling to dear rates with Messrs Graham, Miller Hill selling Limousin cross heifers to 309.5ppk.

Angus cross heifers from Messrs A Hall & Son, Barker House sold to an eye watering 285.5ppk

Limousin Heifers –£1764.15 & £1648.15 Miller Hill

309.5p & 297.5p Miller Hill

British Blue Heifers –£1512.25 Miller Hill

287.5p Miller Hill  

Angus Heifers-£1489.88 Barker House

285.5p Barker House

Cast Cows & OTM

A small entry saw mighty returns in the Hexham Cast Ring with fleshed cows in real demand. Messrs G & EA Herdman, Lunns House took both top spots this week, selling Limousin x Cows to 271.5ppk and another to £2119.04!

Making a star debut on a Tuesday was Messrs R H Thompson, Fitches Grange who sold Charolais x cows to £2067.30 and another to 241.5ppk.

Overall trade was a touch sharper, especially for the fitter types, which left an impressive grossing average of £1501.64

Next weeks sees our Annual Easter Primestock Show, please enter your stock with Drew Patrick on 07854 361967.

Limousin –£2119.04 Lunns House, £1847.58 Shitlington Hall, £1808.19 Lunns House, £1633.08 Shitlington Hall

271.5p & 236.5p Lunns House, 235.5p Shitlington Hall, 219.5p Great Bavington & Shitlington Hall

Charolais x-£2067.30 & £1842.65 Fitches Grange

241.5p & 231.5p Fitches Grange

Angus x-£1636.11 Chesterwood Farm

195.5p Hedley West Riding

British Blue-£1925.58 Shield Farm, £1900.00 & £1839.98 Barker House

British Blue x–£1366.58 Little Bavington

205.5p Little Bavington

Simmental –£1149.00 East Flass Farm

191.5p East Flass Farm

Cast Bull

Beef Shorthorn-£1806.81 Yatesfield

131.5p Yatesfield  

Prime Sheep

Prime Hoggs

A slightly better show of hoggs forward with the trade 8p up on the week. The sale included almost 2/3 heavy hoggs  with an overall average of £113.21 per head (SQQ 246.7p). Top price £130.50 Thornton Tower & Palm Strothers and 273.7ppk from Thornton Tower.

Texel x –£130.50 Thornton Tower & Palm Strothers, £130 Colepike, £129 Baal Hill, £128 Thornton Tower, £127.50 Watch Currock, £126 Palm Strothers, £125.50 Colepike, £124.50 Blackburn, £123 Colepike & Thornton Tower

273.7p Thornton Tower, 265.9p & 263.4p Watch Currock, 261.0p Low Staples, 260.0p Woodcroft, 259.0p Kellah Farm

Suffolk x –£127 Baal Hill, £126.50 Colepike, £125.50 Thornton Tower, £122 & £121 Baal Hill

238.0p Baal Hill, 237.8p West Shields, 234.6p Baal Hill, 233.3p Middle Heads

Beltex x –£110 Watch Currock

268.3p Watch Currock

Bleu de Maine-£119 Low Staples

264.4p Low Staples

Mule –£120 & £117 Thornton Tower, £113 Great Chesters, £111.50 Baal Hill. £109.50 Great Chesters

235.4p & 233.0p Great Chesters, 232.3p & 232.2p Baal Hill

Blackface –£118, £116 & £112 The Stobbs, £111.50 Great Chesters

237.0p The Stobbs, 232.3p Great Chesters, 232.0p The Stobbs

Swaledale-£119 Woodcroft

225.0p Baal Hill