Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

A small show of clean that lacked flesh still sold well and to 305.5ppk for a Limousin x heifer from Messrs T L Forster & Son, Lowes Fell.

Leading grossing heifer came from Mr F T Walton, Flotterton with a Charolais x heifer selling to £1700.26.

Leading prices;

Limousin Heifers – £1649.70 & £1536.44 Lowes Fell

305.5p & 299.5p Lowes Fell

Charolais x Heifers – £1700.26 & £1564.54 Flotterton

258.55p & 281.5p Flotterton

Angus x Heifers – £1622.40 & £1490.13 Heckley High House

253.5p & 227.5p Heckley High House

British Shorthorn – £1225.13 High Warden

247.5p High Warden

Cast Cows & OTM

The final sale of 2023 was yet another large entry of cows, an entry that consisted of plainer, feeding types.

Another healthy trade was observed and again slightly sharper.

Leading the sale was a young shapey Angus x cow from Mr R H Walton, Linacres selling to 253.5ppk. Same cow topped the grossing charts realising £1815.06.

A run of Stabiliser x cows from Mrs V S Allgood, Nunwick sold to £1712.10.

On behalf of the company, I would like to thank all those that have supported the Tuesday Cast & Prime Cattle ring, which has once again seen an increase in throughout this year.

First sale of 2024 will be held on the 2nd of January.

Please send entries to Drew in good time on 07854 361967.

Leading prices;

Limousin – £1531.16 The Steel, £1360.13 West Wharmley, £1313.76 Middle Horsleyhope, £1257.32 High Warden, £1240.30 Hudspeth, £1226.25 Baal Hill, £1217.73 the Laws, £1214.77 Well House

197.5p Hudspeth, 195.5p Middle Horsleyhope, 189.5p The Steel, 187.5p Baal Hill, 183.5p Well House & Baal Hill, 179.5p Hudspeth

Angus – £1567.09 Braidley

183.5p Braidley

Angus x – £1815.06 Linacres, £1489.46, £1481.01, £1448.70 & £1426.75 Heckley High House

253.5p Linacres, 228.5p, 219.5p, 209.5p, 207.5p & 197.5p Heckley High House, 187.5p Flotterton

British Blue – £1545.88 Little Swinburne, £1363.43 Flotterton

207.5p Little Swinburne, 185.5p Flotterton

Stabiliser – £1712.10 & £1441.36 Nunwick

219.5p & 209.5p Nunwick

Stabiliser x – £1573.04 West Wharmley, £1271.25 Nunwick

187.5p Nunwick, 185.5p West Wharmley

Simmental x – £1286.75, £1262.22p, £1234.48 & £1228.15 Heckley High House

167.5p, 165.5p & 163.5p (x2) Heckley High House

Charolais – £1539.65 & £1459.34 Loadman

185.5p & 179.5p Loadman

Hereford – £1329.26 & £1004.50 East Fourstones

163.5p & 143.5p East Fourstones

British Shorthorn – £1119.02 Gilside

195.5p High Warden

Blonde – £972.03 Well House

147.5p Well House

Blonde x – £1210.97 Well House

199.5p Well House

Luing – £774.30 Townshields

133.5p Townshields

Holstein Friesian – £578.85 Peepy

113.5p Peepy


Limousin – £1461.18 Well House

171.5p Well House

Prime Sheep

Hexham & Northern Marts sold 1144 Prime Lambs to an improved trade with a better show of flesh forward.

Topping the sale was two pens of lambs at £160, firstly for a trio of Texel x lambs from Mssrs J Reed & Son, High Eshells, then a pen from J C Rutherford, Old Town.

Topping ppk was 4 Beltex x at 324.4ppk from Messrs J & A Moralee, Hard Riding then at the same ppk was a pen of 7 Beltex x lambs from Messrs E & I Hall & Son, New Houses.

Next week no sale due to Boxing Day!

Next sale Wednesday 27th December at 8am for Cast Ewes followed by Prime Lambs.

Please enter your stock with Jack on 07739 440457, even if it’s a text on Boxing Day.

Mart open from 7am Wednesday for clipping.

We would like to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year from everyone here at Hexham Auction Mart!

Leading prices;

Prime Lambs

Texel x – £160 High Eshells & Old Town, £14 Nilston Rigg, £150 Littlebeck & Chesters, £149 Hard Riding, £148.50 Broomhall, £147.50 Chesters, £146 Willimoteswick, Great Chesters & Chesters, £145 Delight, Nilston Rigg & Temon, £144.50 Holly Hill West, £143 New Houses, £142.50 Holly Hill West, £142 Chesters, £141.50 High Eshells & Springwell, £141 Low Eshells, £140 Low Eshells, Cheeseburn & Chesters

310.5p Woodcroft, 304.8p Middle Heads, 302.3p Nilston Rigg, 298.7p Hard Riding, 297.5p Town Farm, 293.6p Burn House, 293.0p Low Eshells, 290.5p St Oswalds, 288.4p Springwell Cottage, 287.5p New Houses (x2), 287.2p Broomhall (x2) & Springwell Cottage, 285.9p West Grange, 285.4p Bingfield, 284.9p St Oswalds, 284.2p High West House, 284.1p Cheeseburn

Dutch Texel – £151 Willimoteswick

290.9p Willimoteswick

Suffolk x – £149 Old Town, £148 Temon, £145.50 Broomhall, £139.50 Nilston Rigg & Old Town, £138 Quarry House, £137 Sunniside, £133 St Oswalds, £131.50 Aydonshields

268.5p St Oswalds, 268.3p Nilston Rigg, 263.8p Broomhall, 263.2p Old Town, 262.8p Old Town & Middle Heads, 260.8p St Oswalds

Beltex x – £159 Hard Riding, £142 Cheeseburn, £135 Burn House, £134 Cheeseburn, £133 & £131 Hard Riding, £130 Hard Riding & New Houses

324.4p Hard Riding & New Houses, 323.7p Hard Riding, 318.9p East Uppertown, 317.1p New Houses, 311.9p Hard Riding, 310.0p Cheeseburn, 306.8p Burn House, 304.8p & 302.3p Hard Riding

Charolais x – £142.50 (x2), £141.50 & £140 Sunniside

279.4p (x2), 274.5 & 274.0p Sunniside, 273.5p Sunniside & Flotterton, 272.1p Sunniside

Mule – £130 Broomhall, £127 Nilston Rigg, £126 Quarry House, £124.50 Broomhall, £123.50 Burn House, £123 New Houses

261.9p Quarry House, 256.5p Holly Hill (x2), 255.8p Broomhall, 254.4p New Houses, 252.0p Quarry House, 250.0p Broomhall

Cheviot Mule – £139.50 Chesters

279.0p Chesters

Cheviot – £118.50 Flotterton, £114 Flotterton & Dudlees, £113 Flotterton, £112 Quickeningcote

275.6p Flotterton, 273.2p Quickeningcote, 271.4p Dudlees & Flotterton, 269.3p Flotterton

Blackface – £123.50 & £119.50 Quarry House

267.1p & 259.8p Quarry House

Leicester – £149 & £145.50 Quarry House

263.0p & 260.0p Quarry House

Herdwick – £139 Burn House

278.0p Burn House