Hexham Primestock

Hexham Auction Mart


Prime Cattle

A much-improved show of clean cattle sold to better rates with a well fleshed, stylish Limousin cross heifer from Messrs I & A Hamilton, Claywalls cashing to 309.5ppk. The same home sold Charolais cross heifers to £1813.13

Charolais Heifers –£1813.13 & £1627.14 Claywalls

298.5p & 291.5p Claywalls  

Hereford Heifers-£1712.00 & £1709.82 Thornham Hill

267.5p & 241.5p Thornham Hill

Hereford Steers-£1668.37 & £1622.25 Thornham Hill

261.5p & 257.5p Thornham Hill

Cast Cows & OTM

A reduced entry this week but again a firm trade was observed just like the previous weeks.

Cast cows topped at 231.5ppk for a Pure Limousin from Messrs T Common & Son, Low Ardley. The same cow topped the grossing charts today and sold to £1942.29.

Pure Angus cows once again in demand selling to £1651.64 from Alan Lawson, South Farm.

OTM heifers from Messrs W Smith & Son, West Shields sold well and to a top of 245.5ppk for a Angus cross.

Limousin –£1942.29 Low Ardley, £1655.05 High Lovelady Shield, £1510.11 Thornton Tower

231.5p Low Ardley, 211.5p Thornton Tower, 209.5p High Lovelady Shield

Angus –£1651.64 & £1565.63 South Farm

190.5p & 187.5p South Farm

Angus x-£1543.70 Buckshot, £1453.36 West Shields, £1321.88 High Yarridge

187.5p West Shields, 179.5p Buckshot

British Blue-£1317.33 Old Deanham, £1309.85 East Plenmeller

197.5p Old Deanham, 195.5p East Plenmeller

Saler x-£1464.84 Old Deanham

189.5p Old Deanham

Galloway-£1099.99 & £1036.75 Batey Shield

159.5p (x2) Batey Shield

Angus OTM heifer-245.5p West Shields

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

Hexham Auction Mart sold 1335 Prime Lambs to an improved trade with all classes of stock forward to the usual ring of buyers.

 Taking top spot was a Dutch Texel from Messrs JE Henderson & Sons, Burntongues at £143

Not far behind at £142 were Suffolk crosses from Messrs G & E A Herdman, Lunns Houses.

Burntongues also took top spot in the ppk at 317.8ppk.

We ask all Vendors to enter your stock with Jack on 07739 440457 by Monday night.

Dutch Texel x –£143 Burntongues

317.8p Burntongues

Suffolk x –£142 Lunns House, £136 Hard Riding, £134.50 Nunwick, £131.50 Lowes Fell, £130 Lunns House, £128.50 New Houses & Rare Dene, £126 Flotterton, £125.50 Lunns House, £125 Palm Strothers, £124.50 Old Town, £124 St Oswalds

269.0p Nunwick, 266.7p Hard Riding, 262.8p Nunwick, 262.2p Sillywrea, 260.2p East House Farm, 254.1p Old Town, 253.3p Lunns House, 252.0p Flotterton, 251.0p Lunns House, 250.0p Nilston Rigg & Lunns House

Texel x-£140 Town Farm, £138 Hard Riding, £136.50 New Houses, £135.50 Lowes Fell, £133.50 Nunwick, £132 Hard Riding, Lunns House & Lowes Fell, £131 Matfen Home Farm, £130.50 Nilston Rigg & Rare Dene, £130 New Houses & East Greenridge

307.7p, 300.0p (x2), 298.8p Matfen Home Farm, 293.3p Hard Riding, 292.1p East House Farm, 290.2p Matfen Home Farm, 285.0p Hard Riding, 283.8p Palm Strothers

Beltex x-£139 East House Farm

300.0p West Moorhouses, 295.7p East House Farm

Charollais x –£124.50 Sillywrea

257.6p Sillywrea

Cheviot Mule-£128.50 Lowes Fell, £127.50 High Eshells, £127 Flotterton, £123.50 Bingfield Combe

253.1p Flotterton, 250.0p High Eshells, 247.1p Lowes Fell  

Cheviot x-£118 Flotterton

259.0p Sillywrea

Mule –£124 New Houses, £123.50 High Town

247.7p & 246.8p Hole Farm

Blackface –£117 Greenleas

222.1p Greenleas