Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

Charolais x Heifers – £1807.20 &   £1563.10 Flotterton

291.5p & 269.5p Flotterton

Cast Cows & OTM

A much poorer show of cows this week but all classes slightly sharper on the week again.

A day where Nilston Rigg Farms, Langley, took away all the cream taking the highest ppk and grossing spots. Firstly a Limousin x cow to 205.5ppk and then selling a Limousin stock bull to £1771.53

Hefty AA x cows from JL & HR Gledson, Buteland sold to £1756.06.

Ayrshire cows from, CB Parsons, Slealands, Longtown sold to £983.71.

With trade lifting please don’t hesitate to call Drew with enquiries on 07854 361967

Leading prices;

Limousin – £1516.08 High Yarridge, £1450.83 Nilston Rigg, £1354.50 Church Farm, £1353.43 Piatroon, £1328.18 Ouston

205.5p Nilston Rigg, 203.5p Nilston Rigg & High Yarridge, 193.5p Church Farm

Angus x – £1756.06 Buteland, £1372.28 High Fotherley

191.5p Buteland, 188.5p High Fotherley

British Blue – £1366.63 High Yarridge, £1315.61 Buteland

191.5p Buteland, 188.5p High Yarridge

British Blue x – £1552.35 Piatroon

196.5p Piatroon

Simmental x – £1710.54 High Fotherley

193.5p High Fotherley

Charolais – £1632.15 Harewalls

201.5p Harewalls

Blonde x – £1409.44 & £1397.07 Slealands

193.5p & 191.5p Slealands

Hereford x – £1324.95 Slealands

181.5p Slealands

Ayrshire – £983.71 Slealands

149.5p Slealands

Galloway – £647.40 High Thorneyburn

124.5p High Thorneyburn

Holstein Fresian x – £722.70 Peepy

1.095 Peepy

Stock bulls

Limousin – £1771.53 Nilston Rigg, £1432.28 Broomhall

1858.5p Nilston Rigg, 169.5p Broomhall

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

Hexham & Northern Marts sold an increased number of 1595 Prime Lambs to a steady trade with a lot of lambs very wet and lacking flesh.

Topping the sale on two occasions at £135 was a pair from Messrs J E Henderson & Son, Burntongues and lambs from Mr C Heslop, Lords Lot.

Not far behind at £134 was a pair from weekly vendor Messrs J Reed & Son, High Eshells

Top ppk went to a trio of Beltex x at 320ppk from Messrs J & A Moralee Hard Riding.

Entries to Jack 07739 440457

Leading prices;

Texel x – £135 Lords Lot, £134 High Eshells, £130 Stotsfold, North Cocklake & Baal Hill, £129 Springwell Cottage, Hard Riding & East Greenridge, £128 High Eshells, £127 Stoop Rigg, £126 Fairspring & Thockrington, £125 High Eshells, Crescent & West Sheields, £124 Stotsfold, Lords Lot, East Newham, Partridge Nest, Bingfield, £123.50 Rare Dean, £123 Dukesfield, Low Eshells, Hard Riding, Demesne, East Greenridge (x2), Middle Heads & High Baulk, £122 Old Town

286.1p Hard Riding, 285.0p Lords Lot, 281.7p & 281.0p Hard Riding, 279.1p East Newham, 278.8p Crescent, 278.3p High Eshells, 277.9p St Oswalds, 274.5p Springwell Cottage & Hard Riding, 271.3p Moss Barns, 268.0p High Eshells, 267.1p Springwell Cottage, 264.4p Lords Lot, 264.3p Woodcroft, 263.4p St Oswalds, 259.1p Fairspring, Partridge Nest & Flotterton, 259.0p Crescent, 258.3p East Newham, 258.1p North Cocklake & Low Eshells, 258.0p East Greenridge, 257.6p Hard Riding, 257.5p West Moorhouses, 257.0p North Cocklake, 256.7p Dukesfield Hall, 254.8p St Oswalds & East Matfen

Dutch Texel – £135, £125.50, £125 & £120.50 Burntongues

287.2p & 285.2p Burntongues, 280.5p Willimoteswick, 273.9p Burntongues, 272.5p Willimoteswick

Suffolk x – £130 Lords Lot & Thockrington, £129 Baal Hill, £126 Thockrington, £124 St Oswalds, Thockrington & Baal Hill, £123.50 Rare Dean, £121.50 St Oswalds, £120 Thockrington (x2), £119 Old Town, £118 Flotterton

258.8p St Oswalds, 250.0p St Oswalds & Thockrington (x2), 248.0p St Oswalds, 247.9p Old Town, 247.8p Flotterton, 244.7p East Newham, 244.4p Old Town, 244.2p St Oswalds

Beltex x – £128 Hard Riding, £122 Woodcroft

320.0p Hard Riding, 305.0p Woodcroft

Charolais x – £125 Low Barns

Cheviot Mule – £120 West Moorhouses & Bingfield

250.0p West Moorhouses

Mule – £113.50 North Cocklake

232.1p Salmonswell, 231.8p North Cocklake

Blackface – £101.50 Stoop Rigg (x2)

230.7p Stoop Rigg (x2)

Kerry Hill – £118 Blackburn

Prime Ewes

26 prime ewes sold to a top of £148 from J C Rutherford, Old Town.

Texel x – £148 Old Town, £124 The Board Inn, £120 Old Town

Charolais x – £118 Tedcastle

Mule – £101 Old Town