Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

A poorer show of clean sold to good rates for the goods available. Mr F T Walton, Flotterton sold Charolais cross heifers to 277.5ppk and Angus cross heifers to 265.5ppk.

Charolais Heifers –£1581.00 & £1576.20 Flotterton

277.5p & 263.5p Flotterton

Angus Heifers –£1545.21 Flotterton

265.5p (x2) Flotterton

Cast Cows & OTM

Hexham Cast Cattle Ring reaches new heights with rates beyond vendors wildest dreams achieved. Nine cows broke the 230 ppk, whilst the sale averaged 209.5ppk or a mighty £1443.69.

Scaling the Hexham tree for a second week was Messrs R English & Son, Brownsleazes, selling Limousin cross cows to 257.5ppk and 251.5ppk.

Highest grossing beast came from Mr D Dixon, Middle Heads, Consett who sold a heavy Limousin cross cow to £2258.03.

Leaner cows once again in real demand and were sharper by 5-10ppk, with many exceeding 190ppk.

More cows needed next week.

Please contact Drew with any enquiries on 07854 361967

Limousin –£2258.03 Middle Heads, £2150.13 Brownsleazes, £2108.28 Black Callerton, £1871.25 Middle Heads, £1861.10 Brokenheugh, £1810.80 Brownsleazes, £1769.67 Middle Heads

257.5p Brownsleazes, 251.5p Brownsleazes & Brokenheugh, 249.5p Middle Heads & Black Callerton, 241.5p & 238.5p Middle Heads

Angus –£1570.96 Milescott

193.5p Milescott

Angus x-£1783.50 & £1732.96 Flotterton

234.5p & 217.5p Flotterton

British Blue –£1532.11 & £1504.85 Salmonswell, £1200.09 Intake Farm

235.5p & 219.5p Salmonswell, 210.5p Glendue

Saler x –£1559.61 Monk Farm

Hereford x-£1346.28 Linacres

Limousin cross cow at 257.5p from Messrs English, Brownsleazes.

Prime Sheep

Prime Hoggs

Hexham and Northern Marts sold a smaller entry of just 630 Prime Hoggs to an easier trade although the best shaped and meated Hoggs still good to sell.

Topping the sale was a pair of Suffolk Hoggs at £139 from Mr B Watson, Baal Hill.

Top ppk went to Messrs BA & AM Storrow & Sons, Willimoteswick for a Dutch Texel Hogg at 309.1ppk.

Entries to Jack on 07739 440457 or to Harrison on 07895 761102.

Suffolk cross Hoggs to £139 from Mr B Watson, Baal Hill

Texel x –£131 High Eshells, £129 Baal Hill, £128 East Newham, £126 Burn House & Colepike (x2), £123 High Eshells, £122.50 Low Eshells, £122 Woodcroft, £120 Blackburn & High Baulk

280.0p & 270.5p Burn House, 257.8p High Baulk, 257.5p & 254.8p East Newham, 252.2p Burn House, 252.0p Colepike, 247.7p High West House, 246.8p Holly Hill West, 246.3p Palm Strothers, 246.0p High Eshells

Suffolk x –£139 & £130 Baal Hill, £118 Great Bavington, £115 Brixter Hill & West Shields, £113 Great Bavington, £112 East Newham

231.7p Baal Hill, 230.0p Riding Farm, 224.0p & 223.7p East Newham, 221.6p Great Bavington, 221.1p Steel Hall

Dutch Texel x-£136 & £131 Willimoteswick

309.1p Willimoteswick, 263.2p Burntongues

Beltex x –£113.50 Woodcroft, £109 & £108 Woodcroft

270.2p & 259.5p Woodcroft