Hexham Primestock


A small entry of clean sold to 275.5p/kg for a Charolais x from Mr F T Walton, Flotterton

Prime Cattle

Charolais x Heifers – £1677.80, £1577.90 & £1559.92 Flotterton

275.5p, 263.5p & 254.5p Flotterton

Cast Cows & OTM

A firmer trade seen for cows this week, seeing cows sell to 233.5p/kg for a young Pure Angus cow from M/s R J & L A Acton, Braidley Farm

Messrs J T Nixon & Sons ltd, Stotsfold sold limousin x cows to 231.5p/kg

Highest grossing came out of a marvellous run from Messrs J E Woodman & Son, Great Chesters, with a Limousin x peaking at £1625.93

Friesian cows sold to 149.5p/kg from Mr T M Reed, Rennys Barn

Limousin – £1625.93 & £1535.50 Great Chesters, £1488.75 West End Town, £1446.88 Stotsfold, £1417.95 & £1406.14 Great Chesters

231.5p Stotsfold, 210.5p, 207.5p, 205.5p & 199.5p Great Chesters, 198.5 West End Town

Angus – £1574.18, £1496.74 & £1453.32 Braidley Farm

233.5p, 208.5p & 183.5p Braidley Farm

Angus – £1308 & £1180.30 West Shields

163.5p & 159.5p West Shields

British Blue – £1106.18 Great Chesters

171.5p Great Chesters

Simmental x – £1184.23 Burnbank

167.5p Burnbank

British Shorthorn – £1009.13 Aydon North Farm

149.5p Aydon North Farm

Friesian – £964.28 Rennys Barn

149.5 Rennys Barn

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

Hexham & Northern Marts sold 1173 Prime Lambs to another nice trade with 6 buyers ringside weekly at Hexham

Topping the sale at £150 was a Texel x from Mr G Williamson, Longshaws

Topping ppk was a Texel x from Messrs J E Walby & Sons, East House at 298ppk

Not Far Behind at 297.6ppk was a Dutch Texel x lamb from Messrs B A & A M Storrow & Sons, Willimoteswick

Still to many lambs without flesh, it is vital you handle your lambs before sending them and not just relying on weight

Entries to Jack on 07739 440457

Leading prices;

Texel x – £150 Longshaws, £146 East House, £143 Great Chesters, £140 West Grange, £139 South Farm & East Greenridge, £138 Nilston Rigg & East House, £135 Great Chesters & Woodcroft, £134.50 Town Farm, £134 Great Chesters & Low Eshells, £133 South East Farm, £132 Nilston Rigg, £131.50 Highwood, South East Farm & East House

298.0p East House, 288.2p, 285.7p & 284.8p Cheeseburn Estate, 284.5p East House, 283.3p Blue Gables, 282.9p Linacres & Tresco, 281.6p East House, 280.5p Tresco, 280.0p Nilston Rigg, 279.8p East House Farm

Suffolk x – £137 Brownsleazes, £128 High Keenley Fell, £126.50 Brownsleazes, £124 Brownsleazes & East House Farm, £121 Tedcastle

272.3p High Keenley Fell, 263.8p East House & Brownsleazes, 263.5p Brownsleazes, 263.0p Tedcastle, 260.0p Intake Farm

Beltex x – £119 East House

283.3p East House

Dutch Texel – £125 & £124 Willimoteswick

297.6p & 273.8p (x2) Willimoteswick

Cheviot Mule – £122.50 Flotterton

266.3p Flotterton

Mule – £136 Tresco, £128.50 Brownsleazes

262.2p Brownsleazes, 253.2p & 252.2p Tresco

Blackface – £106 Hotbank

240.9p Hotbank

Shropshire – £136 Delight Farm

254.2p Delight Farm

Kerry Hill – £126.50 Delight Farm

263.5p Delight Farm