Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

A better show of Clean Cattle forward this week and a shaper trade to match.

Limousin cross heifers from Cheesebrough & Son Ltd, Buildings Farm, selling to a top of 293.5ppk.

Limousin Heifers –£1690.56 Buildings Farm

293.5p Buildings Farm

Charolais Heifers –£1782.50 & £1704.95 Flotterton

287.5p & 279.5p Flotterton  

Angus Heifers –£1329.51 Buildings Farm

243.5p Buildings Farm  

Cast Cows & OTM

Cast Cow trade bucks the national trend today and would be sharper on the week. Once again, the better Continental Cows sold extremely well selling to a top of 277.5p/kg for a Limousin cross from Messrs J Lee & Sons, Agars Hill. The same cow went on to take the top grossing price on the day at £2053.50.

Non Assured Cows are becoming ever present and still selling very well here at Hexham, selling to 245.5p/kg for a Limousin cross from Mr A W Wigham, Todhillwood.

The leaner, plainer sorts were sought after this week, selling between 178-190p/kg regularly.

Limousin –£2053.50 Agars Hill, £1656.81 Lunns House, £1650.63 Dyke Head, £1629.01 Lunns House, £1517.19 Todhillwood

277.5p & 257.5p Agars Hill, 245.5p Todhillwood, 237.5p Dyke Head, 229.5p Wallend  

Angus x-£1480.88 Nookton

179.5p Nookton

British Blue –£1533.00 Agars Hill, £1297.66 Springwell Cottage, £1280.83 Buildings Farm

255.5p Agars Hill, 227.5p Buildings Farm, 201.5p Springwell Cottage

Simmental x–£1373.85 Garden House

193.5p Garden House

Luing- £1201.68 Garden House

177.5p Garden House

Ayshire-£999.85 & £810.95 Marley Cote Walls

185.5p Marley Cote Walls

Cast Bull

Cast Bulls peaked at £2152.21 for a hefty Charolais from Mr F T Walton. Flotterton.

Charolais-£2152.21 Flotterton

179.5p Flotterton

Limousin-£1349.37 Cooper House

159.5p Cooper House

Angus-£1673.14 Dyke Head

161.5p Dyke Head

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

Hexham and Northern Marts sold 655 Prime Lambs at their weekly sale; trade has bounced back slightly after seeing an improvement from last weeks rates with extra buyers ringside.  

A tremendous Suffolk cross lamb was todays leading price at £160 from Messrs WN & JC Gilhespy, Tedcastle, not far behind was Messrs T Common & Son who brought forward a big Texel cross lamb to £159.

Top p/kg at 311.1ppk were Texel lambs from Messrs M Johnson & Son, Halfway House.

Next weeks sees our annual Summer Show of Prime Lambs (Pens of 3). Judged by Mr Morgan Helliwell, Rochdale. Show to commence at 8.30am followed by the sale at 9.30am.

Please have your stock entered to Jack Walton on 07739 440457 by next Monday Afternoon so we can notify buyers on the numbers expected.

Texel x –£159 Low Ardley, £157 & £156 Longshaws, £155 Cheeseburn Grange, £151 Nilston Rigg, £148.50 Cheeseburn Grange & Longshaws, £148 Matfen Estate & Cheeseburn Grange, £147 Stotsfold & Town Farm, £146 Nilston Rigg, £145 Low Ardley, £144 Nilston Rigg, £143 Haggate Farm, £142 Stotsfold & Little Brampton, £141 Crescent Farm, £140.50 Codlaw Hill, £140 The Steel & Halfway House

311.1p Halfway House, 310.0p, 309.4p & 309.2p Cheeseburn Grange, 307.8p Blue Gables, 302.1p Low Ardley, 301.1p Cheeseburn Grange, 298.9p Nilston Rigg, 297.9p Haggate Farm, 297.8p Longshaws & Town Farm, 297.6p East House Farm, 296.8p Stotsfold, 296.7p High Eshells, 296.3p East Newham & Haggate Farm, 296.2p & 296.0p Cheeseburn Grange

Suffolk x –£160 Tedcastle, £151 Sillywrea, £145 Town Farm, £140 Aydonshields, £139.50 Town Farm, £139 Codlaw Hill

296.8p Town Farm, 291.7 Niston Rigg, 290.4p Sillywrea, 290.0p Town Farm, 289.1p Cheeseburn Grange

Beltex x –£122.50 Halfway House

291.7p Halfway House

Dutch Texel x-£140 & £137.50 Tedcastle

291.7p & 286.5p Tedcastle

Kerry Hill-£134 Delight Farm

285.1p Delight Farm

Mule –£123 Salmonswell

 258.5p Hotbank

Blackface –£104.50 Hotbank

254.9p Hotbank