Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

An average show of Prime Cattle sold to improved rates peaking at 277.5p/kg for a Charolais cross heifer off grass from Mr F T Walton, Flotterton.

Charolais Heifers –£1662.25 & £1651.13 Flotterton

277.5p & 272.5p Flotterton

Limousin Steers-£1460.73 Make-Me-Rich

245.5p Make-Me-Rich

Cast Cows & OTM

More numbers and an improved show made the trade a lot sharper for the better cattle with finish.

It was a French Limousin breed causing a riot in the ring as the highest p/kg and highest grossing price was taken by this breed.

Leading the sale was a flashy, Black Limousin cross cow from Messrs E Thoburn & Son, Pitland Hills that went on to realise 269.5ppk.

A super run of Pure Charolais cows from Messrs J G Milburn & Sons, Loadman sold to an eyewatering 238.5p/kg.

Top grossing cow came from Messrs JB & N Harrison & Son, Colepike Home Farm, who sold a Limousin cross to £2001.75.

Heavy Angus cross cows once again easily sold selling to £1955.10 from J D Longlands Ltd, Tone Hall.

Limousin –£2001.75 Colepike Home Farm, £1695.92 Longshaws, £1687.07 Pitland Hills, £1565.13 Glower-Oer-Him, £1548.75 Moorhouse Gate

269.5p Pitland Hills, 253.5p Longshaws, 237.5p Glower-Oer-Him, 235.5p Colepike Home Farm, 219.5p Longshaws  

Angus x-£1955.10 Tone Hall, £1555.46 Moorhouse Gate

199.5p Tone Hall, 183.5p East Knitsley

British Blue –£1477.41 Redburn Farm

221.5p Redburn Farm  

Charolais-£1865.07, £1860.36, £1702.68 Loadman Farm

238.5p & 229.5p Loadman Farm

Charolais x-£1214.46 Springwell Farm

177.5p Springwell Farm

Luing-£1178.27 Blackcarts

203.5p Blackcarts

Hereford-£1120.55 Chattlehope

182.5p Chattlehope

Holstein Friesian-£872.62 Whitehouse Farm

147.5p Peepy Farm

Holstein Friesian x-£888.62 Peepy Farm

145.5p Peepy Farm

Stock Bull

Three very useful Cast Bulls made the trip down the A1 from Alnwick to take advantage of the Cast Cattle Ring, consigned by H Tulip & Son, Bilton Farm selling to 205.5p/kg and grossed £2297.49.

Limousin-£2297.49, £1885.53 & £1882.38 Bilton Farm

205.5p & 203.5p Bilton Farm

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

Hexham & Northern Marts held their weekly sale of Prime Lambs, with slightly fewer forward due to farmers battling against the weather, trade was maintained and sold to a top of £171 for two tremendous Suffolk cross lambs (20 averaging £146.45). The same lambs also claimed top spot in the ppk as they topped at 322.6ppk.

A pen of terrific Texel crosses from Low Ardley sold to £156, with an overall average of £141.

Please enter your stock by Tuesday afternoon so we can notify buyers on the numbers expected.

Enter your stock with Jack Walton on 07739 440457, Harrison Collingwood on 07895 761102, Brian Rogerson on 07801 862792 or the Office by 5pm on 01434 605444.

Texel x –£156 Low Arldey, £155 & £152 Nilston Rigg, £151.50 Grange House Farm, £150 Nilston Rigg, £149.50 Town Farm, £148 Town Farm & Nilston Rigg, £146.50 Aydonshields, £146 Low Ardley & Low Staples, £145 Delight Farm, £144 Woodcroft, £143.50 Woodcroft & Angerton Steads, £141 Nilston Rigg & Crescent Farm, £140 Delight Farm

316.3p East House Farm, 311.0p East Newham, 308.9p Low Ardley, 308.5p Delight Farm, 308.3p Nilston Rigg, 306.7p Aydonshields, 306.5p & 306.1p Nilston Rigg,

Suffolk x –£171 & £153 Salmonfield, £150 Town Farm, £144.50 Salmonfield, £144 East Newham

322.6p, 307.8p & 307.5p Salmonfield, 306.4p East Newham, 300.0p Flotterton

Beltex x –£140 Newbiggin Hill

319.5p Newbiggen Hill

Hampshire-£143.50 & £136 Delight Farm

305.3p Delight Farm