Hexham Primestock

Hexham Auction Mart


Prime Cattle

A small entry of clean heifers sold to 317.5ppk for a well-fed Limousin cross heifer from Messrs H Clark & Sons, Paxton Dene.

Limousin Heifers – £1968.50 Paxton Dene

317.5p Paxton Dene

British Blue Heifers –£1635.53 Paxton Dene

273.5p Paxton Dene

Cast Cows & OTM

Another great entry of cows for the time of year met a nice trade once again, with the better show of cattle meeting a firmer trade. The leaner feeding sorts would be a touch easier however fleshed cows cashed easier.

Leading today’s trade was a Limousin cross cow from Mr P C Charleton, Little Harle, which changed hands at 255.5ppk.

Non-assured cows seeing no penalties through the Hexham ring, Messrs P & E B Robson, Middle Horsleyhope sold Limousin cross cows to 237.5ppk.

Fit Angus cross cows from Alan R Lawson, South Farm sold to 226.5ppk and the same cow took the highest grossing value, realizing £1993.20.

Limousin – £1831.50 Brownsleazes, £1781.61 Edlingham Newtown, £1735.65 Errington Red House, £1681.19 Little Harle, £1596.45 Little Swinburne, £1579.05 Edlingham Newtown, £1554.18 Willimoteswick

255.58p Little Harle, 247.5p Brownsleazes, 237.5p Middle Horsleyhope, 233.5p Edlingham Newtown, 227.5p Tenter House, 218.5p Morley Hill, 217.5p Errington Red House, Edlingham Newtown & Little Swinburne

Angus –£1993.20 South Farm

226.5p South Farm

Angus x-£1592.60 Tedcastle

211.5p Tedcastle

British Blue –£1642.55 Middle Horlseyhope, £1548.21 Little Swinburne

227.5o Middle Horsleyhope, 209.5p Little Swinburne

Luing-£1425.30 Blackcarts

207.5p Blackcarts

Simmental x–£1608.93 Blackcarts, £1558.55 Morley Hill

231.5p Blackcarts, 213.5p Morley Hill

Shorthorn-£1315.361 Newlands Haugh

191.5p Newlands Haugh  

Galloway-£1016.22 Hotbank

180.5p Hotbank

Welsh Black-£1136.00 Hill Head Farm

177.5p Hill Head Farm

Welsh Black x-£1177.52 Hill Head Farm

179.5p Hill Head Farm

Dairy Shorthorn-£1162.65 Marley Cote Walls

168.5p Marley Cote Walls

British Friesian-£1179.68 Hedley West

157.5p Hedley West  

Ayshire-£960.19 Marley Cote Walls

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

Hexham Auction Mart sold 489 Prime Lambs to a better trade on the week for a smart show of lambs forward which included Blackface & Mule Lambs.

Topping the entry was a Texel Lamb at £174 from J R Lawson, Crescent Farm. Not far behind at £173 was another Texel cross Lamb from Nilston Rigg Farm.

Taking top spot in the ppk was another Texel again from J R Lawson, Crescent Farm at 386.7ppk.

Please keep entering your Lambs here at Hexham, to Jack Walton on 07739 440457, Brian Rogerson on 07801 862792 or Harrison Collingwood on 07895 761102.

Texel x –£174 Crescent Farm, £173 Nilston Rigg, £167 West Grange, £161 Grange House Farm, £160 Highwood, £159 East House Farm & Highwood, £156 Highwood & Nilston Rigg, £155 Shitlington Hall & Broomhall, £154 Rusheylaw, Highwood, Broomhall & Lunns House, £152 West Grange

386.7p Crescent Farm, 360.4p Nilston Rigg, 352.4p Lodge Farm, 347.9p West Grange, 345.7p East House Farm, 342.6p Grange House Farm, 331.8p & 329.6p Blue Gables, 329.5p & 328.8p Greyside, 328.6p High House Farm, 325.0p Greyside

Suffolk x –£159 Aydonshields, £156 Nilston Rigg, £149 & £146 Greyside, £143 Grange House Farm

324.5p Aydonshields, 301.4p Greyside, 308.9p Nilston Rigg, 307.8p Aydonshields

Charollais x –£151 Burnhope Flatts

308.2p Burnhope Flatts

Mule-£109 Greyside

272.5p Greyside

Blackface-£95 Greyside

Prime Hoggs

Another entry of Prime Hoggs sold well with a great run from Messrs R H Thompson & Son, Fitches Grange topping at £166 for a Suffolk cross Hogg.

Texel x –£155 High Barns Farm

276.5p Fitches Grange

Suffolk x-£166, £161.50, £158.50 & £158 Fitches Grange

271.8p, 268.9p & 268.4p Fitches Grange

Charollais x-£161 Fitches Grange

287.0p, 274.5p, 272.3p, 270.9p Fitches Grange

Swaledale-£132 Morley Hill