Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

A poorer show of Clean Cattle, however cattle still sold to good rates with a Limousin cross heifer from Messrs J E Woodman & Son, Great Chesters selling to 299.5ppk.

Limousin cross steers from Messrs W & J A Longlands, Rusheylaw sold to 289.5ppk.

Limousin Heifers – £1722.85 Great Chesters

299.5p Great Chesters

Charolais Heifers –£1610.28 Great Chesters

295.5p Great Chesters

Limousin Steers- £1664.63 Rusheylaw

289.5p Rusheylaw

Cast Cows & OTM

Hexham Auction Mart held their weekly Primestock Sale of Cast Cows and Bulls with more cattle forward on the week but the quality was lacking with a predominantly lean show on offer. Trade would be slightly easier than the previous weeks extreme rates.

Better end of feeding cows still selling more than 220ppk. Topping the sale was a Limousin cross cows from Messrs A & C L Bell. Woodhall Farm realising 247.5ppk.

Angus cross cows sold to a top of 221.5ppk from Mr J Pritchard, Evistones Farm.

Top grossing beast was a Limousin Stock Bull from W Robson & Son, Low Horton Farm which sold to £1893.75.

Limousin –£1659.29 Rusheylaw, £1596.39 Harnham Hall, £1594.70 & £1551.83 Woodhall

247.5p Woodhall, 229.5p Longlands, 227.5p Settlingstones, 215.5p Woodhall

Angus x-£1711.04 & £1709.98 Evistones, £1510.60 Blakelaw, £1509.38 Middle White Hill

221.5p & 211.5p Evistones, 207.5p Blakelaw

British Blue – £1527.09 Blakelaw, £1511.25 Lee Hall, £1447.78 Woodhall

233.5p Blakelaw, 207.5p Great Bavington, 197.5p Woodhall

Simmental x– £1182.41& £1177.11 Middle White Hill

191.5p Middle White Hill

Beef Shorthorn-£1501.38 Sillywrea

233.5p Sillywrea

Highland-£1142.69 West Edmondsley

189.5p West Edmondsley

Shorthorn-£1049.93 Woodhall

185.5p Woodhall

Hereford-£1010.98 Monk Farm

Galloway-£1005.00 High Thorneyburn

187.5p High Thorneyburn

Cast Bull

Limousin-£1893.75 Low Horton

187.5p Low Horton

Saler-£1781.25 East Fourstones

187.5p East Fourstones

OTM Steers

Handful of over aged steers this week which sold extremely well to 249.5ppk and 247.5ppk for a Limousin from H & TV Walton, Settlingstones.

Limousin-£1896.20 Settlingstones

249.5p & 247.5p Settlingstones

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

An entry of 160 Prime Lambs went under the hammer in this weeks Primestock Sale and with lambs topping at £164 for a big Suffolk cross Lamb from Messrs DA & P Burn & Son, Aydonshields.

Taking top spot in the ppk sector this week was another Suffolk cross lamb, this time from Messrs J & E Walby, East House Farm at 338.3ppk.

Texel x –£155 Crescent Farm, £154 Aydonshields, £153 Nilston Rigg, £152 Hackford, £145 Nilston Rigg, £142 Aydonshields, £140 Tedcastle & Crescent Farm

337.2 & 322.9p Crescent Farm, 322.2p Nilston Rigg, 319.8p Crescent Farm, 319.1p Tedcastle & Crescent Farm, 316.3p Blue Gables, 315.9p Tedcastle, 314.8p Nilston Rigg, 314.3p Aydonshields, 312.2p Nilston Rigg, 311.1p Tedcastle

Suffolk x –£164 Aydonshields, £159 East House Farm, £148.50 Aydonshields, £146 Nilston Rigg, £144.50 Hackford

338.3p East House Farm, 315.1 Hackford, 310.6p Nilston Rigg, 309.4p Aydonshields, 308.0p East House Farm, 307.5p Hackford, 307.3p Saugh House, 306.3p East Newham

Charollais x-£141 & £137.50 Saugh House

319.8p Saugh House

Hampshire-£137 Steel Hall

304.4p Steel Hall

Mule –£120.50 Nilston Rigg

Prime Hoggs

A smaller entry of Prime Hoggs sold to a top of £186 for a massive Suffolk from Messrs R H Thompson & Son, Fitches Grange, who also went on to top the ppk with a Charollais cross hogg at 301.9p.

Suffolk x-£185, £160 & £157 (x2) Fitches Grange

280.4p, 275.5p & 261.7p Fitches Grange

Beltex x-£170 Lodge House

288.1p Lodge House

Charollais x-£160 Fitches Grange

301.9p Fitches Grange

Texel x-£169 North Farm (x2), £153.50 Lodge House, £150 Fitches Grange

296.0p Lodge House, 294.1p & 286.5p Fitches Grange, 284.3p Lodge House

Cheviot-£165 Fitches Grange

Mule-£164 & £158 North Farm

274.5p North Farm

Prime Ewes

Texel x –£134 Intake

Suffolk- £145 Sillywrea

Bleu De Maine- £124 Sillywrea

Cheviot-£110 Sillywrea