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Prime Cattle

Prime Cattle trade just a touch sharper with quality heifers once again selling to a premium. British Blue cross heifers from Messrs H Clark & Sons, Paxton Dene selling to 325.5ppk and the same heifer leading the grossing table at £1969.28.

More clean cattle needed on a weekly basis and could be sold to the vendor’s advantage.

Limousin Heifers –£1949.79 & £1884.38 Paxton Dene

315.5p Paxton Dene

British Blue Heifers –£1969.28 Paxton Dene

325.5p Paxton Dene

Cast Cows & OTM

A much plainer entry of Cast Cattle this week which was predominantly made up of leaner, feeding sorts. However, trade maintained the previous weeks high rates.

Topping the sale was a British Blue cow, selling to 287.5ppk from G A & D E Thompson, Howburn, Alston. Same cow topped the grossing charts achieving £2047.00.

Angus cows still very easily sold and peaked at 228.5ppk from Mr R M Johnson, High Fotherley.

More cattle are needed on a weekly basis to fulfil buyer’s demand.

Contact Drew on 07854 361967

Limousin –£1782.00 Allenshields, £1660.75 Low Staples, £1434.97 Tone Hall

255.5p Low Staples, 247.5p Allenshields, 227.5p Walltown Farm  

Angus-£1641.82 Beacon Rigg

213.5p Beacon Rigg

Angus x-£1886.34 Colepike, £1883.70 & £1783.80 Allendale Farm, £1769.17 Kirkley Hall, £1749.42 Heckley High House, £1665.68 Middle Heads, £1664.10 Kirkley Hall

228.5p High Fotherley, 227.5p Allendale Farm, 223.5p Colepike, 221.5p West Shields, Middle Heads & Allendale Farm

British Blue – £2047.00 Howburn

287.5p Howburn

Hereford-£1802.10 The Old Potato House, £1750.10 Chattlehope House

219.5p The Old Potato House, 203.5p Chattlehope House, 201.5p The Old Potato House

Hereford x-£1774.52 Chatton Park

203.5p Chatton Park

Beef Shorthorn-£1646.25 West Shields

219.5p West Shields

Pinzgauer-£1650.73 The Old Potato House

215.5p The Old Potato House

Charolais x-£1420.44 Grange Farm

199.5p Grange Farm

Saler x-£1370.52 West Shields

211.5p West Shields

Simmental x–£1648.22 Chatton Park, £1448.21 Heckley High House

224.5p & 213.5p Chatton Park, 196.5p Heckley High House

Stock Bull

An increased entry of Bulls this week which also sold well and suprassed vendors expectations. Leading the trade was a Limousin from G A & D E Thompson, Howburn that sold to 205.5pp and £2211.18.

An Angus from Messrs G T & M E Tweddle, Springwell grossed at £2022.41.

Limousin-£2211.18 Howburn, £1915.65 Comb Hills

205.5p Howburn, 193.5p Comb Hills

Angus-£2022.41 Springwell Farm

165.5p Springwell Farm

Cast Bull

Belted Galloway-£1128.38 Closehead

147.5p Closehead

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

A larger show of 109 Prime Lambs sold to another good trade topping at £190 for a Suffolk cross lamb from Messrs G H Walton & Sons, Greyside who sold Suffolks at £186 or 387.8ppk and 387.5ppk.

Please enter your stock with Jack on 07739 440457

Suffolk x –£190 & £186 Greyside, £169 Aydonshields, £161 Lunns House, £150 Aydonshields

387.8p & 387.5p Greyside,

Texel x –£166 Hard Riding, £165 Tedcastle, £164 & £162 (x2) Aydonshields, £160 Blue Gables & Tedcastle, £159 Crescent Farm, £158 Tedcastle, £157 Halfway House, £156 Grange House Farm, £155 Angerton Steads

379.0p Greyside, 375.0p Tedcastle, 365.9p Angerton Steads, 359.5p Halfway House, 355.6p Blue Gables, 354.6p Grange House Farm, 353.9p Salmonswell, 352.5p Angerton Steads

Prime Hoggs

Prime Hoggs keep appearing and topping at £176 from two different vendors. Firstly, from Messrs R H Thompson & Son, Fitches Grange and then from Messrs H Clark & Sons, Paxton Dene who also sold hoggs to £175. Hoggs was also sold to 311ppk from the same home.

Texel x –£176 & £175 Paxton Dene, £162, £158 & £157.50 Little Brampton, £157, £156.50 & £156 Fitches Grange, £155 West Shields

311.1p Paxton Dene, 301.0p, 300.0p & 290.2p Fitches Grange, 287.0p West Shields, 286.4p Little Brampton, 283.7p West Shields  

Suffolk x-£176 Fitches Grange

289.3p Fitches Grange

Charollais x-£170, £163 (x2), £161 & £160.50 (x2) Fitches Grange

309.6p, 308.7p, 308.2p & 307.6p Fitches Grange