Hexham Primestock

Hexham Auction Mart


Prime Cattle

A much improved show of Prime Heifers this week that returned great rates.

Messrs G H & A Walton, Farnbury, Alston sold a tremendous Black Limousin cross heifer to 321.5ppk.

Top grossing heifer was a well finished Limousin cross heifer from Messrs H Clark & Son, Paxton Dene that realized £1942.85

Limousin Heifers –£1942.85 Paxton Dene

321.5p Farnbury

British Blue Heifers –£1848.28 Paxton Dene

305.5p Paxton Dene

Cast Cows & OTM

A much leaner and plainer assortment of geld Cows & Cast Bulls this week. Trade would be slightly easier compared to last weeks astronomical rates.

Once again, the better Continental Cows commanded a premium. New Vendors on a Tuesday here at Hexham, Messrs J & F Hartley & Son, Low Shipley, Hamsterley. Taking full advantage of our competitive ring and sold Pure Limousin cows to £2232.14.

Three cows shared the top ppk spot, cashing at 261.5ppk, Messrs J Charlton, Harnham Hall with a Limousin cross, Messrs G W & C Athey & Son, High Lovelady Shield and Messrs G H & A Walton, Farnbury, with British Blue cross cows.

A note to vendors, it is to your advantage if cattle could be booked in days prior to the sale so potential purchasers can be informed.

Limousin-£2232.14 Low Shipley, £1810.80 Middle Heads, £1757.53 Dunns Houses, £1755.65 Quarry House, £1605.18 Walltown Farm

261.5p Harnham Hall, 251.5p Middle Heads, 249.5p & 245.5p Lunns Houses

Charolais x-£1695.38 Quarry House

247.5p Quarry House

British Blue-£1950.30 Quarry House, £1882.80 High Lovelady Shield, £1856.25 High Town Farm, £1676.68 Armond Carr, £1613.46 Farnbury

261.5p High Lovelady Shield & Farnbury, 247.5p High Town Farm & Quarry House, 245.5p Lee Hall

British Blue x-£1772.51 Quarry House

245.5p Quarry House

Angus-£1743.30 & £1566.63 Old Town

223.5p Old Town

Angus x-£1788.83 Brieredge Farm

195.5p Brieredge Farm

Simmental-£1726.15 & £1717.98 Bavington Hill Head

244.5p & 237.5p Bavington Hill Head

Simmental x-£1317.33 Stoop Rigg

202.5p Stoop Rigg

Belted Galloway-£817.83 Hareshaw Allotments

Cast Bull

A good tarde seen for the quality available. Messrs G W Moore & Sons, Tarset Hall sold a Limousin to £2231.73.

Limousin-£2231.73 Tarset Hall

205.5p Tarset Hall

Angus-£1389.08 Green Rigg

143.5p Green Rigg

Belted Galloway-£1028.78 Viewley

167.5p Viewley

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

Hexham and Northern Marts sold 44 Spring Lambs to another terrific trade topping at £193 for a Texel from Messrs J & A Moralee, Hard Riding.

Hampshire Lambs sold to £179 from Mr C W, N & C Jackson, Woodend Farm.

Top ppk was 386ppk from Hard Riding.

Texel x –£193 Hard Riding, £183 & £175 Grange House Farm, £170 Midde Dukesfield, £167 & £163 Hard Riding, £161 Blue Gables, £159 Flotterton, £158 Grange House Farm

386.0p Hard Riding, 373.5p & 372.3p Grange House Farm, 370.5p Hard Riding, 375.1p Prospect Grange, 354.2p Middle Dukesfield, 351.2p Flotterton, 351.1p Grange House Farm

Hampshire-£179 & £169 Woodend Farm

334.9p Woodend Farm

Suffolk x –£178 & £170 Flotterton, £159 Grange House Farm

356.0p & 340.0p Flotterton, 338.3p Grange House Farm

Prime Hoggs

Hexham and Northern Marts sold 263 Prime Hoggs to an impressive trade for the time of year. With an overall average of £148.63 for all breeds, shapes, and sizes.

Topping the sale at £190 for a massive Texel from Messrs T W Oliver, Cawfields.

Not far behind at £189 was hoggs from J D Straughan, Dalton Hill Head.

Top ppk went to a Beltex cross hogg from Messrs T G Temple & Son, Low Hall at 327.9ppk.

Texel x –£190 Cawfields, £189 Hill Head, £187 (x2) Cawfields, £175 & £173 Hill Head, £170 Fitches Grange (x2) & Low Hall, £169 (x2) Cawfields, £168 Fitches Grange, £165 Cawfields

322.7p Hill Head, 320.8p, 316.3p, 314.6p, 312.5p, & 311.5p Low Hall, 310.4p Linacres, 309.1p Low Hall, 308.0p (x2) Fitches Grange

Suffolk x –£176, £174, £168, £164.50 & £163.50 Fitches Grange, £159 Rare Dene, £154 Fitches Grange

302.8p, 302.0p & 299.1p Fitches Grange, 293.8p Gunnerton Demesne

Beltex x –£160 Low Hall

327.9p Low Hall, 326.7p Linacres

Charollais x-£167, £166, £163, £158.50, £158 & £156.50 (x2) Fitches Grange

313.0p, 306.9p, 304.8p & 302.9p Fitches Grange  

Mule –£151 Cawfields, £141 Rare Dene

261.5p West Shields, 256.4p Rare Dene

Blackface-£141 The Stobbs

275.0p Grasslees

Prime Ewes

A slightly larger show of Prime Ewes sold to another great trade, keeping up with recent rates. Topping at £171 for a quality Texel Ewe was Messrs Walton, Linacres.

Texel x –£171 Linacres, £158 & £157 Prospect Grange, £154 Hill Head, £150 The Ash, £149 Linacres, £141 Tedcastle

Suffolk x-£149 West Grange

Mule-£112 Cawfields

Blackface-£101 The Ash