Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

Limousin Heifers –£1510.60 Great Chesters

290.5p Great Chesters  

Charolais Heifers –£1665.00 Great Chesters

277.5p Great Chesters

Cast Cows & OTM

A mixed bag of Cast Cattle this week, anything with flesh sold to extreme rates for the quality forward.

Topping the sale from deepest Co.Durham was Mr R Williamson, Littleburn with a very stylish pure Limousin cow that realised 292.5ppk.

Well fleshed Angus cross cows sold 235.5ppk from Mr G R & S K Meek, Eland Hall. The same cow took the highest grossing honours and sold to £1905.20.

Holstein cows from Peepy Farm Ltd cashed away to 191.5ppk.

Whitebred Shorthorn Stock Bull from Mr J Ions & Son, High Thorneyburn sold to 161.5ppk.

Lean feeding types as dear as ever and in real demand with many exceeding 210ppk.

Please can we have entries to the Office or Drew at least the day before the sale to inform buyers with expected numbers,

Drew-07854 361967

Office-01434 605444

Limousin –£1832.18 & £1777.55 Glebe Farm, £1755.00 Littleburn Farm, £1702.80 Eland Hall, £1681.110 Lunns House

292.5p & 261.5p Littleburn Farm, 244.5 & 243.5p Glebe Farm, 240.5p Lunns House, 239.5p Glebe Farm

Angus –£1905.20 Eland Hall

235.5p Eland Hall

Angus x-£1302.20 Armond Carr Farm

British Blue –£1244.10 Bridge End Farm, £1239.09 The Fawns

200.5p The Fawns  

Simmental x–£1242.86 Cooper House

197.5p Cooper House

Beef Shorthorn-£1411.00 Monk Farm

207.5p Monk Farm

Holstein Friesian-£1149.00 Peepy

191.5p Peepy

Montbeliard-£1091.8 Hedley West

183.5p Hedley West

Cast Bull

Whitebred Shorthorn-£1398.59 High Thorneyburn

161.5p High Thorneyburn

Prime Sheep

Prime Hoggs

Hexham and Northern Marts sold 339 Prime Hoggs to another great trade for all breeds.Taking top spot today was a massive Texel x realising £187 from Mr D Dixon, Middle Heads.

Texel x –£187 Middle Heads, £170 Hill Head, £159 Bankfoot, £156 Baal Hill, £154 Middle Heads, Hill Head, Windy Walls, & Palm Strothers, £153 West Shields, £152 Hill Head, £151 Palm Strothers, £150 Middle Heads, Bankfoot (x2) & Palm Strothers (x2)

319.2p Bankfoot, 312.5p & 309.1p Palm Strothers, 308.5p Middle Heads, 307.5p Linacres, 306.7p Palm Strothers, 306.4p & 303.1p Middle Heads, 302.9p Linacres, 300.0p Palm Strothers & Bankfoot

Suffolk x –£165 & £163 Baal Hill, £161 & £157 Saugh House, £149 (x2) Baal Hill, £147 West Shields

300.0p South Byre, 292.2p (x2) Baal Hill, 282.1p South Byre

Charollais x –£171, £168 & £161 Hill Head

311.1p Hill Head

Shropshire-£154 & £153 Hill Head

285.2p Hill Head

Mule –£148, £147 (x2) & £145.50 Saugh House

294.0p Saugh House, 293.2p Baal Hill,

Jacob-£137 & £134 (x2) Low Barns

274.0p, 273.5p & 264.3p Low Barns

Swaledale –£116 Baal Hill

261.5p Baal Hill

Prime Ewes

Small show or Prime Ewes sold to a top of £155 from Messrs K & H M Pickering, Fairspring.

Texel x –£151 Fairspring

Suffolk x-£155 Fairspring

Beltex x-£141 Fairpsring

Swaledale-£75 Baal Hill

Store Hoggs

A handful of Store Hoggs sold to £126 from Messrs Urwin & Robson, Parmontley Hall with Mules to £92 from the same home.

Texel x-£126 Parmontley Hall, £119.50 Bower Farm

Mule-£92 Parmontley Hall