Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

An extremely mixed show of clean this week with over half of the entry being made up of Dairy heifers.

Topping the sale at 305.5ppk was a well finished Charolais x heifer from Mr F T Walton, Flotterton.

Highest grossing heifer came from Mr S Anderson, Needless Hall Moor with an Angus cross selling to £1935.69.

Angus Heifers –£1935.69 & £1823.97 Needless Hall Moor

285.5p Needless Hall Moor

Charolais Heifers –£1878.83, £1871.10 & £1712.75 Flotterton

305.5p, 283.5p & 279.5p Flotterton

Holstein Friesian x-£1224.04, £1063.34 Peepy Farm

215.5p & 199.5p Peepy Farm

Cast Cows & OTM

Fewer numbers forward and a much poorer, leaner show in attendance. All classes eagerly bid for and trade maintained last weeks rates.

Topping the sale with a first time calver, Angus cross heifer was Messrs CA & J Watmore, Holystone Estate that went on to realise 279.5ppk. The same home sold the highest grossing cow on the day, selling a powerhouse of an Angus cow to £2085.75.

Making a prosperous first journey from Middleton – In – Teesdale was Mr P Walton, Bowes Close Farm who sold British Blue cross cows to 243.5ppk and a Limousin cow to 236.5ppk.

Another good entry of Dairy cows this week as numbers increase weekly, topping these was a well fleshed Holstein cow from S J Kellett & Son, White House Farm that went on to sell for 187.5ppk.

Messrs W R Sparke & Son, Little Swinburne sold Limousin Stock Bulls to 191.5ppk.

More Cast Cattle of all classes needed on a weekly basis here at Hexham.

Contact Drew on 07854361967 with your entries.

Limousin –£1868.35 Bowes Close Farm, £1481.55 Stone Stile

236.5p Bowes Close Farm, 207.5p Stone Stile  

British Blue –£1935.88 & £1720.25 Bowes Close Farm

243.5p Bowes Close Farm

Holstein-£1438.13 Whitehouse Farm

187.5p Whitehouse Farm

Holstein Friesian-£1017.45 Peepy Farm

174.5p Whitehouse Farm

Montneliarde x-£1077.44 Hedley West Riding

173.5p Hedley West Riding

Stock Bulls

Limousin-£1692.86 Little Swinburne

191.5p Little Swinburne

Cast Bulls

Blue Grey-£1072.94 Viewley

169.5p Viewley

Prime Sheep

Prime Hoggs

Hexham and Northern Prime Sheep trade sold flying rates for the 166 forward, averaging £141.34 right through.

Topping the sale was a superb Texel at £167 from Messrs G Carins & Partners, Broomhall. Closely followed by J D Straughan, Hill Head Farm who sold hoggs on two occasions to £166.

Top ppk went to Messrs W H Smith & Son, West Shields topping at 304.8ppk.

Many more could have been sold to vendor’s advantage.

Contact Jack to enter your stock on 07739 440457

Texel x –£167 Broomhall, £166 & £160 Hill Head Farm, £157 West Shields, £152 & £149 Hill Head Farm, £148 West Shields, £146.50 (x2) Colepike, £145 Blackburn (x2), £144 Broomhall, £143 West Shields

304.8p, 303.3p & 302.2p West Shields, 301.1p Broomhall & Colepike, 300.0p Broomhall, 298.9p Blackburn, 297.8p West Shields & Broomhall, 296.4p Hill Head Farm

Charollais x-£166 & £164 Hill Head Farm

287.7p & 286.2p Hill Head Farm

Shropshire-£160, £148.50 & £146.50 Hill Head Farm

276.4p, 275.0p & 266.7p Hill Head Farm

Suffolk x –£130.50 Broomhall Farm

296.6p Broomhall Farm

Mule –£144 West Shields, £137 The Deans, £134 West Shields

288.0p West Shields, 279.6p The Deans, 273.5 West Shields

Prime Ewes

Prime Ewes sold to another great trade topping at £129 for a super Mule from R I & W M Addison, Littlebeck Farm.

Texel x-£129 Littlebeck Farm