Easter Show & Sale of Prime Cattle & Sale Of Prime Sheep


Easter Primestock Show & Sale Prize List

Best Prime Heifer

1st-Paxton Dene – H Clark & Sons       

2nd-Colepike Home Farm – JB & N Harrison & Son 

3rd-Miller Hill-Messrs Graham

Best Prime Steer

1st-Paxton Dene – H Clark & Sons       

2nd-Miller Hill-Messrs Graham

3rd-Paxton Dene – H Clark & Sons       

Best Prime Young Bull

1st-Burmoor – NS & C Robinson 

2nd-Flotterton – FT Walton

Champion Prime Beast-Paxton Dene – H Clark & Sons    

Reserve Champion Prime Beast-Paxton Dene – H Clark & Sons

Best Geld Beef Bred Cow

1st-Middle Horsleyhope – P & EB Robson      

2nd-Hard Riding – J & A Moralee         

3rd-Square House-F & R Simpson

Champion Cow-Middle Horsleyhope – P & EB Robson


JB & N Harrison & Son, Colepike Home Farm, 2nd Prize Heifer

Prime Cattle

Incorporated in this weeks Prime Cattle sale was the Easter Primestock sale, kindly sponsored again this year by Dugdale Nurtrition and judged by Mr T Brocklehurst, Jedbrugh.

After much dilibration, Mr Brocklehurst gave the overall Champion to a very well finished British Blue cross heifer from Messrs H Clark & Son, Paxton Dene. The same home won the steer class and the Overall Reserve Champion with an outstanding Limousin cross steer.

The Overall Champion went on to sell for the days top price of 329.5ppk selling to the Judge.

Leading the sale with some heavy Blonde cross steers was Messrs JB & N Harrison & Son, Colepike Home Farm selling to £2225.25 and another to £2178.37, both purchased by R Pearson Wholesale Butchers, Bradford.

Messrs Graham, Miller Hill sold Limousin cross steers to 309.5ppk and £2160.31, Heifers from the same home sold to 313.5ppk for Limousin crosses.

F & R Simpson, Square House, 3rd Prize Beef Bred Cast Cow

Blonde Steers-£2225.25 & £2178.37 Colepike

287.5p & 285.5p Colepike

Limousin Steers-£2160.31 Miller Hill, £2045.47 Paxton Dene

321.5p Paxton Dene, 309.5p Miller Hill

British Blue Heifers-£2115.39 & £1937.43 Paxton Dene

329.5p & 313.5p Paxton Dene

Blonde Heifers-£1978.19 Colepike

293.5p Colepike

Limousin Heifers – £1851.10 & £1813.74 Shield Farm, £1788.01 Miller Hill

313.5p Miller Hill, 311.5p Miller Hill & Lough Green

Charolais Heifers –£1525.10 Flotterton

266.5p Flotterton

Young Bull

Limousin-£1760.40 Burmoor

255.5p Burmoor

Cast Cows & OTM

More numbers forward this week and this week saw our annual Easter Show for Cast Cows, kindly sponsored by Dugdale Nutrition and ably judged by Mr T Brocklehurst, Jedbrugh.

Mr Brocklehurst picked out a well fleshed Black cow from Messrs P & EB Robson, Middle Horsleyhope as his winner. The cow went on to gross the most on the day selling to £2268.83 to the judge.

Second prize came from a stable that’s used to winning a ticket or two, Messrs J & A Moralee, Hard Riding. This Limousin cross cow went on to realise 257.5ppk to Mr Owain Llyr, Ruthin.

Trade for cast cows and bulls was just as strong as pervious weeks, maybe a touch dearer than last week. Topping the ppk this week was a pure Limousin cow from Messrs L Corbett & Co, Dykehead that sold to 263.5ppk.

Native cows were a plenty once again and topping this week trade was a monster of an Angus from Messrs R H Thompson & Son, Fitches Grange, that realised £2126.88.

P & EB Robson, Middle Horsleyhope, 1st Prize Beef Bred Cast Cow

Limousin –£2093.31 & £2059.47 Square House, £2042.23 Shield Farm, £1928.50 Dykehead, £1915.80 Hard Riding, £1912.74 Thockrington Farms, £1889.66 Middle Horsleyhope, £1868.10 Square House

263.5p Dykehead, 257.5p Hard Riding, 249.5p Square House, 239.5p Square House, Dykehead, Middle Horsleyhope & Hard Riding, 237.5p Dykehead

Angus x-£2126.88 Fitches Grange, £1965.60 Buildings Farm, £1771.77 Featherwood, £1695.76 The Brigg, £1692.42 West Shields

227.5p Buildings Farm, 225.5p West Shields, 217.5p Needless Hall, 214.5p Greenchesters & Featherwood, 213.5p West Shields

British Blue-£2268.83 Middle Horlseyhope, £1893.80 Shield Farm, £1784.54 Harwood Shield

253.5p Middle Horsleyhope, 251.5p Shield Farm, 221.5p Beacon Rigg

British Blue x–£1717.22 Buildings Farm, £1581.23 Harwood Shield

239.5p Buildings Farm, 217.5p Harwood Shield

Charolais-£1753.38 West Causey Hill

229.5p West Causey Hill

Simmental x–£1931.48 & £1864.10 Dunns Houses

227.5p & 226.5p Dunns Houses

Saler x-£1336.49 West Shields

208.5p West Shields

Hereford x-£1329.86 Chatton Park

206.5p Chatton Park

Stock Bull

A Handful of Stock Bulls this week, the best was a well fleshed British Blue cross Limousin from Messrs Featherwood Ptrs, Featherwood that sold to £2234.21.

British Blue-£2234.21 Featherwood

189.5p Featherwood

Angus-£1529.33 Redesmouth Farm

157.5p Redesmouth Farm

Beef Shorthorn-£1298.33 High Warden Farms

159.5p High Warden Farms

Prime Sheep

Prime Hoggs

Hexham and Northern Marts sold a reduced number of Prime Hoggs selling to an increased trade for a poorer show.

Topping the sale on two occasions were Texels at £158 from Mr B Watson, Baal Hill and Nilston Rigg.Not far away at £155 was a Charolais from Mr RFS Newall, Low Barns.

Top ppk was a pen of four Texels at 278.9ppk from Nilston Rigg Farms.

Entries to Jack on 07739 440457 or Harrison on 07895 761102

Texel x –£158 Baal Hill & Nilston Rigg, £148 Blackburn, £146 Nilston Rigg, £144 Blackburn, £142 Nilston Rigg, £137 Goften Field Head, £133.50 Colepike, £133 Goften Field Head, Colepike & Blackburn, £130 Nilston Rigg

278.9p Nilston Rigg, 269.1p Aydonshields, 267.8p Baal Hill, 266.7p Goften Field Head, Colepike & Middle Heads, 265.5p & 263.0p Nilston Rigg, 261.1p West Shields, 260.7p Aydonshields, 260.5p Middle Heads

Suffolk x –£142, £139 & £135.50 Fitches Grange, £134 Baal Hill

250.0p Nilston Rigg, 245.0p Baal Hill, 242.2p West Shields

Charollais x –£155 Low Barns, £145, £139 & £137 Fitches Grange

248.7p Low Barns, 246.3p & 244.6p Fitches Grange

Mule –£116 Baal Hill, £113 & £112 Great Chesters

246.8p Baal Hill, 243.5p Great Chesters

Jacob-£114 & £110 Low Barns

246.5p Low Barns

Blackface –£135 Nilston Rigg, £131 Great Chesters, £125 Nilston Rigg

247.8p Great Chesters

Swaledale- £91 & £90 (x2) Baal Hill

250.0p Baal Hill