Tow Law Mule Gimmer Lambs

Hexham and Northern Marts held their Annual “Tow Law” Mule Gimmer Lamb Sale on behalf of the Weardale branch of NEMSA with a catalogue this year of 5585.

The judging for the pens of 10 gimmer lambs this year was very ably judged by Mr Nigel Barker, Dalton Old Hall, Carnforth. Judging this year’s runs of 100 or more this year was put into the very capable hands of Mr John Bell, Frosterley and Mr Neil Allan, Killington, who awarded their prizes as follows:

Prize list (pens of 10):

1st – W M Reed & Sons, Lands

2nd – R & M J Lee, Harwood Shield

3rd – T A Collingwood & Sons

4th – K & H A Ridley, Allenshields

Best run of 100 – R & M J Lee, Harwood Shield

As per usual the pens of 10 were judged first through the ring and a magnificent entry of 15 pens were presented before the judge, after much deliberation Mr Barker awarded the GW Robinson, Rosebowl and Champion NEMSA rosette to John, Steven and Andrew Reed, Lands Farm. An outstanding achievement as this is now the sixth year in a row for the Reed Family. The pen went on to achieve the highest price on the day of £400, selling to regular purchaser, Mr P Elliot, Bank House, Penrith.

After the single pens were judged, the best runs of 100 were inspected and taking this years William Reed Perpetual Trophy for the best run of 100 lambs went to Mrs R & Mr M J Lee, Harwood Shield. This the second year in succession for Harwood Shield to win the best run of 100 or more.

The top pen from Mrs R & Mr M J Lee, Harwood Shield went on to realise an impressive £255.00. Sharing this achievement later on in the day was a very strong and bonny pen from Messrs K & HA Ridley, Allenshields Farm.

Another fine show of lambs again this year with new purchasers commenting on how well the lambs looked and the general strength and quality of the breeding behind the sheep. Credit must be given to all those that had sheep forward and continue to support the sale.

They were then rewarded with a very competitive trade throughout the sale and a noticeable increase in demand for smaller, running type lambs with some pens seeing a rise of £25 compared to last year.

Larger tupping type lambs once again very easily cashed and regularly broke the £150.00 barrier.

Sale average for this years sale is £12 up on the previous year.

Leading flock averages:

WM Reed & Sons, Lands – 370 @ £144.43

WJ Scott Ltd, Low Leam – 444 @ £143.73

R Collingwood, Stewartshield Meadows – 88 @ £143.02

R & MJ Lee, Harwood Shield – 233 @ £140.62

D Collingwood, Intake – 28 @ £135.78

I Potts, Redburn – 386 @ £135.08

K & HA Ridley, Allenshields – 225 @ £131.46

W Parker & Son, Spittalshield – 152 @ £131.17

TD & M Moore, Softley – 24 @ £130

W Wearmouth & Sons, Rosehill – 59 @ £128.72

Merryknowe – 12 @ £127

WM Reed, West Biggens – 186 @ £124.25

Wolsingham Park Farms, Forresters Lodge – 293 @ £123.59

WS Thompson & Partners, Allotment – 240 @ £122.13

Leading prices;

£400 Lands, £255 Harwood Shield & Allenshields, £210 Ambling Gate, £205 Redburn, £195 Stewartshield Meadows, £185 Harwood Shield, £175 Lands & Low Leam, £170 Low Leam & Redburn, £165 Low Leam & Agars Hill, £164 & £162 Low Leam, £155 Spittalshield & Allenshields, £152 Lands & Low Leam, £150 Lands, Stewartshield Meadows, Ambling Gate, West Biggens & Woodhall