Ewes & Hoggs with Lambs at Foot

Hexham & Northern Marts held their second sale of Ewes and Hoggs with lambs at foot selling to a stronger trade on the week averaging over £102 per life with thanks to recent growy weather.

Topping per life at £134 was a smear Beltex x hogg and lamb from W N & J C Gilhespy, Tedcastle.

A pen of Mule gimmers with strong Texel x lambs at foot sold to £126 per life from Messrs Graham, Stonehall.

A strong pen of Suffolk ewes with twins and single lambs at foot sold at £115 per life from Mr C Tait, East Wygates.

Texel x ewes topped at £120 a life from Messrs J Herdman & Son, Whitechapel.

Next Tuesday 14th May sees our prize show and sale with numbers needed. Entries close Wednesday 8th May at 12.00pm.

Harrison 07895 761102

Office 01434 605444

Leading prices (per life):

Ewes & Lambs

Texel x – £120 Whitechapel, £107 Salmonfield, £106 Whitechapel, £101 & £100 Low Staples

Suffolk – £115 East Wyngates

Suffolk x – £101 Salmonfield

Mule – £102 Whitechapel

Gimmers & Lambs

Mule – £126 Stonehall

Hoggs & Lambs

Texel x – £134, £127, £126 & £124 Tedcastle, £122 Satley

Mule – £120 & £116 Tedcastle