Store Cattle & Store Sheep

Store Cattle

Hexham & Northern Marts held their final sale of store cattle in the month of July and offered a good catalogue for the time of year of 124 head.  The sale was topped at £1790 for a superb Charolais heifer at 18 months from James Herdman, Edlingham Newton who also followed with his lead bullock at £1700 to average £1532 per head for six steers and six heifers – a lift of almost £150 per head on the year.

From the same North Northumberland postcode Messrs Shell brought a hefty load of native breed beef to the Hexham ring from Brandon Farm in The Ingram Valley.  A smart and well-summered packet of Luing bullocks at 24-27 months topped at £1570 and averaged £1441 for nine sold.

Messrs Walton, Greyside continue their 2023 cattle marketing policy to great effect through the Hexham ring and sold well-bred and stylish Limmy cross yearling steers to £1400 twice and heifers to £1300 to average £1311 and £1220 for 13 and 8 sold respectively.

As is often the case as the cattle get younger they also get dearer in comparison with their older counterparts and this day was no exception – point in case was another super run of calves from Ridley & David Milburn, Wallend, Greenhead.  The Cumbrian cattlemen of note presented a sweet half dozen Limousin cross heifers which topped at £1190 twice and averaged a mighty £1128 – at just eight months of age!

With grassland and corn operations progressing – albeit in a stop/start fashion the auctioneers are now looking forward to the Twenty-Eighth Anniversary Prize Show & Sale which will take place on Friday 11th August and this year will be judged by respected Welsh cattleman, Robin Roberts, Anglesey.  Entries are invited for this important sale and the auctioneers are seeking consignments of steers, heifers and young bulls – if you have cattle to sell and wish to discuss how the Hexham ring can benefit your business please contact our team on 07808 721957.

Leading prices;

Cattle 23 – 30 Months

Luing x steers – £1570, £1480 (x2), £1450 & £1400 Brandon

Charolais x heifers – £1790 Edlingham Newtown

Cattle 17 – 22 Months

Charolais x steers-£1680, £1650 & £1640 Edlingham Newtown

Limousin x steers-£1530 Edlingham Newtown

Angus x steers – £1270 Buteland  

Limousin x heifers – £1400, £1340 & £1230 Edlingham Newtown

Charolais x heifers – £1430 Edlingham Newtown

Simmental x heifers – £1320 Brandon

 Cattle 11 – 16 Months

Limousin x steers – £1400 (x2), £1360 (x2), £1300 Greyside

Limousin x heifers – £1300, £1290 & £1170 Greyside, £1160 Wallend, £1150 Barrasford Green & Wallend, £1120 Greyside, £1100 Barrasford Green

Cattle 10 months and under

Limousin x heifers – £1190 (x2) Wallend  

Angus x heifers – £940 & £910 West Butsfield

Cast Ewes

Hexham & Northern Marts sold 707 Cast Ewes & Rams to a trade that was better than expected.

The top spot was taken by a pen of 6 terrific Texel Ewes that realized £238 from returning vendor Messrs A & D Proctor, Swarland Old Hall.

 Two other vendors broke the £200 barrier, firstly a trio of Texel ewes at £220 from Mr J H Emerson, Haggate, followed by a single Texel ewe from Miss J Carins, Rouchester at £215

Suffolk cross ewes sold to a top of £175 for a pen from Messrs J Leiper & Sons, Black Heddon.

A huge Cheviot ewe from Messrs B & S Teasdale topped the Cheviot section of the sale, selling for £158. The same home also went on to top the Mule section of the sale, reaching a high of £141.

Blackface ewes sold to £106 for pen of 15 from Messrs W & J A Longlands, Rusheylaw.

Please remember to enter your stock by the latest, a Thursday Afternoon so we can notify buyers on the numbers expected for the following day.

Entries to Jack on 07739 440457

Texel – £238 Swarland Old Hall, £220 Haggate Farm, £215 Rouchester

Texel x – £190 Baal Hill, £175 Rusheylaw, £170 & £168 Middle Mown Meadows, £167 Lynesack, £156 Black Heddon, £154 Grange House Farm, £150 Broomhall & Grange House Farm, £146 Lynesack, £140 Broomhall

Suffolk x – £175 Black Heddon, £142 Brownchesters, £141 Black Heddon, £137 Grange House Farm, £136 Brownchesters, £130 Broomhall & Grange House Farm

Suffolk x Hogg-£116 Saugh House

Beltex-£142 Middle Mown Meadows

Beltex x – £135 Haggate Farm

Leicester-£147 Baal Hill

Cheviot – £158 Lynesack

Cheviot Mule – £117 Lynesack

Mule – £141 Lynesack, £130 Rusheylaw, £127 Brownchesters, £118 Highwood, Blackhalls & Brownchesters, £114 Lynesack, £111 Baal Hill, £109 Rusheylaw

Easycare-£106 Glebe Farm

Dorper Hoggs-£106 Glebe Farm

Blackface – £106 Rusheylaw, £96 Edges Green

Swaledale – £84 East Unthank, £79 Rattenraw

Cast Tups

Cast Tups sold to a top of £173 for a pen of 5 Texels from J R Lawson, Crescent Farm

Texel – £173 Crescent Farm, £160 Low Staples

Dutch Texel- £140 Willimoteswick

Beltex – £148 Crescent Farm

Swaledale – £90 Intake

Store Lambs

Hexham and Northern Marts sold a entry of 2392 Store Lambs selling to another pleasant trade, however some lambs were lacking flesh.

Topping the sale was a terrific trio of Texel cross Lambs at £123 from Mr C R Fawcett, Well House. A tremendous pen of 18 Texel crosses peaked at £118 from D J & W Sedgewick, Errington Red House. With the same home also achieving £117 & £116 for their run of Texel cross Lambs.

Suffolk cross lambs topped at £114 for a nice pen from Messrs Allergill Farm.

Mules lambs were topped by Messrs A & C L Bell, Woodhall, seeing a return of £94 for a pen of 20. Messrs T D & M Moore & Son, Softley Farm followed at a straight £90 for their pen of 26.

Entries to the Office by 11am on Monday Morning for Cataloging.

Texel x –£123 Well House Farm, £118, £117, £116 & £114 Errington Red House, £112 Wallhouses, £111 Well House Farm, £110 Allergill Farm, £108 Waterloo, £107 Rouchester, £106 Aimshaugh, £105 Stone Hall & The Boat

Suffolk x – £114 & £104 Allergill Farm, £103 & £99 Well House Farm, £95 Quarry House, £94 Well House Farm, £91 Waterloo Farm & Upper Senwick

Mule – £94 Woodhall, £90 Softley Farm& East Unthank, £88 Quarry House, £87 Ray Farms

Hampshire-£91 Grange Farm

Zwartbles-£90 Wallhouses