Second Draft Day of Breeding Sheep

Second Draft Ewe Sale

Hexham and Northern Marts held their final sale of Hill Ewes and Gimmers and offered a good entry of over 2000 head, including two stock ewe dispersals.

Demand was less than seen earlier in the month however the best sorts still attracted a premium.

Leading prices;


Gimmers-£150 Quickeningcote, £124 Park House, £120 Quickeningcote

4-5 Crop-£112 Greenleas

5 year old-£130 & £104 Featherwood, £91 Philhope Farm, £90 Featherwood

6 year old-£96 Dudlees Farm


6 year old-£52 Broadgates

Blackface Stock Sheep

1 Crop-£128 Park House

2 Crop-£132 Park House

3-4 Crop-£80 Park House

Cheviot Ewes & Gimmers

6 year old-£80 Flotterton

Mule & Other Ewes & Gimmers

A very mixed show of breeding sheep that sold to a high of £156 and £155 for Mule Gimmers from Mr R W Arthur, Hudspeth.

Older ewes once again easily cashed with four crop Mule ewes from Messrs E Milburn & Son, Holling Hill realising £140.

Texel x 4 Shear-£104 Nafferton Farm

Suffolk 4 Crop-£116 The Plough Inn

Mule 3 Shear-£94 Nafferton Farm

Mule 4 Crop-£140, £132 & £128 Holling Hill

Ryeland 4 Crop-£72 The Plough Inn

Mule & Other Stock Sheep

Colwell Hill

Stock ewes from Colwell Hill dispersal sold to £152 for gimmers and three crop ewes sold to £133.

Mule Gimmers-£152 & £125

Mule 1 Crop-£130 & £122

Mule 2 Crop-£123

Mule 3 Crop-£133

Mule Ewe Lambs

Final Sale for Mule ewe lambs saw the better end of sheep selling very well and to a high of £135 from Messrs E Thoburn & Son, Pitland Hills.

Two pens from Messrs J Carr & Co, Camphill cashed for £134.

On the other end of the scale smaller lambs were harder to cash realising between £75-£85.

Mule-£135 Pitland Hills, £134 (x2) Camphill, £125 Pitland Hills, £122 (x2), £116 & £115 Camphill, £112 Pitland Hills, £110 Chirdon

Other Ewe Lambs

Leicester-£102 Hole Farm

Texel x-£100 Burnbank

Beltex x-£112 Low Espley