Scots Gap Primestock

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

Scots Gap Auction Mart sold prime lambs to £138 at their weekly sale. Trade was in-line with other centres and easier on the week although heavy lambs were still sought after.

Messrs Johnson, Tuthill topped at £138 for a heafty Suffok cross whilst Dave Brodie, The Chesters sold Texel crosses to £137.

Leading Prices;

Texel x –£137 Chesters, £135 Tuthill, £133 Chesters & High House Farm, £130 Tuthill, £128 Chesters, £125 Chesters (x2) & Coldwell, £124.50 High House Farm, £124 Chesters, £122.50 Chesters & High House Farm, £120 Chesters

250.0p Chesters, 246.4p Black Callerton, 244.1p High House Farm,243.8p Chesters, 241.9p Black Callerton, 241.8p & 241.3p (x2) Chesters, 241.1p Tuthill, 240.7p Tuthill, 240.0p Chesters

Suffolk x –£138 & £127 Tuthill, £117 Black Callerton, £110 Forestburngate

239.6p Tuthill, 233.7p, 227.3p & 220.8p Black Callerton

Charollais x –£105 Forestburngate

Mule –£106 Coldwell, £102 Black Callerton

226.7p Black Callerton, 220.8p Coldwell