Sale of Store Cattle, Monthly Sale of Breeding Cattle & Store Sheep

Store Cattle

Hexham and Northern Marts held its weekly sale of 164 catalogued Store Cattle and Suckled Calves which consisted of an entry predominantly made up of longer keep grazing cattle. Trade throughout maintained the previous week’s rates, with quality selling to a premium.

The highlight of the sale was an outstanding run of thirty-three Charolais and Limousin cross steers and heifers from Messrs J E Woodman & Son, Great Chesters. The cattle fresh from their appearance at the North Sheep event earlier in the week were turned out impeccably once again by Willie & Martin Woodman. Topping the sale at £2500.00 was an outstanding Blue roan, Limousin cross steer and not far behind at £2480 was and well-muscled Charolais cross steer. The run of fourteen steers went on the average an eye watering £2281.42.

The run of heifers was a sight to behold and peaked twice at £2320.00 for Limousin crosses. Charolais cross heifers achieved a high of £2180.00 for a pair of hefty cream coloured heifers. This run of nineteen heifers produced a fabulous average of £2011.05.

Forward Angus cross heifers from Mr J C Cuthbert, Bankfoot sold to a high of £1780.00.

With a large proportion of the sale being younger cattle, these sold well for the quality forward. A great run of twenty, 8-10 month old Angus cross steers and heifers from Mr R N Armstrong, Ricknall Mill Farm, Newton Aycliffe, saw the benefit of head north on the A1 once again and saw bullocks peak at £1390.00 and young heifers to £1040.00.

Messrs E Kellett & Son, East Farm, Matfen brought a lovely run of weaned Limousin cross calves topping at £1355.00 for a pair of black heifers and £1250.00 for steers.

As numbers now begin to tighten, we are actively seeking more cattle on a weekly basis to meet the purchaser’s demand.

Please call Drew Patrick over the weekend or the office on Monday morning with entries.

Leading prices;

Cattle 23 – 30 Months

Limousin x steers – £2500, £2320, £2280, £2220 & £2170 Great Chesters

Angus x steers – £1520 & £1460 Bankfoot

Limousin x heifers – £2320 (x2), £2140 & £2120 Great Chesters

Charolais x heifers – £2180 Great Chesters

Angus x heifers – £1780 Bankfoot, £1420 West Butsfield, £1360 Bankfoot  

Cattle 17 – 22 Months

Charolais x steers – £2480, £2320, £2200 & £2100 Great Chesters  

Angus steers – £1220 Ogle Dene

Simmental steers – £1340 Burdonside

Limousin x heifers – £1980, £1950 & £1820 Great Chesters

Charolais x heifers – £1980, £1900 & £1880 Great Chesters  

Angus x heifers – £1310 Ogle Dene

 Cattle 11 – 16 Months

Limousin x steers – £1250 Dukesfield Hall & East Matfen, £1130 Bellshiel

Charolais x steers – £980 Harnham Hall  

Simmental x steers – £1470 Burdonside

Limousin x heifers – £1355 East Matfen, £1320 East Haydon, £1220 & £1160 East Matfen

Charolais x heifers – £1020 West Shields

Angus x heifers – £1290 Redesmouth

Cattle 10 months and under

Limousin x steers – £1180 Dukesfield Hall, £1100 Prospect Grange

Angus x steers – £1390, £1370, £1280 & £1195 Ricknall Mill

Limousin x heifers – £1000 Prospect Grange

Angus x heifers – £1040, £1020 & £1000 Ricknall Mill

Breeding Cattle

 A small selection of Breeding Cattle sold to a selective trade with the better outfits selling well.

Messrs Foley Brothers, Mirlaw House Farm, sold a lovely Limousin cross with a shapey heifer calf at foot to £3550.00.

An Angus cross heifer with a Limousin cross heifer calf at foot went on to realize £2500 from Messrs A & E J Cowan, Westerheugh Farm.

Heifers with Calves at Foot

Limousin-£3550, £3350, £3220 & £3000 Mirlaw House Farm

British Blue-£2700 Mirlaw House Farm

Angus-£2500 Westerheugh Farm

Stock Cows

Shorthorn-£1150 Crook Hall Farm

Cast Ewes

Hexham and Northern Marts sold 498 Cast Ewes and Rams to a slightly easier trade although good ewes still achieving good rates.

Topping the sale at £198 was a strong Texel Ewe from Messrs A J & H Gordon & Son, Old Deanham.

Blueface Leicester’s sold to a top of £160 for a pair from Messrs W D & B Thompson, East Unthank.

Suffolk crosses also peaked at £160 again from Old Deanham.

Mule ewes realized £126 on two occasions firstly from Messrs G Carins & Ptrs, Broomhall Farm and then from R H Thompson & Son, Fitches Grange.

A pen full of North of England Blackface Ewes sold to £112 from Messrs J Hunter & Son, The Steel.

Please enter your ewes with Jack by 10am Monday Morning on 07739 440457.

Texel – £198 Old Deanham, £188 South Farm, £180 Old Deanham, £170 Haggate Farm

Texel x – £158 Longshaws, £156 Chesterwood, £150 Broomhall, £138 West House Farm, £136 Low Hall, £130 Broomhall, Haggate, Longshaws & Old Deanham, £129 Longshaws, £127 Haggate, £125 High Baulk

Suffolk x – £160 Old Deanham, £148 Broomhall, £145 Fitches Grange, £140, £137 & £136 South Farm

Leicester-£160 East Unthank

Charollais x – £144 Fitches Grange

Bleu De Maine– £129 & £127 Low Staples

Cheviot – £100 Burntshieldhaugh, £93 Moorlaws, £91 High Green

Mule – £126 Broomhall & Fitches Grange, £122 The Steel, £121 Broomhall, £116 The Steel, £114 Fitches Grange & West Shields, £113 Black Hedley, £112 Wynyard Estate, £110 Snitter Farm & North Farm

Blackface – £112, £111 & £109 The Steel

Swaledale – £78 Hackford

Easycare- £104 Wittondene

Cast Tups & Weathers

Cast Tups sold to a top of £188 for a pen of 5 Texels from Messrs P F Findlay & Son, Stoop Rigg

Suffolk Weathers –£148 Fitches Grange

Charollais x Weathers- £148 Fitches Grange

Blackface Weathers – £118 Burdonside

Texel –£188 Stoop Rigg, £163 West Shields

Beltex – £130 Greyside Farm

South Down- £128 Steel Hall

Swaledale – £126 Haggate Farm

Store Hoggs

Store Hoggs sold well considering a very mixed show was on offer.

Topping the sale was a pair of Texels at £156 from Messrs T W Oliver, Cawfields Farm. A pen of 5 Texels realized a straight £150 from Messrs W H Smith & Sons, West Shields.

Texel x – £156 Cawfields, £150 West Shields, £146 & £144 High Baulk, £134 Nettlesworth, £132 Greyside, £126 Hollin Close, £119 Low Staples, £118 Haggate Farm

Leicesters- £134 & £126 Spittalshield

Mule – £110 Spittalshield

Swaledale – £116 Spittalshield

Hoggs with Lambs at Foot

A small but select entry of Hoggs with Lambs at foot sold to a boyuant trade topping at £117/life for a pen of 8 Texel crosses Hoggs with single Texel x lambs at foot from Messrs T W Oliver, Cawfields Farm.

Texel x-£117 Cawfields

Mule-£114 Cawfields