New Years Show & Sale of Store Cattle & Sale of Store Hoggs

Store Cattle

Hexham Auction Mart held its weekly catalogued sale of 550 Store Cattle and Suckled Calves. This week saw our opening show of the year for store cattle which was kindly judged by North Northumbrian finisher, James Forsyth, Low Steads and sponsored by the Stoneacre Motor Group.

A tremendous run of older cattle was brought in front of Mr Forsyth and the overall championship went to a hefty Limousin cross steer from Geoff & James Ogle, Blackburn. The reserve championship went to the winner of the young steer class from Messrs Athey, High Lovelady Shield.

The Overall trade had to be seen to believed, the new and loyal supporters of Hexham’s Friday sale were treated to excellent rates. Overall the show of cattle was extremely mixed with something for every prospective purchaser throughout.

Sale started with the older, forward stores as usual and got off to an eye watering start with the first beast in the ring, a large but lean Charolais cross heifer from Mr F T Walton, Flotterton realising £1900.00. This was surpassed by an Angus cross heifer a few lots later that went of to peak at £1980.00. These were two of the thirteen cattle that blitzed the £1900.00 barrier.

Taking the top honours again today were renowned father and son team, Chris and Andrew Johnson of H Clark & Son, Paxton Dene with an outstanding run of continental steers that reached dizzy heights of £2320.00 for a British Blue cross steer. This outstanding run of steers went on to average a tasty £1980.00.

Geoff & James Ogle, Blackburn also took full advantage of the power of the Hexham ring for forward stores and topped at £2000.00 for a Limousin cross steer and sold others to £1920.00.

James Prichard, Evistones made a successful trip back to Hexham and saw a return of £1980 for Limousin cross steers.

Angus cross cattle can now possibly be referred to as “Black Gold” as these were highly sought after right throughout the sale. Steers peaked at £1960.00 from Holywell Farms Ltd, Holywell.

One of the highlights of the day for heifers was a lovely run of Limousin cross heifers from John, Jack & Ben Moralee, Hard Riding that sold to £1880.00 and averaged £1736.67 for six!

Hexham continues to prove to be the leading centre in the area for older, forward stores as well as all other classes and more could have easily been sold to vendors advantage.

The trade didn’t let up in the younger cattle section also. All classes of younger cattle were eagerly bid for and sold well with two 10 month old Limousin cross heifers from Low Middleton Livestock, Belford and Messrs B Rayson & Son, Salmonswell sold to £1410.00.

 Another northern producer, James McGregor, East Loanend, Berwick sold Limousin cross steers to £1360.00. Mr B Storey, Woodhead sold a pair of 9 month old Limousins to £1310.00.

Dairy bred yearling Blue cross steers from Messrs J & SM Ivison, Cooper House sold very well and were bid to £1160.00.

More cattle needed to meet current demand which we are seeing here at Hexham. Please contact auctioneers or the office with entries for next weeks sale.

Prize List

Best steer 18 months +

1st – Messrs G A Ogle, Blackburn

2nd – Mr C R Fawcett, Well House Farm

3rd – Messrs G A Ogle, Blackburn

Best Heifer 18 months +

1st – Messrs J & A Moralee, Hard Riding

2nd – Messrs J & A Moralee, Hard Riding

3rd – Messrs G A Ogle, Blackburn

Best Steer under 18 months

1st – Messrs G W & C Athey & Son, High Lovelady Shield

2ND – Messrs G W & C Athey & Son, High Lovelady Shield

3RD – Messrs R & M J Lee, Harwood Shield

Best Heifer under 18 months

1st – Mr J H Craggs, Glower-Oer-Him

Overall champion – Messrs G A Ogle, Blackburn

Reserve champion – Messrs G W & C Athey & Son, High Lovelady Shield

Leading prices;

Cattle 23 – 30 Months

Limousin x steers – £1680 Sweethope

Angus x steers-£1960 & £1590 Church Farm, £1580 Sunniside

Limosuin x heifers – £1800 & £1700 Hard Riding

Angus x heifers – £1980 Flotterton, £1555 Church Farm

Cattle 17 – 22 Months

British Blue steers-£2320 & £1900 Paxton Dene

Limousin x steers – £2000 Blackburn, £1980 Evistones & Paxton Dene, £1960 Paxton Dene, £1920 Blackburn, £1900 (x3) Paxton Dene, £1880 Blackburn, £1750 Wingates South, £1700 Blackburn, £1690 & £1680 Lunns House, £1660 Rye Hill, £1640 Lunns House & Hethery Knowe, £1620 Wingates South, £1600 Kirkley March

Charolais x steers – £1860, £1780, £1740 & £1720 Flotterton, £1690 & £1655 Grange Farm, £1600 Flotterton

Angus x steers-£1680 Church Farm, £1630 Duddo Hill, £1620 Sunniside, £1590 & £1530 Rare Dene, £1500 East Uppertown, £1480 Kirkley March, Blakelaw & Grange Farm

Saler x steers-£1580 Duddo Hill

Limosuin x heifers – £1880, £1810, £1630 & £1600 Hard Riding, £1590 Little Swinburne, £1570 Little Swinburne & Sweethope, £1560 Comb Hills, £1500 White House & Comb Hills, £1495 Tarset Hall, £1480 Well House, £1470 Quarry House

Charolais x heifers – £1900 & £1800 Flotterton, £1700 Newlands Haugh, £1680 Flotterton & Newlands Haugh, £1480 Grange Farm, £1440 Newlands Haugh

Angus x heifers – £1660 Aydonshields, £1420, £1360 (x2) & £1340 (x3) Newton Greens, £1320 Newlands Haugh, £1300 Aydonshields, Newlands Haugh & Newton Greens (x2)

Parthenais x heifers-£1430 & £1410 Newton Greens

 Cattle 11 – 16 Months

Limousin x steers – £1600 Harwood Shield & The Knarr, £1520 High Lovelady Shield, £1495 Springwell Cottage, £1490 Tarset Hall, £1470 The Knarr & Low Middleton, £1460 (x3) Springwell Cottage, £1440 Quarry House & Allenshields, £1420 Cornhills, £1410 High Lovelady Shield, £1400 Rye Hill & Quarry House

Charolais x steers – £1600 Grange Farm

Angus steers- £1310 Bollihope Shield

British Blue steers – £1320 Harwood Shield, £1270 Woodlands

Saler x steers-£1300 Highwood

Limousin x heifers – £1575 Brokenheugh, £1570 & £1480 Springwell Cottage, £1460 Quarry House & Brokenheugh (x2), £1400 Tarset Hall, £1390 The Knarr, £1380 Brokenheugh, £1340 High Lovelady Shield, £1335 Highside, £1330 High Lovelady Shield, £1320 Low Middleton, Brokenheugh & Tarset Hall, £1300 Allenshields & High Lovelady Shield

Charolais x heifers – £1250 Blakelaw

British Blue x heifers – £1280 Woodhead

Cattle 10 months and under

Limousin x steers – £1360 East Loanend, £1310 Woodhead & East Loaend, £1305 High Lovelady, £1300 Low Middleton, £1280 & £1270 Round Meadows, £1260 East Loanend, £1240 (x3) Littleburn & Salmonswell

Limousin x heifers – £1410 Low Middleton & Salmonswell, £1390 & £1350 Low Middleton, £1280 Round Meadows & Highside, £1265 East Loanend, £1260 Round Meadows & Glower-Oer-Him

Cast Ewes

Hexham & Northern Marts sold 907 Cast Ewes & Rams to a slightly reduced trade for a poorer show with a lot of very lean weathered sheep.

Topping the sale was a trio of Texel ewes at £242 from Messrs A & D Proctor, Swarland Old Hall. At £234 was a pair of Texels from PA & EJ Lawson, Middleton Mill House. Swarland Old Hall also sold a pair at £230.

Suffolk cross ewes sold to £137 from Messrs NG, KM & JG Beveridge, Low West House.

Blackface ewes sold to £99 for a pen of 13 from Messrs JE Woodman & Son, Great Chesters.

Please remember to enter your ewes.

Jack-07739 440457

Office-01434 605444

Texel – £242 Swarland Old Hall, £234 Middleton Hill House, £230 Swarland Old Hall

Texel x – £180 Middleton Mill House, £170 Broomhall Farm & Low West House, £164 Middleton Mill House, £162 Aydon North Farm, £152 Swarland Old Hall, £150 Nilston Rigg, £147 Low West House, £146 Hard Riding, £140 Hard Riding, Broomhall, Swarland Old Hall & Low Staples, £136 Burn House, £135 Nilston Rigg, £130 Aydon North Farm

Beltex – £172 Low West House

Suffolk x – £137 Low West House, £126 Thrunton, £123 East Barnwell, £120 Grangemoor & Colepike

Leicester-£129 Great Chesters

Mule – £101 Hard Riding, £100 Old Town & Evistones, £99 Dukesfield Hall, £96 Snape Farm & Lee Hall, £95 Broomhall

Bleu de Maine-£108 Low Staples

Blackface – £99 & £91Great Chesters

Cast Tups

Cast Tups sold to £168 for a Texel from J & D Longlands Ltd, Tone Hall.

Texel – £168 Tone Hall, £160 High Fotherley

Beltex – £135 Watch Hill

Leicester – £128 Blueburn

Cheviot- £124 Bellshiel, £118 High Thorneyburn

Store Lambs

Hexham & Northern Marts sold a catalogued entry of 3635 Store Hoggs. Selling to a reduced trade however better than expected considering fat trade this week and the large quantity of New Zealand lamb in the supermarkets.

Topping the sale twice at £110 was Texel Hoggs from Mr JH Emerson, Haggate Farm.

JE Holliday & Son, Woodland House Farm sold Hoggs to £104 & £100.

Zwartbles sold to £96 from Mr REE Robson, Allenheads Farm.

Suffolk x Hoggs sold to £91 for a pen of 25 from D & N H Martell, Black Hedley and also a pen from Mrs S Glendinning, Laburnum Cottage.

Hill Hoggs sold to £82 for a pen of 44 Blackfaces from Messrs Featherwood Partners.

Texel x – £110 (x2) Haggate Farm, £100 Town Farm, £97 Willimoteswick, £95.50 (x2) Town Farm, £94 Chesters, £92.50 Fairspring, £92 Redburn, £90 East Wharmley (x2), Chesters, Lynup Hill & Redburn

Beltex x-£104 Woodland House, £100 Woodland House, Watch Hill & Town Farm, £99 (x2) Watch Hill

Suffolk x – £91 Black Hedley & Laburnum Cottage, £86 Kirkley Hall, £84.50 Low Struthers, £84 Black Hedley  

Dutch Texel x-£90 Willimoteswick & Haggate Farm, £87.50 Willimoteswick

 Mule- £82 Espershields, £79 Allenheads, £72 Stewartshield Meadows, £70.50 Pundershaw & Redburn, £70 Fell End & Meadow Cottage

Zwartble – £96 Allenheads

Blackface – £82 Featherwood

Swaledale – £79 Featherwood