Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

Well finished Charolais cross heifers from Hallbankgate Farms, Brampton sold to 278.5ppk and £1671.00

Charolais Heifers –

£1671 & 1593 Hallbankgate Farm

278.5p & 265.5p Hallbankgate Farm

Angus x Heifers –

£1437 Springwell

239.5p Springwell

Young Bulls

Two young bulls sold well to 255.5ppk for a pure Limousin from Messrs J&P Armstrong, Sherburn Tower

Limousin –

£1995.05 Morley Hill & £1824.27 Sherburn Towers

255.5p Sherburn Tower & 253.5p Morley Hill

Cast Cows & OTM

Cast Cows go up another gear once again. The better end of fleshed continentals saw largest rise. Lean, hard wintered sorts also very easily cashed and also sharper on the week.

Taking the top two highest prices was renowned Pedigree Limousin Breeders, Messrs A&D Proctor, Swarland Old Hall sold pure cows to 253.5ppk and 251ppk respectively. Same home took the top grossing honours selling cows to £2117.63.

Messrs P & PM Walker, Houselop Grange sold Blonde x cows to £2022.11

Angus x cows once again in high demand selling to 215.5ppk from Messrs CA & J Watmore, Holystone Estate.

Angus x-

£1795.50, 1760.64 & 1730.14 Holystone Estate

215.5p Holystone Estate, 211.5p East Uppertown, 199.5p Holystone Estate, 197.5p Donkin Rigg & Holystone Estate


£2117.63 Swarland Old Hall, £1765.15 Morley Hill, £1759.80 Swarland Old Hall, £1759.38 Morley Hill & £1701.50 Round Meadows

253.5p & 251.5p Swarland Old Hall, 248.5p & 245.5p Morley Hill, 222.5p Glanton Town Farm & 212.5p Wallend

British Blue-

£1816.63 Glanton Town Farm

233.5p Glanton Town Farm & 182.5p Springwell

British Blue x–

£1246.88 Woodcroft

187.5p Woodcroft

Blonde x

£2022.11 Houselop Grange

233.5p Houselop Grange


£994.30 Blindburn

152.5p Blindburn

Beef Shorthorn-

£1180.01 West Shields

188.5p West Shields

Saler x-

£1180.80 West Shields

184.5p West Shields

Simmental –

£1914.03 High Keenley Fell

208.5p High Keenley Fell

Simmental x-

£1385.25 & £1342.80 Warksfield Head

189.5p & 186.5p Warksfield Head

Hereford x-

£1472.87 Donkin Rigg

198.5p Donkin Rigg

Galloway –

£892.52 & £853.65 Bateyshield & £785.39 Sundaysight

157.5p, 149.5p & 144.5p Bateyshield  

Stock Bull

Handful of Native Bulls this week that lacked flesh sold to £1862.60 from Messrs CA & J Watmore, Holystone Estate


£1862.60 Holystone Estate

163.5p Holystone Estate

Prime Sheep

Prime Hoggs

Hexham and Northern Marts sold 776 Prime Hoggs with all breeds, shapes and sizes on show. Please make sure hoggs are full of flesh or they are discounted within this current trade.

Topping the sale was a Texel Hoggs at £131 from Nilston Rigg Farm

Top ppk went to a pen of 5 Beltex x hoggs from RRE & JR Reay, St Oswolds.

Entries to Jack on 07739 440457

Texel x –

£131 & £126 (x2) Nilston Rigg, £125.50 Haggate, £124 Low Eshells, £123.50 High Eshells, £123 Nilston Rigg, £120 Blackburn, £119.50 High Baulk, £119 High Baulk, Nilston Rigg & Blackburn, £118 New Dotland, £117 New Houses, Great Bavington, Aydonshields & Low Eshells (x2), £116.50 Blackburn, Cheeseburn, £116 Colepike, Low Eshells & West Sheilds

258.5p Woodcroft, 554.4p Burn House, 253.2p High Baulk, 252.4p St Oswolds, 248.9p High West House & St Oswolds, 246.4p Colepike, 244.7p Low Staples, 244.4p Aydonshields & Haggate, 243.6p Haggate, 243.5p Colepike, 243p Cheeseburn, 242.2p Haggate, 241.3p New Houses, 240.9p High Baulk, 240.8p New Dotland, 240.2p Low Eshells

Suffolk x –

£130 Hedley Park, £120 & £116 Great Bavington, £115.50 New Dotland, £114 Hedley Park, £113 Great Bavington, £112 & £111.50 Rare Dene

232.7p & 232.1p Hedley Park, 226p & 223.1p Great Bavington, 223p Rare Dene, 222.1p New Dotland


£116 Woodcroft

Beltex x –

£123 & £110.50 St Oswolds, £109.50 New Houses, £109 St Oswolds

279.6p St Oswolds, 273.8p New Houses & 259.5p St Oswolds

Blackface –

£110.50 Nilston Rigg

212.5p Nilston Rigg