Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

A very poor show of clean cattle that sold to 265.5ppk for Charolais crosses from Mr F T Walton, Flotterton.

Charolais Heifers –£1619.55 Flotterton

265.5p Flotterton

British Blue Heifers-£1251.53 & £1208.77 Lee Hall

228.5p & 225.5p Lee Hall

Hereford x Heifers –£1054.22 Three Farms

205.5p Three Farms

Cast Cows & OTM

A week for black gold! Angus cows reign supreme with Mr W D Allen, Humbleheugh selling cows to £2041.02 and £1957.86.

Remarkably, Cows sharper on the week again. Leaner sorts especially sort after.

Messrs R Thornton & Sons, Cornhills sold British Blue crosses to 243.5ppk and Limousin crosses from Mrs R & M J Lee, Harwood Shield sold to 229.5ppk.

Plenty Angus cows selling in excess of 185ppk whilst continentals that lacked flesh sold between 165-175ppk.

Entries to Drew for next week on 07854 361967.

Angus –£2041.02, £1957.86 & £1509.45 Humbleheugh

223.5p, 213.5p & 195.5p Humbleheugh

Angus x-£1726.73 Donkin Rigg, £1599.38 Brownchesters, £1491.13 Flotterton

214.5p Donkin Rigg, 209.5p & 207.5p West Shields

Limousin-£1851.34 Harwood Shield, £1651.55 Cornhills, £1579.91 High Lovelady Shield, £1502.24 Lunns House

239.5p Harwood Shield, 220.5p Cornhills, 211.5p High Lovelady Shield & Flotterton, 203.5p Cornhills

British Blue-£1786.50 Harwood Shield, £1465.87 Cornhills, £1442.82 Salmonswell

243.5p Cornhills, 217.5p & 215.5p Harwood Shield, 209.5p Lee Hall, 208.5p Salmonswell

British Blue x–£1237.836 Camphill

167.5p Camphill

Charolais x-£1669.72 Flotterton

209.5p Flotterton

Beef Shorthorn-£1652.40 Sillywrea

202.5p Sillywrea

Saler x-£1516.73 West Shields

202.5p West Shields

Simmental x–£1646.88 East Wharmley

212.5p East Wharmley

Hereford-£1238.95 Three Farms

178.5p Three Farms

Hereford x-£1301.36 Donkin Rigg

191.5p Donkin Rigg

Holstein Friesian-£1176.70 Round Meadows

143.5p Round Meadows

British Friesian x-£873.92 Nilston Rigg

143.5p Nilston Rigg

OTM Galloway Steer-£1097.60 Blakehope Farm

171.5p Blakehope Farm

Stock Bull

Limousin stock bulls sold to 183.5ppk (£1899.23) for an 11 year old from Mrs R & M J Lee, Harwood Shield.

Limousin-£1899.23 Harwood Shield

183.5p Harwood Shield

Angus-£1324.05 Partridge Nest

145.5p Partridge Nest

Prime Sheep

Prime Hoggs

A mixed show of sheep forward with weights from 93kg down to 23kg, with a good proportion of heavy hoggs. Trade as expected was less on the week and averaged 224p for 1088 sold. Top price was £140 for a big Leicester from Allenshields and 262.5ppk from Highford Farm. Plainer sorts better sold on a Friday in the store ring.

Texel x –£135 Chesters, £127 Haggate Farm & Nilston Rigg, £126 Low Eshells, £124.50 Butsfield Burn, £122.50 Crescent Farm, £122 Haggate Farm, Old Town, Mickley Moor & Nilston Rigg, £120.50 Nilston Rigg, £120 Butsfield Burn, Chesters, Blackburn & Low Barns

265.2p Highford Farm, 261.0p Linacres, 257.5p Warksfield Head, 255.6p Haggate Farm, 253.4p Highford Farm, 252.2p Haggate Farm, 251.2p Woodcroft, 250.0p East Uppertown, Linacres & East Farm

Suffolk x –£134 Nilston Rigg, £120 Low Eshells, £118 Great Bavington, £117.50 Holling Hill, £116.50 Broomhall, £115 Middle Heads, Great Bavington & Holling Hill

232.6p Black Callerton, 222.9p Stewartshield Meadows, 222.2p Low Eshells, 221.3p East Newham, 221.2p Middle Heads

Dutch Texel x –£120 Willimoteswick

242.6p & 240.0p Willimoteswick  

Leicester-£140 Allenshields

200.0p Woodcroft

Cheviot x-£113 Willimoteswick

221.6p Willimoteswick

Cheviot Mule-£113 Woodcroft

230.6p Woodcroft

Mule –£110 Nilston Rigg, £107 Woodcroft, £106 Holling Hill

217.7p Black Callerton

Blackface –£86 Warksfield Head

Jacob-£86 Low Barns