Hexham Primestock

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

Hexham and Northern Marts sold 1205 Prime Lambs selling to another nice trade with more buyers ringside due to some marts not operating today.

Topping the sale at £140 was a Texel from Nilston Rigg Farms making it 3 weeks in a row topping the sale.

Top ppk went to a pair of light weight Beltex cross lambs from Messrs A & T Dixon, Chirdon at 293.4 ppk and a trio at 292.1 ppk.

Next sale on Tuesday 3rd January. Entries to Jack on 07739 440457. Office is closed on Monday 2nd January.

Hexham and Northern Marts would like to wish all our customers a very Happy New Year and thank them all for their custom throughout 2022.

Texel x –£140 Nilston Rigg, £134 Burn House, Nilston Rigg & Harwood Shield, £132 East Farm, £131.50 & £131 Nilston Rigg, £130 Steel Hall, Lunns House & Harwood Shield, £128.50 (x2) High Eshells (x2) & Low Eshells, £128 Harwood Shield (x2), £127.50 Burn House & Delight Farm (x2), £126.50 Holling Hill, £126 Nilston Rigg & Harwood Shield, £125.50 Holling Hill, East Farm & Lunns House, £124.50 West Shields, Nunwick & Low Eshells

283.0p Nunwick, 276.3p Intake Farm, 275.0p Woodcroft, 274.5p Nilston Rigg, 274.4p East Farm, 273.8p Linacres, 273.1p Bankfoot, 272.5p Windy Hill, 271.4p Bankfoot, 271.3p Burn House, 270.9p Linacres, 269.3p High Eshells, 269.1p (x2) Woodcroft, 268.9p Nilston Rigg,

Suffolk x –£129.50 Lunns House, £128 Holling Hill, £126 Rugley Walls, £125.50 Rare Dene & Great Bavington, £125 (x2) & £124 Steel Hall, £123 Lunns House, £122.50 Steel Hall, £121 Delight Farm & Holling Hill, £120.50 Rugley Walls

259.8p Gunnerton Demesne, 259.1p Chirdon, 257.9p Windy Hill, 255.4p Steel Hall, 253.5p Great Bavington, 250.0p West Shields, 249.0p Nilston Rigg, 246.9p Delight Farm, 245.9p & 245.7p Rugley Walls, 245.6p Lunns House

Dutch Texel x-£134 & £125.50 Willimoteswick

284.2p & 273.5p Willimoteswick

Beltex x –£123 Intake Farm

293.4p & 292.1p Chirdon, 296.I p Intake Farm

Cheviot x-£113 Duddlees, £111.50 & £111 Flotterton, £110.50 Quickenincote

258.1p Flotterton, 251.2p Quickeningcote, 251.1p Quickeningcote & Dudlees

Cheviot Mule-£116 Woodcroft

2587.8p Woodcroft

Mule-£120 Harwood Shield, £116.50 Nilston Rigg, £116 Holling Hill, £115 The Stobbs

246.5p The Stobbs, 243.2p Chirdon, 242.7p Nilston Rigg

Shropshire-£118 Delight Farm

245.8p Delight Farm

Leicester-£115 The Stobbs

Kerry Hill-£113 Delight Farm

245.7p Delight Farm

Blackface –£120 The Stobbs

243.1p Chirdon

Swaledale-£117 Woodcroft

Prime Ewes

Hexham and Northern Marts sold 635 Cast Ewes and Rams to another strong trade.

Topping the trade at £202 were two pens of Texels firstly from Messrs W N & J C Gilhespy, Tedcastle and Messrs F B Davison & Son, Old Town.

A pair of Bluefaced Leicester ewes sold to £149 from Messrs R D Archer & Son, Carry House.

Suffolks topped at £148 for a pair from Tedcastle.

Hill ewes with power sold well topping at £94 for a pen of 11 Blackface ewes from Mr P C Charlton, Little Harle. A pen of 30 Swaledale sold to £90 from Messrs K Smith & Son, East Greenridge.

Next ewe sale for Cast Ewes & Rams is Friday 6th January. Entries to the Office on 01434 605444 or Jack on 07739 440457.

Texel –£202 Tedcastle & Old Town

Texel x- £164 East Greenridge, £158 High Eshells, £150 Sherburn Tower, £148 The Farmhouse, £147 High Eshells & Little Harle, £145 Sherburn Tower

Suffolk x-£148 Tedcastle, £140 East Greenridge

Leicester-£149 Carry House & £136 Quarry House

Leicester Tup-£130 Little Harle

Mule-£123 Little Harle, £119 Old Town, £118 High Eshells, £117 Lunns House, Old Town & Sherburn Tower, £116 Lunns House, £115 Evistones Farm, £114 Carry House & Old Town

Cheviot-£107 & £98 Flotterton

Blackface-£94 Little Harle, £93 Flotterton, £91 Old Town, £90 Tenter House & Quarry House

Swaledale-£90 East Greenridge