Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

A nice entry of clean cattle to finish 2022 season, A sale full of handy weight continental steers and heifers, selling to a good trade level.

Taking the top honours this week with two well fleshed heifers was renowned mid Northumberland finisher, Messrs I & A Hamilton, Claywalls. Selling Charolais cross and Limousin cross heifers to 303.5ppk, both purchased by R Pearson Wholesale Butchers, Bradford.

Messrs Hamilton also sold the highest grossing animal on the day with a Limousin cross steer realising £1817.33 again to R Pearson Wholesale Butchers.

As there is no cattle sale next week, on behalf of the company, I would like to thank all Prime Cattle vendors for their support throughout the year and wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Limousin Steers-£1817.33 & £1816.05 Claywalls

295.5p & 293.5p Claywalls

Limousin Heifers –£1784.82 Claywalls, £1737.10 Watch Currock, £1722.53 Claywalls, £1707.15 Watch Currock

303.5p Claywalls, 299.5p Claywalls & Watch Currock (x2)

Charolais Heifers –£1723.68, £1690.50, £1626.76 & £1610.25 Claywalls

303.5p, 287.5p, 283.5p & 282.5p Claywalls

Cast Cows & OTM

The final cast cattle sale of 2022 did not disappoint with a sharper trade seen once again throughout. An entry of fifty cows and bulls from across the North of England and Scottish Borders met the competitive rates with an Angus cross cow selling to a premium and hitting the dizzy heights of 231.5ppk from R N & H N Tweddle, Grange Farm.

Messrs J E Woodman & Son, Great Chesters brought their usual stamp of good quality continental cross cows, selling Limousin cross cows to 229.5ppk.

Making the trip down from the A1 from Alnwick was Mr R Green, Heckley High House with a good run of Angus cross and Simmental cross cows which went on to realise 222.5ppk and 219.5ppk

Highest grossing animal on the day was a Charolais stock bull from Mr R A Armstrong, East Fourstones that sold to £1944.72

Thanks must go to all customers, old and new who have supported us throughout 2022. Our next sale shall be held on the 2nd January 2023. May you all have a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Limousin –£1755.68, £1718.72, £1698.93 & £1554.98 Great Chesters

229.5p, 223.5p & 219.5p Great Chesters, 204.3p East Greenridge, 203.5p Highside

Angus x-£1773.20, £1571.62 High House, £1481.60 Grange Farm

231.5p Grange Farm, 222.5p High House

Charolais x-£1271.66 Grange Farm

183.5p Grange Farm

Beef Shorthorn-£1557.18 & £1517.34 Yatesfield

184.5p & 181.5p Yatesfield

Simmental x-£1675.44 & £1565.62 High Fotherley

195.5p High Fotherley, 188.5p Dunns Houses

Hereford x-£983.48 Whiskershiel

139.5p Whiskershiel

Stock Bull

Charolais-£1944.72 East Fourstones

166.5p East Fourstones

Limousin-£1615.00 East Wharmley

161.5p East Wharmley

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

At the final show before Christmas Hexham and Northern Marts sold 948 head. A good show of lambs forward sold well to return an average of 249.1p which was 12p better on the week.

Another nice pen of lambs from Nilston Rigg were first in the ring and sold to a top of £145.50 and £143.50.

Top ppk was for a good pen of Texel cross which made 315.8ppk from Messrs Dixon, Chirdon.

On behalf of everyone at Hexham and Northern Marts we wish all vendors and purchasers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, please note there will be a sale on Tuesday 27th for Prime Lambs & Cast Sheep at 10.00am.

Entries to:

Jack-07739 440457

Brain-07801 862792

Harrison-07895 761102

Texel x –£145.50, £143.50 & £138 Nilston Rigg, £137 Nilston Rigg & Old Town, £132 East Wharmley & Sunniside, £131 Little Swinburne, £130 Chirdon, Sunniside & Nilston Rigg (x2), £129.50 High Town, £129 & £127.50 Sunniside, £127 Low Eshells, £126 Delight Farm & Sunniside, £124 New Dotland, Low Eshells, Sunniside, Woodcroft, Old Town & Warksfield Head

315.8p Chirdon, 281.7p Woodcroft, 279.3p High Town, 279.1p Chirdon, 276.7p Little Swinburn, 275.0p East Wharmley, 273.8p, 272.9p & 271.4p Little Swinburn, 270.8p Chirdon, 270.6p Nilston Rigg, 268.3p Woodcroft & High Town, 267.9p East Wharmley

Dutch Texel x-£129.50, £119 & £114.50 (x2) High Town Farm

279.3p, 268.3p & 266.3p High Town Farm

Suffolk x –£137 Old Town, £132, £130, £129, £127.50 & £126 Sunniside, £124 Sunniside & Woodcroft, £123 Sunniside (x2), £122.50 New Dotland & Sunniside, £121 Sunniside, £120.50 Delight Farm, £120 Sunniside

252.9p, 250.0p, 248.0p & 247.8p Sunniside, 247.7p New Dotland, 246.0p  Sunniside, 245.9p Delight Farm, 245.0p Sunniside, 243.2p Flotterton, 242.3p & 242.0p Sunniside

Charollais x-£123 & £122 Delight Farm

251.1p Flotterton, 249.0p Delight Farm

Beltex x –£131 Little Swinburn, £124 Low Eshells, £119 & £118 Little Swinburn

276.7p, 273.8p & 272.9p Little Swinburn

Cheviot Mule-£121.50 Woodcroft

247.6p Errington Farm

Mule –£118 Nilston Rigg & Harsondale, £115 West Shields

240.9p West Shields, 240.8p Harsondale & Nilston Rigg

Blackface –£100 Warksfield Head