Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

A much-reduced entry and show compared to last weeks exceptional Christmas Primestock sale of cattle. The plainer show still sold well with well fleshed Limousin cross heifers from Messrs J & A Moralee, Hard Riding selling to 279.5ppk.

Limousin Heifers –£1704.95 & £1675.04 Hard Riding

279.5p & 275.5p Hard Riding

Charolais Heifers –£1606.28 & £1589.21 Barker House, £1527.01 Flotterton

265.5p & 255.5p Barker House, 249.5p Flotterton

British Blue Heifers-£1636.53 Paxton Dene

270.5p Paxton Dene

Cast Cows & OTM

An enormous entry of 99 Cast Cows & Cast Bulls this week, with entries from all across The North East and Scottish Borders.

A much leaner entry however this week, with a good number of Hill types forward. Trade was very similar to last weeks with the better end of the cattle seeing 210ppk plus.

Taking top two prices this week were two pure Limousin cows from the renowned Swarland herd of Messrs A & D Proctor, Swarland Old Hall, that sold to 244.5ppk and 235.5ppk.

Angus cross cows selling well once again to 187.5ppk from Mr F T Walton, Flotterton.

Limousin –£2058.69 & £1987.62 Swarland Old Hall, £1766.98, £1725.49 & £1651.64 Great Chesters, £1601.60 Houselope Grange

244.5p & 235.5p Swarland Old Hall, 221.5p, 219.5p & 213.5p Great Chesters

Angus x-£1606.00 & £1500.00 Flotterton, £1424.86 & £1359.99 Buteland, £1358.82 Flotterton, £13554.15 The Stobbs

187.5p Flotterton, 186.5p Buteland, 185.5p The Stobbs (x2), 182.5p Flotterton

British Blue –£1575.44 & £1474.47 Great Chesters, £1418.05 Comb Hills

209.5p Great Chesters, 193.5p Great Chesters & Stotsfold

Blonde x-£1526.88 Houselope Grange

174.5p Houselope Grange

Simmental x–£1535.38 Warksfield Head

177.5p Warksfield Head

Saler-£1339.47 Edgerston Home Farm

181.5p Edgerston Home Farm

Charolais x-£1298.70 Linacres

175.5p LInacres

Stabiliser-£1223.37 Nunwick

171.5p Nunwick

Beef Shorthorn-£1180.30 Catcherside

159.5p Catcherside

Montbeliarde-£1086.71 Round Meadows

139.5p Round Meadows

Hereford-£1078.13 Linacres

187.5p Linacres

Galloway-£917.13 Hotbank

159.5p Hotbank

Stock Bull

Limousin-£1656.02 Camphill

169.5p Camphill

Angus-£1616.94 Barker House

165.5p Barker House

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

Hexham and Northern Marts sold 1384 prime lambs, selling to another nice trade.

Before the sale began the Christmas Show of Prime Lambs was ably judged by Mr Peter Monkhouse.

Prize List

3 Texel Sired Lambs

1st Prize-St Oswalds

2nd Prize-Watch Currock

3 Beltex Sired Lambs

1st Prize-Hallington

2nd Prize-St Oswalds

3 Dutch Texel Sired Lambs

1st Prize-St Oswalds

2nd Prize-High Town

3 Other Continental Sired Lambs

1st Prize-St Oswalds

2nd Prize-St Oswalds

3 Suffolk Lambs

1st Prize-Stewartshield

2nd Prize-Sunniside

3 Mule Lambs

1st Prize-Chirdon

2nd Prize-Chirdon

3 Hill Bred Lambs

1st Prize-Flotterton

2nd Prize-Flotterton

Overall Champion-Hallington

Overall Reserve Champion-St Oswalds

The Show was kindly sponsored by Mole Valley and Lloyds Bank.

Overall Championship went to Messrs E & I Hall & Son, New Houses, Hallington with a trio of Beltex lambs which sold to £158 to Mr Andrew Atkinson on behalf of Yorkshire Halal.

Reserve Championship went to RRE & JR Reay, St Oswalds with a trio of Texel lambs selling for £139. St Oswalds also sold a trio of Beltex lambs to £150.

Out with the show lambs, the sale topped at £150 for a Suffolk cross lamb from Messrs W Taylor & Son, Great Bavington.

Top ppk went to a Beltex trio from Messrs E & I Hall & Son, New Houses at 359.1ppk. Not far behind at 348.8ppk was a trio of Beltex lambs from St Oswalds.

Lambs that lack flesh are better sold in the store.

Entries to Jack on 07739 440457.

Texel x –£144.50 Great Chesters, £140 Woodcroft, £139 St Oswalds & Watch Currock, £135.50 Watch Currock & High Eshells, £132.50 West Shields & Old Town, £129.50 Low Eshells, £129 Watch Currock, £128 Aydonshields, £127.50 Middle Heads, £127 Aydonshields, £126.50 High West House, £126 High Eshells, Low Eshells & St Oswalds, £125.50 High West House, £124.50 Watch Currock, Little Swinburne, Nunwick & Low Eshells, £124 High West House & Rare Dene

323.3p St Oswalds, 308.9p Watch Currock, 293.0p St Oswalds, 292.9p Little Swinburne, 290.8p East Newham, 290.0p Errington Farm, 289.5p Little Swinburne, 285.7p St Oswalds, 284.6p Matfen Home Farm, 280.7p St Oswalds, 279.8p Warksfield Head, 276.1p Aydonshields, 273.9p Watch Currock, 271.4p Dukesfield Hall

Suffolk x –£150 Great Bavington, £142.50 Old Town, £137 Stewartshield Meadows & Sunniside, £135 Great Bavington, £132 East Newham & St Oswalds, £130.50 Rare Dene, £130 Lunns House, £129.50 Old Town, £128.50 Black Hedley, £126.50 (x2) & £124 Rare Dene, £123.50 Lunns House, £122.50 Sunniside & Rare Dene Farm, £122 East Newham

280.9p St Oswalds, 258.5p Stewartshield Meadows, 250.0p Great Bavington & Lunns House, 249.1p Sunniside, 246.2p Rare Dene, 244.7p Sunniside, 243.5p Great Bavington, 243.3p (x2) & 243.1p Rare Dene, 242.2p Lunns House

Beltex x –£158 New Houses, £150 St Oswalds, £133 New Houses, £131 St Oswalds, £127 & £125 New Houses, £124.50 Fairspring, £123 New Houses, £122 & £120 St Oswalds

359.1p New Houses, 348.8p St Oswalds, 317.5p & 307.5p New Houses, 305.0p & 304.7p St Oswalds, 297.6p, 296.3p & 295.6p New Houses

Dutch Texel-£143 St Oswalds, £135, £128 & £127 High Town Farm, £125.50 Willimoteswick, £123 & £122.50 High Town Farm

325.0p St Oswalds, 300.0p High Town Farm, 295.0p Willimoteswick, 287.8p Willimoteswick & High Town Farm, 278.9p Willimoteswick

Bleu De Maine-259.0p Low Staples

Charollais x-£127 & £124 Sunniside

249.0p & 248.0p Sunniside

Leicester-£127.50 Woodcroft

236.1p Woodcroft

Cheviot-£123, £115, £114.50, £111.50 & £111 Flotterton

251.0p, 247.8p, 247.7p & 246.7p Flotterton

Cheviot x-£116 Willimoteswick

236.7p Willimoteswick

Cheviot Mule-£110.50 Woodcroft

245.6p Woodcroft

Continental x-£133 St Oswalds, £128 New Houses, £125 St Oswalds

312.2p New Houses, 309.3p & 304.9p St Oswalds

Mule –£134.50 Quarry House, £123.50 & £117 Chirdon, £113.50 Quarry House, £110 East Newham

237.5p Chirdon, 236.5p & 236.0p Quarry House, 234.0p Chirdon