Hexham Primestock


Prime Cattle

A very mixed show of clean cattle sold to a similar trade to the previous week. Messrs T L Forster & Son, Lowes Fell sold Limousin cross heifers to 283.5ppk.

Limousin Heifers –£1494.43 Lowes Fell

283.5p & 282.5p Lowes Fell

Charolais Heifers –£1596.50 & £1577.48 Barker House

257.5p & 256.5p Barker House

British Blue Heifers-£1536.92 Barker House

249.5p Barker House

Luing Heifers-£1271.45 Laings Hill

215.5p Laings Hill

Young Bull

One young, heavy Limousin bull forward from Messrs R Thornton & Sons, Cornhills went on to realise £1927.98.

Limosuin-£1927.98 Cornhills

239.5p Cornhills

Cast Cows & OTM

Another bumper entry of cows this week with more fresh vendors taking advantage of the returns on offer here at Hexham. Cows slightly shaper on the week overall.

Messrs G W & C Athey & Son, High Lovelady Shield sold British Blue cross cows to 233.5ppk.

A smart run of British Friesian cows from Peepy Farm Ltd, which sold to 163.5ppk.

Highest grossing cow of the day came from Mr J S A Dodds, High House Farm with a Limousin cross selling to £1776.60.

Limousin –£1776.60 High House Farm, £1711.19 Lowes Fell, £1596.39 Rusheylaw, £1593.60 Fairspring Farm, £1502.74 Intake

211.5p High House Farm, 209.5p Rusheylaw, 207.5p Fairspring Farm, 201.5p Rusheylaw, 199.5p Redburn Farm

 Bazadaise-£1706.76 Rusheylaw

215.5p Rusheylaw

Angus –£1563.38 & £1366.30 South Farm

189.5p (x2) South Farm

Angus x–£1669.85 & £1568.93 Evistones Farm, £1534.09 Intake, £1522.50 & £1517.34 The Raw

189.5p Intake, 187.5p The Raw, 185.5p Intake & The Raw, 183.5p Evistones (x2)

British Blue –£1615.82 High Lovelady Shield, £1402.25 Grange House Farm

233.5p High Lovelady Shield, 177.5p Grange House Farm

Simmental-£1387.00 Bavington Hill Head

182.5p Bavington Hill Head

Simmental x-£1260.14 & £1235.43 Hackford

185.5p & 184.5p Hackford

Stabiliser x-£1373.65 Goften Farm

165.5p Goften Farm

Charolais-£1140.53 Humber Hill

166.5p Humber Hill

Luing –£1279.73 Ridley Stokoe, £1265.11 Townshields

170.5p Townshields, 169.5p Ridley Stokoe

Holstein Friesian-£1136.84 Cairnhead Farm

146.5p Cairnhead Farm

British Friesian-£1088.91 Peepy Farm

163.5p Peepy Farm

Stock Bull

Healthy returns observed for Stock Bulls once again with J M Dickenson, Hope House, Middleton In Teasdale selling a Limousin to 173.5ppk.

Messrs G W & C Athey & Son, High Lovelady Shield also peaked at 173.5ppk again for a Limousin Bull.

R & T Postlethwaite, Laings Hill sold a heavy Luing bull to gross £1726.88

Limousin-£1717.65 High Lovelady Shield

173.5p High Lovelady Shield & Hope House

Luing-£1726.88 Laings Hill

153.5p Laings Hill

Prime Sheep

Prime Lambs

Hexham and Northern Marts sold 1160 Prime Lambs to a similar trade for the quality on display.

Topping the sale was a Suffolk cross lamb at £135 from J C Rutherford, Old Town.

Three different vendors sold lambs to £132; a Texel cross from RI & WM Addison, Littlebeck Farm, a pair of Suffolk crosses from J C Rutherford, Old Town and a pair of Texel crosses from Messrs T W Dinning & Son, Watch Currock.

Top ppk went to Messrs J E Henderson & Son, Burntongues for a trio of Texels at 313.2ppk.

Belly clipping to commence next week, Facilities are available here at the mart.

Entries to Jack on 07739 440457

Texel x –£132 Littlebeck Farm & Watch Currock, £127 Town Farm, £125.50 Middle Heads, £125 High Eshells, Middle Heads, Littlebeck, High Town Farm & Watch Currock, £124.50 (x2) Middle Heads, £124 East House Farm, Old Town (x2) & Watch Currock (x2), £123.50 Low Eshells & Town Farm

313.2p & 297.4p Burntongues, 290.7p High Town Farm, 288.1p & 285.0p Burntongues, 281.0p Nunwick, 277.8p Littlebeck & Watch Currock, 273.9p High Town Farm, 273.3p Burntongues & High Town Farm, 269.8p Linacres, 269.6p East House Farm

Suffolk x –£135 & £132 Old Town, £126.50 Great Bavington, £124 & £123 Flotterton, £122 Baal Hill & Old Town, £120.50 Great Bavington, £119 Flotterton (x2) & Lunns House

251.1p & 248.7p East House Farm, 247.9p Flotterton, 243.8p Woodcroft, 242.9p Flotterton, 239.2p Old Town & Baal Hill, 238.5p Great Bavington, 238.4p West Shields, 238.0p Lunns House

Dutch Texel x-£121 & £119.50 Willimoteswick

295.1p Willimoteswick

Cheviot Mule –£117.50 Woodcroft

239.1p Flotterton

Cheviot x-£125 Flotterton, £119 Willimoteswick

242.2p Willimoteswick, 240.7p Flotterton

Kerry Hill-£116 Comb Hills

236.7p Comb Hills

Mule –£119.50 & £116.50 Quarry House

247.9p & 239.0p Quarry House

Leicester-£107 Woodcroft

232.6p Woodcroft

Blackface –£107 Tenter House

222.9p Tenter House

Prime Ewes

Texel Tups sold to £158 from Mr A Peart & Son, Woodcroft.

Texel Tup-£158 Woodcroft

Texel x –£134 Moss Barns

Mule-£111 Littlebeck